Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Sling Carriers

Seriously, i find the baby sling so cute, why? Because the baby is more attached to the one's holding, the baby is well wrapped and looking cozy. It also looks like a fashionable way of carrying the baby with you. Why in the world didn't i learned about this baby sling before when i had my two boys? So darn cute that i would want some now for myself but how am i supposed to use it if i don't have little one anymore? I just wish i still can have baby at least one, but that's not possible anymore since i am already fixed. I only envy to those mothers that just barely delivered their new bundle of joy.

Maybe, this is a good idea to get some pair since i have couple of friends that are now expecting and may pop anytime this year or maybe early next year! I am actually excited for them. I can't wait to see their babies and be able to carry them in my arms. I am sure it will reminds me of my times, during when i delivered my two boys. That's right! I'd better order the baby sling carriers now so when their baby comes, my gift for the new mothers will be all ready. Since i already know the gender of their coming babies, i can now buy it and choose the color i want to get for them to have.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our First Home

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

My husband and I were so happy to finally move out of Miami. We didn’t go too far away, but we found a great house that we could actually afford to buy in Hollywood, Florida. Living in Miami was fun while it lasted, but once we started having kids it became too expensive and crazy. We looked for a home to purchase close by where we were renting and we couldn’t find anything we could even remotely afford. We kept on moving our search north until we settled on finding a house in Hollywood. We are so excited to finally be moving in, and we want our big investment to be safe and sound. I searched ADT security Hollywood FL because I figured a home security system would be a good way to do this. We’re new to this home ownership thing and I want to do everything right. Next we’ll probably start renovating the bathrooms in the house, which are pretty old. We’re going to try and take it day by day and make small improvements here and there to raise the value of the property.

Green Dress

It's actually my first time to wear something green like this dress in the picture below. I feel not so comfortable wearing eye catching colors before because i thought i don't look good at it due to my brown skin complexion. But lately, it makes me think to try some other colors aside from black and brown which are my two favorite colors.

I am impressed and surprised for i don't look bad at all. I thought i would be but in fact, i liked it myself. Hubby said that finally i got some other colors than black and brown. He usually see me wearing either black or brown. Now, i am starting to buy assorted colored dress, such like this i am wearing in the picture. I love to wear green now, especially this kind of fabric, soft and snuggly.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Malpractice Insurance

I just finished talking to a friend from Florida about the Doctor we have here who is accused of killing his patient by over drugging it. Sadly, the doctor is been a specialist for years and years. The family of the victim wants him to be life sentenced. So my friend said that in their state, most people has the medical malpractice insurance florida for them to be protected from the malpractice. Hopefully, we won't encounter such bad things that happened to the victim. Life is just one, no one can bring one life back once it's wasted.

Vacation In Canada

Calgary rentals. I heard this very often to some of our friends who just got back from their fun adventure in Calgary. They said that staying there was their most unforgettable memory of their vacation. The place was just awesome and amazing views where most of the tourists where very impressed. So upon hearing their stories about the place, hubby and i thought that it would be fun as well if we try to go there to the said place.

Although we haven't finalized our plan on going there yet, but we are sure that one of these days, we'll definitely visit the beautiful place like what we always hear from people that have been there before. And besides, both hubby and i have never been to Canada, so we might as well go there with the kids for the very first time. Another exciting trip plan, even though we did not set the exact time and date yet, but thinking about it made me excited already.

Going there will be another family adventure and a fun memory to keep. We do love to travel a lot, and crossing from one country to the other will be my first time to do so, if we'll be given the chance soon. Hopefully, by summer time we can finalize the trip plan, and i am sure that i will be seeing lots of friends who lives there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Retractable Banner Stand

Commercials nowadays is very impressive. As you can see, when you drive down the road you'll find a very eye catching bulletin ads and when you go to some buildings, you also can find some Retractable banner stand that has almost everything what basically you want to know in that store. So, instead of spreading some fliers and doing some other things to introduce the products or whatever they are selling to the public, this is the best way of letting people know in a quick and easy way. And people can easily pick up everything pretty much because it all flashes in just a matter of seconds.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flowers For Me!

Sometimes it is good when the couple gets to have misunderstanding once in a while because that's the only time that the husband gets the idea of courting the wife again, just like when the two were just barely started. My husband is not really a romantic kind of person, he doesn't like giving flowers to me that much because his reason is it dies quickly and his love for me is not like that, it stays forever, haha, how cheesy is that? But seriously, he's a passionate kind of husband, he is one thoughtful husband as well.

