Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Fun Family Christmas Night

Merry Christmas everyone!!! How's your holiday? Ours was so much fun. A day before the Christmas eve, we went to the capital city to see the different colors Christmas lights. The kids had fun the most for they were so amused by those lights shining in the trees. There are also big Christmas tree in there that my son thought it was real. The place was so crowded, lots of people also went to see the beautiful Christmas lights. Mostly kids were all bundled up especially those newborn and just barely turned a year old just like my little one. It sure was cold but we all felt good as soon as we entered inside the building to see the big organ.

We went out to enjoy the outside more and there was a big crowd by the corner of the place and we were wondering what it was, at first i thought there was an accident going on, but it made me smile when i found out there were cowboys entertainers wearing old gringo boots singing a song that got people interested and gave them some donations. There were also some other entertainers there that sang Christmas song, and i think they are acapella as they call it, if i am not mistaken. It was a fun night for my family, another precious memory to treasure and of course i took lots of photos to keep.

I was a little tired soon as we got home because of too much walking. I am glad i wore my tory burch shoes which is very comfortable to my feet. I was about to wear my high heeled boots but hubby told me not to because we are going to do a lot of walking and yes, i am thankful i listened to my thoughtful husband, because if i didn't i would have suffer an excruciating pain in my feet. That reminds me, speaking of shoes, i need to find me a formal high heeled shoes at Shoe Inn for me to wear this coming New Year's party at my friend's house, she said we are going to wear a formal dress and of course a nice shoes that will match to the beautiful dress we are going to wear. I am excited again for this coming get together holiday!

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