Friday, March 26, 2010

Sick Of Telemarketer

I am just tired and sick of these telemarketers that keeps on calling us. It is annoying that the phone rings and they are the one's calling, not so important and it wastes my time. I have a lot of things to do rather than talking on the phone with them. Selling different things including different kinds of insurance. Although i already told most of them that we have insurance for everything already but they still keep on bothering me, this is really crazy. There was this one company that i always yell at them because they seem can't understand that we are refusing their offers. We already have auto insurance and they gave us free auto insurance quotes which is really a great deal for me, it's inexpensive and has great service. So why should we change auto insurance if we are comfortable of what we have right now. Hubby might have to report these telemarketers to "do not call this number" list.

Cardboard Display

I just barely got home from taking my son to his school. I have to wait for 3 hours after i pick him up from his school. Nothing else much to do so i just kept on browsing some interesting websites and stumbled to this point of purchase displays that caught my eyes. The products are all made of cardboard but quite useful indeed. This reminded me that my husband was looking for a DVD rack before and couldn't find what he really wants. This is just perfect timing because they also have this DVD racks and it has different designs to it so it makes it not so boring to display. Unlike those plastic black ones that's very classic and common. Soon as hubby comes home from his work i am going to tell him about it and i am sure that he is going to purchase some of this because this is the one he has been looking for in the store. Also they have some other things that hubby might buy it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Blessings Came

Another blessings came that we should be thankful for. I just received our federal tax refund today and i am so happy. Hubby is still at work, he will be home soon and i am sure that he will be happy to know that finally our tax is in my hands already. He promised me that soon as we get our federal tax refund, he will buy me a macro lens for my nikon D300s camera. I have been imagining about it, i just can't wait to own one and now that the money is here, i am going to own it very soon.

When we get to Philippines, i am so sure that i can take lots of nice photos out there since Philippines is known to be a paradise country, where you can find a whole lot of scenic views, nice beaches and other things that tourists cannot just find it anywhere to the other countries. I am getting so excited even more for our coming up trip, i can't wait to try my camera over there and collects tons of nice photos.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Deserved To Get Paid

I am happy today because i got paid by the paid blogging website that i just barely close my account. I had that small amount of money from them that i cannot ever get cash out myself because it's under their limit. So i sent them a ticket to let them know about my concern. At first they ignored my ticket, wasn't paying attention to it and that made me upset. Good thing a friend of mine helped me by sending me the link of their customer love where i can reach them easy and hear my complain quick. It didn't took very long when they answered my complaints about sending a ticket to them but didn't paid attention to it. I am glad that they were about to hear my concern now and got paid for that little amount of money i got from them. Yes, it's only little amount, not very much but then i worked hard for it so i deserved to get my pay for doing such jobs from them. I don't really care if i closed my account to that website, at least i got my payment now and that's the end of that.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Hairstyle For Spring

I finally got my bangs back! If i remember it right, the last time i had my bangs was way back when i was in grade school still. Then i stumbled a website yesterday that has Katie Holmes pic on it and i liked her new hairstyle. So i asked myself what if i am going to have bangs again, what would i be look like? Now that i finally got it, it feels so weird because i never have it for a long time. I am not used to it and i feel so awkward having it. But i am sure that i will get used to it later on though. Some of my friends told me that it looks good on me though which i kind of agree and somewhat not as well, lol! I dunno, i have mix emotions about this bangs i have now, lol! My son and my husband told me i look funny and silly with my bangs, they didn't liked it but i told them they will get used to it later on just like me. Anyway, nothing to worry about though because my hair grows back real fast.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding Heads Up

I am not so sure if most of you have read my previous post here about my niece in law getting married. Yes someone is getting married in my husband's family and she is my husband's brother's daughter. I am so glad that she finally gave her sweet yes to the man that's been trying to win her heart for a long time. And now they are getting married very soon and i cannot just wait for that very moment to witness the special day to both of them. The wedding programs is all set now, thanks to her very supportive father and mother. They were able to get things ready ahead of time. I guess i must ready what should i wear and also my family on wedding day, i should look presentable and formal, for it is not just a civil wedding, it's a church wedding and the people that are going to attend are very religious and conservative. That's why i still can't find a decent looking dress for me to wear because i love wearing a revealing type kind of dress, lol!

