Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday's Christmas Party

So i did went to the party last Saturday. It was an okay party but i promised myself not to attend that group anymore. There were things i observed that i really don't want to be with that group, i just simply don't belong there and the ambiance is not really a friendly kind. Soon as we entered the main entrance with my friends, i can just almost see every eyes doing the "HEAD TO FOOT" stare at us. Honestly we were the ones that are well dressed to that party. It was a friend who invited us told us that we should wear something really formal like a cocktail dress. But we are all surprised when we got there that some aren't wearing formal dress. Very few of them are just wearing dresses and most of them wearing just like an ordinary days outfit, jeans and shirts.

So anyway, they wanted us to join the association but i did not sign up because i can just feel through my instinct that i don't want to be in there again for there are envious kind of people out there. They cannot just be happy for their fellowmen, instead, they try to pull others down. I saw some people in the party smirking like they did not welcome our presence as new faces to the party. So that made me decide that i am not going to attend to that association party anymore.

But aside from all that, we enjoyed our bonding with my friends, we took a lot of pictures when the party was over. I guess my friends thought of the same thing as i do, since we felt like we are not welcome to be in their group, lol! Anyway, this is what i wore in the party, not so fancy but yet elegant kind of dress. This picture was taken in our house before we left heading to the party with my friends. I bought this dress in Philippines during my vacation there, not a very expensive kind of dress but i look good at it don't i? lol! Just kidding...
Heading to the party

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