Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Must Be Day Dreaming

When i came here in our house i thought this is big enough for all of us. But when we got two kids, then i started to realized that this house is not as big as what i thought it is. The kids are getting big and soon enough they will ask to have their own room each of them, as they are sharing one room as of now. So, hubby and i has been thinking about it that we might have to buy a bigger house, so the kids can have their own room. This house is just not meant for big family for it is not that spacious where kids can run around. Also it doesn't have enough rooms for more than three kids.

If we will buy a new house, i would like to be the one who will pick the house that i want where we can live until we get old and until the kids are grown. I have not much of a choice to this house since hubby already bought this long before he even knew and met me. I want my new house to have some window boxes planters, so to add more beauty to the house. I always get fascinated to the houses i see that has like that, it's just so pretty. Putting some window flower boxes is one of my dream to have in my new house since we can't do that here in this house it is because we are located in a shady spot. It will be hard for the flowers to survive for the flowers surely needs the sunlight.
It would be so nice if i wake up in the morning and smell the flowers by my window plant boxes soon as i open the it. It can make my day so beautiful, flowers also can cheer up someone's soul. Oh well, i must have been day dreaming. This is just one of my wish that we can have a more spacious house and a lot nicer outside view, instead of just having tall trees around our house.

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