Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Runs In Our Family

I must say that we were raised by our mother through her different kinds of business and because of that, we grew up thinking that business is part of us. Even though that my mother lost some of her business when our father died, still she was able manage the other business she had. Now that my mother is not capable of running any other kinds of business anymore, my siblings and i all agreed that we should support our mother's needs for it's our turn to do the favor. We should take care of her and do what she just did to us her children.

Anyway, i mentioned the business because it must have runs in the blood of the family that we all love to do the business. My sister told me that she is planning to sell some Wholesale Products to the stores the she talked to. She already signed contracts with some big stores that sells retail products. What a great business!

And now she needs my help to find other people that might be interested to be the Wholesale Suppliers just like her. Being Wholesalers is a one wonderful idea to start a business since you don't have to sell the products individually. Let the big stores does it and takes care of it. Another business minded in the family and i am excited to see her business grow as time goes by.

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