Long Distance Movers

I had a call from my sister in law telling me that my husband's niece will be moving here soon. They are having hard time to choose which is the best rental trailer to for most of them are very expensive and they only have so much amount for their budget. Because they are long distance movers, they need to tighten their budget, they want to save money as possible as they can. Hubby told him to get the rental truck that he knew since then so they can save some. They were so happy when hubby suggested them the truck he advised them to get, they just found out that they are going to save money more than what they're thought. They are very thankful to hubby, and i am glad that hubby was able to help the couple because they are just barely starting to have a new life here. My oldest son would get so excited once he will know about this news, they have a son also that same as age as my son and i am sure they will get along well and play together.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soda Is No Good

Are you a soda addict? I am not. I tried to stay away from soda though because in my family there is history of diabetes, both sides and it's possible for me to get that illness. In fact, whenever i get pregnant, my sugar is too high, i am sure you are all aware of what the doctors called Gestational Diabetes. When i was pregnant with my youngest one, i had the most complicated pregnancy stages ever, especially the very last 3 months, it was terrible and unbearable pain. I didn't know that i also had gall bladder infection then. Good thing it was out now and i am well.

But anyway, most of my siblings has diabetes illness already like my parents. My father died with it and my mother is having it now but not terribly that bad, she is about in a borderline but still, we keep on reminding her to watch her health carefully, try to stay away from tempting food and drinks like soda because she will be the only one that'll suffer with the effect afterwards. That's why, i try to stay away from soda too because i know soda is made up with lots and lots of sugar and contains something that it can harm me once i drink it too much. As what they say, everything that's too much is bad. Hubby doesn't buy soda that much and stack some in the fridge because we have a preschooler here that sneaks in the fridge and might keep on drinking soda which is not good. We only buy soda once in a while but not very often.

He Is My Man

Hubby loves to watch television a lot, it's the only past time he has. Whenever there is nothing to do for him, he likes to just sit, relax, and watch his old time shows to get entertained. But anyway, he often sees that commercial about male enhancement and he makes fun of it because we don't really like watching those kinds of commercials you know, especially when our oldest son is around with us, he might get curious and asks us what is it for and we cannot answer him because it is too complicated for him to explain about it. He once mentioned to me that one of his co-workers opened up a topic about it, the guy was using maxoderm and he said that his girl loved him even more. I am not so sure if hubby tried to give me a hint or something but i told him that he is a man enough to me and he doesn't need anything to prove me he can make me happy because he can even not without using anything and that is not my basis of how i become happy being with him. I love him with no ifs and buts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaching Him To Write

My preschooler is learning a lot of things now since he started to go to school. Well, he already learned many things even before he goes to school though, but he is doing excellent lately. He can now read difficult words that usually a preschooler finds it hard to read. In fact, i am so flattered when his teacher talked to me that his learning skills is quite advance for a preschooler, his learning skills level is for first grader already. Hubby and i aren't so sure if we should be happy to know that though because he might get tired going to school later on because of his advanced skills. And if he goes to first grade and he knows already the things that the teacher will teach him, he might get bored and won't find the school exciting for him anymore. We are a little worried about that.
But anyway, i am trying to teach him to write his name neatly. He knew how to write but it's not as presentable and readable like i wanted to see. I just have to keep on teaching him using the papers that has horizontal lines to it so he will learn where to start and where to stop. My son is one smart kid, he picks up instructions real easy, and i am glad that he is also excited of whatever i teach him, it only indicates that he is willing to learn more.

Ramp Models

I am currently watching television while updating my website here. Multi-tasking eh! Plus i have my baby with me sleeping in my arms. I love watching modeling channel because i get to learn by watching the models how to walk, how to project, and how to carry themselves in front of the crowd. I am so impressed with those models that even though sometimes accident happens on the stage, they still able to manage how to recuperate from accidents. One thing that i also look at them is their spotless faces, they look so sophisticated and acnefree. Of course, that's a big no no to the models for having such an embarrassing acne. They have to take care of their skin and so as their figure as well. But i also wonder if they can eat treats such as chocolates and other things. I once dreamed to be a ramp model though but i guess that's impossible since i am a tiny person and i don't have the looks like those models i have seen in television.

