Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Son's School Field Trip

I forgot to blog about the field trip of my son last week in the big school which is in the middle school. The teacher took her whole class inside the bigger school to explore things in there. The parents were welcome to go with them too, so i decided to stay with my boy and drag my little one along with me pushing his stroller. It was a fun field trip, too bad i was not able to take some pictures because my battery died on me. Of all the time that my camera is been sitting doing nothing, that time that i need it, the battery just died, and the worst part is, i didn't brought the spare battery with me, too bad!

But anyway, the whole class and the parents explored the middle schools's locker room, one of the many places we went to. I was quite impressed how organized is their School Lockers. I was actually expecting a messy room since as you know that bigger kids likes to goof around and being silly. But that was indeed a very impressive room i saw. My son said that if he will be in that school, he wants to own a locker of his own too. Of course that is already expected that he will be getting one if he goes to that school.
We also went to see their gymnasium and there was lots of kids doing some fun activities in there such as basketball, tennis and cheer leaders practicing their dance steps. They also have a special room where they have the Gym Lockers to put their things. I must say that, mostly the schools here in our town is well maintained and it's well organized. I also noticed that kids are more into sports rather than going home and playing their video games in the house. I am seeing my son in about two years from now that he will be in that school and playing some sports in that gym we went in to.

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