Well, anyway, i sulked the other day because of my unpredictable mood swing. Hubby was so confused what did he do to me for me to be upset. He can't even think a single thing that will make me mad at him. I didn't talk to him for a day and because he was bothered, he called the flower shop nearby and the next day i got a delivered flowers!!! It's for me, it's for me! Yay!

So when hubby got home from work earlier, i gave him a sweet kiss and told him there was really nothing he did that made me upset, it was just my mood and probably i am going to have my monthly visit again, since it always comes around this time. And thanked him for the bouquet of flowers he ordered for me. It's not his type of thing but i made him do it because of my mood, haha! How sweet husband i have!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow Please Come!

Surprisingly, there is not much of a snow yet here in our place, but the freezing weather is that's killing me. I just wish that it would be better if it rather snow than having a very low freezing temperature. Especially during in the morning when i take my first grader to the bus stop. Luckily the place isn't that far from where our house is, it's just a block away and i have to take him myself there because it is across the street, and i don't trust him crossing the busy highway street by himself yet.

He's been so anxious for the snow to come though because he is very excited to use his sled again up in the mountain. Which reminds me, i have to buy him and his little brother an overall suit so to keep them warm during our play in the snow. I need to find some pairs soon so they can use it. When we went there last time, they were only wearing coats and regular pants, which it wasn't good enough for them not to freeze. This time, i have to make sure that they wear thermal clothing that'll keep them warm for a long time.

These photos were taken last year. The little one was not so happy when we stayed there very long, so i had to bring them back home. After few minutes they stayed inside the house, they decided to go back outside. I let them go out in our backyard instead because if they get so cold, they could just easily comes back in anytime they want and drink a hot choco prepared by mommy with love ♥♥♥

Fire Damage Repairs Austin

Sure when there's kids in the house, you won't feel safe to just leave them alone and not checking from time to time on what they are up to. My two boys are very opposite in a lot of things. The big brother is more behaved and more reserved, he prefers to just sit there watch tv, play his games with his nintendo, or play his wii games and he'll be just contented with it. Unlike my youngest one is so different! He's more adventurous and probably doesn't know what "scared" word is because he doesn't know how to feel it.

Anyway, i am talking about this because there was an incidence in the house once that the little one was able to grab the match on the shelf where i put it. Good thing that i saw him right even before he did something to it. And it reminded me when a friend told me what happened to her house too in Texas. Good thing it wasn't that bad, and able to find a team that fixes the damage So she called the fire damage repairs austin team and fixed the area in no time, and my friend was so glad that she got it taken cared of even before her husband arrived from an out of town trip.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Learn To Play Guitar

During my younger years, i have been wishing to learn to play guitar but never had a chance. First reason was, i don't have a guitar of my own, and the second was, i had no time to focus on learning how to play it. In my early age, i got so busy with my job and have been set aside the eagerness on how to learn to play instruments such like guitar. Maybe this time, one of my boys might get interested on playing instrument, especially the guitar since i really love to listen acoustic music. And if they both will, it would be so awesome because music is making life more meaningful.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jewelry Making

Most friends i see now are doing the jewelry making. They make their own jewelry as a hobby and some of them sells it. I find it cool to make your own jewelry though because you can make your own style and the fact that you are making it for less, all you have to do is just buy the things you need and design the jewelry you want to have. I might have to do that myself, i just have to ask some of my friends who's been doing it lately. I am seeing them having so much fun doing it, so why should i not try it myself. I am sure i am going to have fun just as good as them.

Stereo Speakers

If there is one thing that i would want to give to my youngest brother, that would be the stereo speakers. He just love electronics and every electronic gadgets he gets is a treasure for him. I love giving him stuff like this because he knows how to take care of it and knows how to fix it if it gets broken. In fact, some of his friends calls him jack of all trades because he knows how to fix pretty much everything, particularly electronic stuff. So when he gets my Christmas presents for him, i am sure he will be having a big grin, from ear to ear :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Getaway, Again :D

The family are so excited for the trip tomorrow. I really thought that we wouldn't be able to do this because husby is been having overtimes during weekends. And luckily, he doesn't have work this coming weekend because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We are so happy that we will be able to enjoy the long weekend, especially for the 1st grader from his school and daddy from his work.

