Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please Pray For Their Safety

I was browsing my facebook homepage this morning and i have read some of my friend's posts that Tsunami will possibly hit Philippines. I was alarmed and got so worried for my mother lives close to the sea shore. She lives in a small island and that is scary news for me to hear that Philippines is going to have calamity coming. I will pray for the people in Philippine's safety. I also am concerned to those who live right on the water. There's a lot of poor people living by the shore, their life is in danger if ever Tsunami will hit Philippines.
Please, whoever read this post i have here, find some time to pray for my fellow Filipino's safety. This is a very scary calamity that might happen and it could cause death of so many lives. They just barely undergone big calamity already, the deep flood before and now this Tsunami that is about to hit there. I just pray and i am hoping that this Tsunami won't come and God will protect our family and fellow filipinos back home. This is a very frightening news for me, and for sure to all of those filipinos as well who is living abroad that has family in Philippines. Let's pray for their safety...

Friday, February 26, 2010

He Is So Sensitive!

My baby is cranky today even though he just took his afternoon nap. He is also a bit warm, probably not feeling too good that's why he's upset. I just noticed that he's been biting his fingers a lot lately and drools too much. I am guessing that he is teething. I really thought that he was teething a month ago when he got sick but unfortunately it was just a fever and a runny nose, probably got colds because he was being dragged along by mommy all the time whenever i have to take his big brother to school.

He is very sensitive right now and is been whining started this morning and cries everytime i try to put him down in his crib. He falls asleep in my arms and wakes up soon as i slowly put him down. I am not used to his behavior today since he is not like this. I just hope that his teeth will come out soon for me to find out that he is really teething and not just fussing for nothing. I tried to put my finger inside his mouth and feel his gum but i don't feel a thing yet, maybe too soon to tell but hopefully it will come out soon. The good thing about him is he still eats like a hungry bear and i am happy to know that he didn't lose his appetite which is normally happens when the baby is teething. I will see in couple of days or so if he is really teething already. The behavior he's been showing me are the symptoms of a teething baby.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Thing!

I took a nap soon after my husband came home from work because i was up so late last night due to a lot of things that i need to finish. I told my husband to take care of the kids while i sleep so at least i can gain more energy and he said yes, he even told me not to worry about the kids because he can take care of them. I had quiet a long nap from two in the afternoon until past five just awhile ago. I thought i was just dreaming hearing my little one crying but i woke up and he was really crying. I didn't even got up right away because i thought he was in his crib fussing. I was being lazy and rolled in the bed still until i heard something like knocking on the wood while he was crying. So i finally got up and was so surprised that he was on the floor with some of his toys.

Then i said to myself, poor thing! Daddy left him on the floor! Nowhere to be found my husband and his big brother. He was all by himself in his room playing and probably got bored because nobody was with him so he started to fuss! I felt so bad for him that i didn't checked him right away really thinking that he was lying on his bed fussing because he wanted to be picked up. Poor little potato, he probably thought he was being abandoned because he has been crying for awhile and no one picked him up.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Finally Got It!!!

Now no one can stop me and my kids to fly since we finally got our itinerary last night. The ticket is booked and it will be not too long i will be back to Philippines again! I can't really wait since i miss a lot of things in Philippines. My dear mother of course and some good friends that i have back home and the last but not the least, the food that i cannot eat and find it here in America.

I am starting to gather all the things i have here right now that i haven't used yet so i can bring them with me and give it to my family. I also need to buy some other things that my mother wants me to bring her when we go home. But all she knew is i am going to send her a BALIKBAYAN BOX. She has no idea about us coming home, we are the exciting surprise for her. This is gonna be a big surprise for her as her birthday present. I am thinking what would be the best present for her aside from us going home to celebrate her very special day. Right now i am thinking to buy her something that she wears everyday. I will try to not to talk to her very long on the phone whenever i call her or might slip and won't be able to hold my excitement and will tell her we are going home.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lost And Found

When you hear this word, what's gonna be in your mind? Maybe something like a very important thing that got lost and found by someone right? Well, there's a lot of meaning to it. And for me, there's more deeper meaning to these words. Eversince when i was just a little girl, i never have lots of friends to keep, why? Because i am a very picky person and i prefer to be alone rather than being with people that i find not worth to hang around. During my gradeschool and highschool days, i have very few friends and they're not even my closest.

I grew up believing i can live alone without friends. I consider friends as just passersby to my life, they don't stay very long for they have life of their own as well to take care of. For me, i don't really care if they disappear or they will still be around. But when i got here in America, i found some good friends that i thought i would keep them for a long long time. I also lost some of them, those are not meant to stay and not the same feather like what i have. I chose a few and told them that once they became my good friends, they will stay in my heart forever.

I had an arguments to some of them and since we are just humans, we commit mistakes. I don't consider myself as a perfect creation because i am just nothing into this world. I also am an imperfect human being that sometimes don't realizes things that i make mistakes. I am an honest person, straight forward and a very vocal one. Even though that i often hurt someone because of my character, it doesn't mean that i am hurting them in a purpose, they maybe hurt because i am telling them the truth and letting them know that i am concern. But if that person is not realizing it and taking my words as offensive, then that is beyond my control. As what they all say, you really cannot please everyone that is around you, which i strongly agree.

