Monday, December 13, 2010

College Football Time Is Here

Author: Elias Massey

Its that time of the year again, and I am ecstatic to see the college football conference championship games! This year brings some of my favorite teams, and there is money on the line between me and my buddies. They think their teams are going to win, but the joke will be on them!!

veryone comes to my house to catch the games. In the den I have a 55 inch television that we plan to use to watch the games on Directtelevision with. With such a big television it makes the games so much better. And, when we get together, its going to be loud, its going to be fun, and we'll drink all the beer we can find!

Of course the best game of the year is going to be the MTSU Blue Raiders take on the rajin' cajun' Louisiana-Lafayette. Of course being from Tennessee, I am rooting for MTSU all the way. They're going to win, and we all know that. Its going to be fun to see it, and my hand will be held out so carefree to collect my $20!

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