Surprising Figure Of Hers

Who doesn't want to look fabulous and stay fit? No one does! A friend of mine surprised me after long long years for not seeing her. I found her through a networking website and saw her pictures how fantastic she is now. She has well-maintained body and looking so great. She used to be a big sized kind of person but then i when i saw her pictures taken recently, i was speechless. It got me curious if she did something to her voluptuous body so quickly for her to have that kind of shape. But she said she didn't undergone surgeries, she is just taking a weight loss supplements that changed her figure gradually. I so love her new look now, she just looks so amazing and seductive. I asked her is she could share her secret and she told me that it isn't a secret at all. She shared me this quicktrim reviews that i find it very convincing and impressive how did the supplements changed her from big to sexy looking body.

Please Drag The Days

I have been staring this posting box for awhile now and still nothing came out from my mind. Mentally blocked! I have so many tasks to write yet i ran out of words to come up to. Too much things going on in my mind and too much house work to do! I don't even know which one should i do first! I want to do everything but i seem can't figure out how to start. I have restless nights lately, maybe too excited to go back home and maybe just too tired of trying to get all things done at the same time. Good thing that spring is almost here, that way i can get away from being stuck inside the house for the whole winter season. I need to get away so bad, i have been hibernated inside the house for a year now since i gave birth and i need to unwind for me to divert my attention to something else. Could anyone please drag the days quickly for me? So that i can go back home to Philippines right away.... Sigh!

She Wants To Lose Weight

Another thing that's on my list is the fda approved diet pills. It's not for me though, it's for my cousin. She wanted me to buy her some diet pills here because it's a little less compared if she buys it there, she already tried it before and it worked just perfect for her. She's been having hard time losing weight since she was teenager, i guess her metabolism is not that strong to burn her unwanted fats. I asked her if she is willing to try the liposuction but she just gave me a scared look right after i asked her that. She said she is happy enough knowing that the diet pills she is currently taking is working for her and she is seeing the progress. I also am happy for her, glad to know that she wanted to get rid of her fats slowly not instant. Being big makes someone's self esteem low and that's what happened to my cousin, that's why she wanted to lose some weight.

Bad Breath

I don't understand why some people can't just smell their own body odor or something. Or maybe they're immune to it already that's why they cannot smell it? But anyway, i was at the store yesterday, bought some groceries. There was this young bagger man that helped me pushed my cart because i had my baby that i carried with me. When he said something to me, i smelled his bad breath that i almost puked. I was really surprised because he is a good looking young man. Too bad he has that stinky breath that i could not take it even to take few steps away from him. My gosh! I just nodded my head when he said have a good day to me. I wonder if he is aware of his stinky breath? He could have bad breath treatment for that so he won't be embarrassed to some other people that are very vocal to the things they notice, see, or feel. If he is only aware to his bad breath, he could have done something to prevent it. There are a lot of people like him, good looking outside but then don't dare talk to them or you might pass out soon as they open their mouth, lol!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Special Gifts For Them

Almost everything are packed already even though there is still plenty of time to prepare for everything, yet i still have few that i need to buy for my dear family. I love giving them presents because they appreciates whatever i give to them. My mother has hers already and so as my siblings. Now i have to think for my aunts and uncles, although i am not obliged to bring them something but it is my happiness to bring them presents to make them smile. They don't expect nothing from me really though, it's just me that wants to buy things for them because they have been so good to me and been giving me presents during my childhood days.

And now that i am here, i am thinking that it is my turn to give them presents in return. One of my uncle back home smokes cigars and he didn't know that i am coming home, he will be so surprised when i get there and will hand him the Black and Mild that i am going to buy specially just for him. Isn't it so nice that we get to make other people happy by simply giving them things that they like? Well, i do love receiving gifts myself and i know that others feels the same way like i do, that's why i give gifts to those people that are special to me.

Waiting For The Passports

Hubby and i already took the kids to the office where to get their passports. Our oldest one got his passport already when he was a baby and we just have to renew it, it's the youngest that is about to receive his very first issued passport. I was a little disappointed that i was not able to use the passport photos that i personally took for my kids to submit it to the office. The man who's in charge there said that the dimension is not correct that's why he cannot accept the photos that i want him to put to my kids's passports. But it's alright as long as the passports are being processed by now, that's all that matters to me the most. We just have to wait few more weeks now to receive the two passports by mail.

Also we are waiting for our baby's paper ticket because the airline won't issue him a what we call E-ticket that the airlines issues to the big passengers. Infant has to have the original ticket and not just the electronic ticket. Our travel agent friend just messaged me earlier, she wanted me to confirm our home address making sure that the ticket will arrive here in time and in a correct address. We still got plenty of time though, no need to rush everything but i just want to make sure that everything will be ready before our flight. I am excited really but i have to get things easy and get things done here before we leave the house and have our long vacation to enjoy.

