Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blomus Stainless Firepit

Going to our basement during the winter is the last thing i would like to do before we had our blomus stainless steel fireplace set. We do have our heater furnace in there too but it's not enough to heat up the place for the wall is made of cement and it takes time to warm the place just by using the furnace. So, whenever there's family of ours that'll visit us and spend some time here in our house. We always ready our master's bedroom upstairs so they can use it while we sleep in our bed downstairs and turns on the blomus stainless steel teaset.

Sometimes, kids like to sleep with us so we decided to put a blomus stainless steel firepit by the television room downstairs. So we can still keep warm if we watch movie with our little ones. They like being in the place where it's warm and cozy. So we mainly got it for them, they love to go downstairs a lot during this time, winter where downstairs is used to be the worst part of our house to stay. It's nice to see the firepit glowing downstairs while watching our favorite movies, it looks like we are camping and we have the portable bon fire and it can be moved to where we like to put it.

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