Anyway, i have had so many "PASSERSBY" in my life that i called, but my life still as good like they never passed by. No changes and no regrets. I am very friendly person, i would tell you, i can be by your side if someone will try to pick on you. But i can also the very best enemy to people that will try to step on me. I have gone through so many hardships already, and i hate those people that will give me headaches. I can easily forget them, they are not fully attached to my life so i can just unhook them and let them go, that's how i am. So, if you want to make friends with me, the pleasure is all mine, but if you want to piss me, don't you just dare....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heading To Wendover

We are going to a city called Wendover today with my friend. We were invited to join the group of Fil-Am community. This is gonna be my first time to that City and also will be the first time to be in this community, and so my friend. We'll leave here probably 3 o'clock in the afternoon and will be there until tomorrow morning. I hope we'll be home before noon on tomorrow. I really don't like to be in a group that much because you cannot easily get away from jealousy, envy and some other things that mostly Filipinas have. I guess some people has this kind of nature already that they don't want to be the least, they want to show off although it not really necessary to. Well anyway, we'll see how it goes, and i hope it goes well, because if it won't, then we will just have to go back there with my friend by ourselves and have fun there again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Name It, I Have It!!!

It sure sucks to get sick. Especially today that my kiddos are both sick too. They also have dry coughs like i do. I was really hoping that i would get up today and will feel better, but instead i feel more miserable, ugh! This is not happening is it? Well, i need to buy some grapefruits for me and for my boys, grapefruits is been our companion whenever we get sick like this. It is very effective and more natural medicine. I really hate taking medicine and i don't take it as much as possible, i feel like i get sick even more. There's that nasty taste and makes me nauseated and wants to puke it out.

It's too cold here that's why we got all sick. Good thing hubby is not. I am so sick and tired of this extreme weather here in UTAH!!! During summertime, i almost want to get naked because it is too hot and dry, and if it is winter, i almost don't want to go out because it is too freezing outside. So where would i stand? Fall is a little better and spring, but they don't last too long either. That's why i so miss the tropical weather in Philippines, i am used to it and i can live with it, unlike here where i live now, sure sucks because during winter, i always get sick because of too cold surroundings.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love My Life!!!

Good day everyone!!! How was your valentines day celebration? Mine was really good, i had an awesome dinner with my family last Saturday in a buffet and i had a great time with my dearest friend last Sunday. We went shopping galore and had so much fun hopping from one store to the other. I love going out with my friend Gloria, she is the coolest person i have ever met in my life. No hang ups and always a happy person. But anyway, after we had fun shopping and ate at the fine dining restaurant where she took me, i went home and took some family photos for our remembrance. I so love my life, i have an awesome happy and healthy family and i have a very sweet friend as well. Nothing to ask for more, i am loving the life really!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Want To Break Free!!!

Yup, yup, yup!!! I want to break free from this cold freezing weather of Utah! It's been snowing these past few days and it affects my emotion. I can now fully understand what the people that lives here are trying to say. I can relate now to what they are feeling, depression during winter time because the sky is always dark and gloomy, the street is snowy and sleek. I sure am missing the tropical weather back home, where i can just relax and do what i want to do outside. Unlike here, i have no choice but to hide inside the house and keep warm! When is this winter gonna end? I am so excited for the spring and summer!!!

I am absolutely a summer person, no doubt! I would rather be hot and wear skin revealing kind of clothing rather than being wrapped up all the time, i don't like it! It's kind of heavy for me and hassle as well because i have to wrap myself so good or i will be frozen to death outside. I just can't wait until the April comes so that my life will be back to normal, going out and have so much fun outside. I am so sick and tired of this pouring snow like crazy! Looking outside makes me more missing my beloved country where there is always freedom to go outside and have some fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Most Scariest Dream

I had the most scariest dream in my whole life last night! I dreamed that my oldest son wasn't breathing at all and i tried to wake him but he wasn't responding to me, no matter how i shook him so hard still no response. I was crying hard because i really thought it was all real, seems so real. I woke up with a very heavy heart, tears in my eyes and rushed into my son's room, hugged and kissed him as if i have never seen him for years and years. He asked me why am i sad, and i just answered him that i just missed him so bad.
He was wondering why i missed him that bad since i didn't leave the house. Poor boy not aware of what is going on with me, i would rather not to tell him because i don't want to scare him with my dream. I hope i won't dream something like what i had last night, maybe i dreamed something like that because i was thinking of my little Deanne before i fell asleep. It's painful enough for me losing one child and i can't take it anymore if something happens to my boys. I always pray for our safety and health all the time, i don't really care if we are poor as long as we are happy and healthy as family, that's all that matters to me the most.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Very First Blog

This is my very first website when i entered the blogging hobby. I never thought i would neglect this blog this long since this is my most favorite website i have. Of all my sites, i update this blog first before the others. But what happened to me now? I have neglected this blog for a long time!!! I cannot believe it!!!

But anyway, here i am now trying to recover this website that i think most of my fellow bloggers thought this site isn't existed anymore, i hope not! This is still existed though it is just that the author of this website has a lot of things to do. I am a busy mother of two boys now that quite a handful boys to me. My oldest one is at school now three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Before hubby had his work schedule changed, he used to take our son to school and i am the one that picks him up after school. But now that my husband works morning shift, i am the one that takes my son and picks him up after school.

Not to mention i have a six month old little one that i always drag along wherever i go. It's kind of hard for me to do but can i complain? I guess not! This is my obligation and responsibility so i must do what i must do! I am just hoping that i can update this website daily like as i would love to do, but i only got two hands to do everything and i am not wishing for more hands, i guess i can do things one at a time and in a certain time, all i have to do is time management. Yeah, that is what i need, but i guess we only have 24 hours a day, and i should be in bed not too early and too late either. I need to squeeze in all the things that i need to do everyday. So please bear with me if i haven't updated this website for ages now, i am terribly so sorry... I promise i will do the best that i can to keep this blog alive and fresh, lol!