Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prime Lens For Me This Christmas

Looks like and it sounds like hubby is going to add another lens of my camera this coming Christmas. He already told me that he might have an overtime this coming Saturday and we just go to the store on Friday afternoon after he gets off to work because he is thinking that he might go to work on Saturday afternoon instead of morning. This is the last weekend we can have to buy all the presents that we need to wrap for our family and we've got to get the shopping done so we can wrap the presents before Christmas.

And though i already heard hubby told me that he will buy me a new laptop, i told myself not to get excited too much about it or it might not happen. What i am excited most about is the lens he is going to get for me as additional for my camera. I want the other one though but i understand that hubby can't get it for now for it is a little too much because we are both still paying some bills right now. Maybe i will just save my own little income to get the other lens later on, but for now, i am happy to know that hubby is going to buy me a prime lens that is good for portrait and travel photography.
50 mm lens

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