He Deserves To Be

Election is coming so soon back home. People are busy figuring out which one should they vote and which one don't deserve to be in a certain position. One of my classmate in highschool ran for a leader there in our little town, he is a very busy man today, doing some rallies, making campaign logos and sticking some posters on the wall just for the people to recognize him, his achievements, his promises if the people will let him win. He said that running for a leader is quite a challenge for him, also it is expensive to run for a leader. He has to spend money for the poster printing and all that so he will be able to get more votes from people. He is a good man since highschool and i hope that he will win this coming election, he will be a good example to the youth if ever he wins because he has a lot of plans that has to be done. As far as the plan that he told me, he deserves to be voted by people to be a leader in our town.

Not Preprared Yet

March is already half over but seems like my niece in law is not ready yet for her wedding yet. Everything it not in control yet and she has to get them all done before her wedding day. Even her wedding invitations aren't ready yet. She is too excited for the very special day of her life yet she has a lot of things to do still. She asked me if i could lend her a hand, i will be glad to though but i also have things to do before her wedding day because three days after her big day is our flight going back to Philippines with my kids. I need to get things done before i leave the house so i don't have to deal with the chores when i get back because for sure it is going to be a tiring day soon as i come home from a long vacation. I don't want to do anything when i get back, i just want to rest at least for a week and adjust my body clock. But anyway, i wish my niece luck to get things ready before she runs out of time, but i know she can make it though, i just hope that someone will help her to get things done early in time.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Landscape Photography

My camera is been idle for awhile now. I am not too fired up to take some photos since it is still cold outside and there is not much to take photos as well. I thought that spring is here already but seems like i am still not so used to the extreme and unpredictable weather here in Utah. It was so lovely day the other day when i picked my son up from his school and suddenly the weather yesterday went so bad. And today is another sunny and lovely day outside but i cannot enjoy it anymore because i don't really feel good right now. I really am looking forward for the spring so i can shoot more beautiful photos. I am too anxious to take photos of buds and birds, i love taking photos outside more than taking photos inside the house. Nature is perfect subjects for an amateur photographer like me to practice shooting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ready For Spring

I finally got my preschooler a haircut. He refused and threw a fit last week when we went to salon to get a haircut three of us. But it was only me and hubby got a haircut instead, not our son which is the main reason why we went to salon. He wants only Mommy to do the haircut for him, no on else. That's why i learned how to cut his hair because he doesn't want anyone to touch his hair but only me. I am glad that he got a clean cut now, he is ready for spring, also i am glad that he is well now. He is not throwing up no more and slowly gaining his appetite back. I could just tell that my son lost weight, but i am glad that he is growing so tall.

For The Better Future

To finish a degree nowadays isn't so difficult anymore if you have a hectic schedule. Especially for a mom like me that cannot afford to lose even a minute to my kids. I promised myself to be a hands on mother to my kids and i will stand to it. But also, i wanted to continue my studies at the same time. I am so glad that pursuing my studies isn't as hard like it was before for i can just take any course to an online university where i can find the degree that i want to take. It is now just a tap of my fingers. I already searched the University that a friend referred to me, she also sent me the link of their online degree programs that i can choose from. I have been planning to continue my studies even before then but i wasn't able to. But now that i can do it, i will definitely pursue my studies because i want to find a good job that will fit to the degree that i am going to finish. With that, i can say that i have something accomplished to myself aside from having such a wonderful family of my own.

Tempting Across The Street

The sun is showing up! Well, it did yesterday too but it was still cold outside to stay. My son was bugging me that he wanted to play in our backyard but i didn't let him because he wasn't feeling so well. Now the sun is shining again and my son asked me if he could go outside today since he is now a little better. So i told him that he cannot play alone, he's got to wait for his Daddy to watch him. I don't trust him being outside no more because soon as he hears the kids playing trampoline across the street then he would get excited and wants to join those kids.
I have no problem with him to mingle with the kids though, it's just that our house is across the street which is the road he is going to cross is a state highway that's 50 miles per hour speed limit. And take note, it is a pretty busy road, i would not dare take risk letting him go and play by himself or he might get tempted to cross the street just by himself so he can join the kids playing. It's better to think ahead than regret for the rest of my life later on. My son is one smart kid, he understands everything i try to explain to him, even though sometimes he wants to get what he wants but he can never win over me, he has to know that i am his mom and he has to follow whatever i say because all i would tell him is for his own good. I keep on telling him that i love him so much and he should listen to me so he won't be harmed or make a mistake from whatever he tries to do.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Helpful Toys For Babies

