Monday, December 13, 2010

Shop 'Til We Drop

Guest post written by Gladys Stevens

It's finally December and even though the month just got here, my husband Bill and I are thinking about all the stuff we need to do to ensure that our family has a great Christmas. Thankfully, we've never had a problem with space-every year we can host our large family in our spacious condo. We live in Manhattan, and most of our family lives in Brooklyn and Queens, so it's a pretty central place for us all to get together. Plus, Bill and I live pretty close to central park and if the grandkids get a little restless they can always go over there together-gotta have those provisions, ha!

Our family is pretty large, so Bill and I always end up doing a lot of shopping and preparing. We started the shopping just yesterday after doing some Miracle Ear comparisons downtown, though we still have a ways to go. In all, we have four kids and they all have families of our own. Our condo gets pretty filled up, but it's always great to have everyone together under one roof. We are already having fun picking out things for our family, and we can't wait for our big Christmas bash. It's going to be the best one yet.

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