My baby is getting so big and i cannot just stop him from growing. I am so excited for his fast development though in the back of my mind i am a bit sad because i am going to miss him as a baby. According to his record, he is growing just fine and healthy. His coordination is excellent. He can now stand up holding his crib bar and crawl as fast as he can. I bought him some toys that will help him to develop more his coordination. I did that to my oldest one and now i am going to do it again to my youngest one, it really helps a lot and i am thankful that toys are very useful nowadays. Some are educational and some are big help for the babies's fast coordination development. This coming weekend i am going to the store to buy another toy for my baby to help him and guide him to take some steps, that way, he will learn how to walk.


For the very first time i heard my son said that he is not going to school today. He is sick, been throwing up since yesterday and until now he doesn't feel good still. Although he is a little better than he was yesterday, but he told me he is not going to school today because he is worried that he might throw up in there and his classmates will make fun of him. I told him that his classmates will not make fun of him, it's just that, it's not good to go to school when he is sick. So i decided not to send him to school today and let him have a rest so he will be better. He didn't even eat that much of the food i cooked for him, he just had a couple of bite and he handed me his plate after telling me he cannot eat it because it might make him throw up again. I keep on giving him liquids though, so at least he won't be hungry and weak. I feel sorry for my poor boy, he is always excited to go to school but not today, too weak to be fired up to get dressed and go to school. I am hoping that he will get better right away so he will be able to go to school on Friday.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A New Beginning For This Site

My day is filled with good news. Although my son is sick but apart from it, the rest are all good. First of all i am happy and thankful that i am still alive, thanking the big Boss above for giving me another day to live (which i am thankful everyday), and the other reason is this blog has a new beginning. I just barely changed my layout to this website yesterday and submitted it to a paid blogging website. I received the reply this morning telling me that this has been added to their system, yay! Another website, more chance that i get more income through blogging.

Although it isn't that much nowadays but i am still happy, grateful and thankful for every little blessings i get every single day. It's way better than going out and have a job, i cannot just do that for i have two boys to take care of and they are still so little, they still need my care. Hubby is happy for me because he himself, doesn't want me to find a job outside. At least this way, i get to buy the things i like for myself and little things for our kids. Also, i am happy that i am getting a little income so i can slowly buy the things that i want to bring for my beloved family back home.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Calm And Elegant Look

Yay!!! Finally i was able to change my layout here. It has been long time since i had my previous layout and i got bored with it, honestly. It wasn't as good like i wanted to but i kept it because i had no time to change it and make my own layout. So i decided to contact the most expert layout maker Miss Carlota. I would like to thank her for such a great work of hers, i so love this new look, it's so calm and a very elegant layout. I am so sure that i am going to keep this layout for long, maybe permanent. Now i am more inspired to keep on updating this blog because of the very beautiful new look, just like the one who made it and of course the author, lol! Just kidding, but seriously, i really am glad that finally this blog got a new dress now.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Bestfriend's Birthday

Today is my best friend's since birth's birthday. We almost have the same birthday but she came out a little late than me. She is the smartest friend and the most shy as well. I remember those days when we were just in grade school. I used to defend her from those insecure classmates because they always tease her that she is a teacher's pet. So i just yell back to them that they should study harder and be smart like my friend so they will become teacher's pet as well. But sometimes i get mad at her too because of my father. He always compare me to her, he always tells me that my friend is way better than me, she is worth everything than me. Well, every individual has capacities of skills and intelligence. I tried my very best to stay in the top ten which i did, but that wasn't good enough for my father.

But anyway, i lost contact for over two years now with my best friend. She was very busy and doing some paper works for her job the last time we chatted. And until now i haven't heard from her yet since then. I just hope that when i go home, we get to see each other again and will be able to spend some time just the two of us, i so miss her because she is the only friend i have when i was young. She is the only one that can put up with my tantrums and my sudden mood swing. To you my best friend, Happy happy birthday!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Much Awaited Movie

There is another movie that i have been waiting to see, Alice in Wonderland by Disney Picture. I am so thrilled upon seeing the trailer in the television about this movie because i am so sure that this is gonna be another a big hit movie. Of course my ever favorite and love actor Johnny Depp is the main character in this movie. I have seen most of his movies and fell inlove with this actor for such a great talent of his, amazing actor indeed! Hubby was surprised, he didn't know that Johnny Depp is the main actor in Alice in Wonderland movie. He knew how obsessed i am to watch almost every movie of this actor.

The very first movie i watched that Johnny Depp is on it was his Edward the Scissorhands. I can't forget that movie, it was awesome and worth to be watched over and over for me. Also, i have seen all his The Pirate of Caribbean. Now this Alice in Wonderland is my much awaited movie to be watched, and it is out now in every theater but i just have to wait to own a DVD so i can watch it with my family at home. I prefer to watch movies at home rather than going to a theater, if i own the DVD, i can watch it over and over again without paying the theater over and over again...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I really feel so blessed that GOD gave me another year to live, another year to enjoy life with my awesome family and genuine friends. I just want to thank you all for greeting me on my very special day and i want you to all know that i truly appreciate the thoughts, it means so much to me knowing i have friends who remembers to greet me, thank you so much to all, you really made my day so happy and exciting!!! I would also like to thank my dearest husband for being there all the time and for loving me, also for giving me such wonderful and adorable boys, i could not ask for anything more, i have everything already and i am one contented and blessed woman!

By the way, this is my 1000 posts, yehey!!! Whatta a special day of mine!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grandmother's Death Anniversary

I am not so sure how long is my grandmother been gone. She is the mother of my late father and i never got the chance to get to know her that well since she died when i was just in my fifth grade. And as far as i can remember, i cannot even understand her dialect since she talk more on Spanish and Ilonggo. I only speak Cebuano and during those times, i wasn't aware that there are lots of different dialects in my country.

But anyway, i just remembered her and can't even picture her image in my mind because she was very old when i saw her, plus i didn't see her that much when she was still alive. All i remember from her was when she picked some green mangoes in her backyard and gave it to me. She was smiling and told my mother that i am one cute girl. Of course i am her grand daughter lol! Even though i don't have much memories with her, i am still celebrating her death anniversary since she is one good grandmother to me as far as i remember...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Craving For Shiopao


Why all of the sudden that this food that i used to eat in Philippines suddenly just popped out in my mind? I have not eaten this food for a long long time now and i am missing it so bad. I am thinking right now that soon as i get there back home, i will eat those food that i have been missing, those food that i cannot find it easy here where i am at. You know, when you are used to eat those food that you really love and then you haven't had it for awhile, you will surely miss it and will crave for it. That's the advantage of the Filipinos in California or in Florida i think because there's plenty of Filipino store where they can buy Filipino food that i cannot buy it here. In fact, i don't even see one Filipino bakery or restaurant here nearby or even to the capital city here in our state. That's why i really promised myself that i will try to eat everything that i am craving, especially this siopao, my very favorite merienda...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Should I Or Should I Not?

Just go back home from the clinic, took my boys there for their shots and wasn't able to check the mail box when i left. When we got back hubby checked our mailbox and handed me the yellow envelope that came from Consulate General of the Philippines from San Francisco where i got my passport renewed. We both got curious what was inside the envelope. I joked around and told him that i might did something wrong and they are going to deport me to Philippines very soon while opening the envelope. And he said that that's not it, if i am going to be deported, it would be the US immigration that'll do that to me, not my embassy will send me notice.

Well, anyway, when i opened the envelope, it answered all our questions. It was a ballot paper for absentee voting. I remember now, i registered myself for absentee voting when i renewed my passport. But my question is, i don't really know a whole lot of background about these people that are being listed to the ballot papers. I don't want to just vote whoever i like because of their names, duh! I want to vote because i knew something about them and they have done something good to the country. So, should i vote or should i not? I am now turning 29 years old but never voted once yet. I always boycott because i never wanted to vote people that are corrupt and full of crap in their mouth. I am still hoping that Philippines is going to pick up and the economy will do good. Mostly candidates are full of promises but soon after they are elected, they forget what they just promised to the people that are hoping for good representation. I feel so sorry for the poor people, the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. How's that? Philippines indeed needs a good government, but when will that be? When is that going to happen? That, i don't know...