Anyway, we are too anxious to get there in Grand Canyon for the nth times and this time, we are planning to go to the SKYWALK, the project of native Americans that made not too long ago. We were supposed to go there last year but wasn't able to because we got lost on our way. We thought that it was the same way as the south rim we knew but then the lady told us that we have to turn the other way and it'll take us time to get there. But then, we decided not to go there instead, we just enjoyed the south rim where we originally went. So, tomorrow, i really can't wait to witness the beauty of this amazing and awesome nature again. Indeed, it's a breathtaking place and very calming place for the family to get away.
Image courtesy by Google

Removing Smoke Damage

Oh darn! I almost forgot i was cooking something in the kitchen! Good thing my son told me something is smoking, and i could have burn the whole house! I hate being forgetful now, it sometimes frustrates me knowing that i forget to check on things that i just barely did it. Thanks to my dear son who noticed the smoke! Now, i have to call the team that will replace the smoke alarm. I am sure hubby will be worried soon as he gets home and will find out what happened while he's at work.

Anyway, this incident reminds me of my friend from Texas. She also had the same experience like i had. She was in the bathroom bathing her baby and totally forgot that she has something in the stove. Luckily, her husband came home just in time and was able to turn off the stove, it could have burn their house if no one noticed it. But then there's still smoke marks in their kitchen so they had to search the company that can possibly help them and fortunately they found one, the and called the team that does the removing smoke damage austin. Soon after the team came to their house and took care of the damage. Sometimes being a mother can be so stressful and tiring, doing the multi tasking sure is exhausting and it can be dangerous once you forget to check on the things you are currently doing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

San Antonio Invisalign

It has been one of my dreams is to fix my crooked front teeth. It might not be too obvious in the pictures i have posted here often because i tried to hide it by my cute smile, lol! But when you get to see me in person, i hate smiling especially to the people that i don't really know. I am embarrassed to show them my crooked bad teeth looking. So, i asked hubby if i can have it fixed by wearing braces. And he said that we have to save some money for it because it won't be cheap and also, the insurance will not cover most of the expenses if we'll ever do it.

So, i searched some clinics that does the teeth fixing. And i stumbled into this San Antonio Invisalign. I am just amazed how nice the people's teeth looks after they had theirs fixed in this clinic. I just wished mine would be the same someday. But for now, we have to save some money for it, maybe hubby will take me to the clinic next year so i can have a very beautiful smile and won't be too shy to show my fixed and not ugly crooked looking front teeth :D

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nursing Scrubs

Don't you find it cool going to a clinic and seeing nurses and doctors wearing a fun and cool designed scrubs? I find it neat! One thing about it is, the kids are not that scared anymore like i was during my younger days. I can still remember those days. Whenever my mom takes me to the clinic, it scares the heck out of me because for some reason i thought those medical people will hurt me, by poking me needles and everything.

Anyway, nowadays, they are the most fun and cool people because of their uniforms. Also, the fact that most nurses and doctors now are way friendly and fun to talk to. The scrubs they wear that i saw in are just awesome! Especially now that the holidays is coming, they are wearing the Christmas designed scrubs. I have been to many clinics, like my eye doctor's clinic, my dentist clinic, but my physician's clinic has the most coolest designed nursing scrubs they're wearing. Sure the color and design can catch someone's attention, especially to the kids.

Logo Mats

Sure my boy is growing so fast! He's now aware of lots of things that he wants and what he doesn't want. Also, he can be demanding sometimes, which we, his dad and i doesn't put up with it if he's asking too much. We often grant his wish because he deserves it, he gives us always a good report from his school that always make us, (his parents) happy and very proud of him. Well, anyway, he asked me the other day if it would be alright to go at his classmate's house across the street for few hours, so i just let him go and let him enjoyed the day after he got home.

Soon as he came back home he was all so excited when he told me that his classmate's room has logo mats right by the door in his room. Of course he was telling me that because he himself, wants one too for his room. So i told him he should tell it to daddy and not to mommy so his dad can buy it for him. The spoiler daddy told me to find that mat online soon after our boy begged him with smile. Oh well, it's not a toy at least, so i am okay with it really. He wants it because he wants to put his name in the mat, which i find it so cool as well. Maybe i should order one for us and for the little one too, how about that? :D So we all can have our logo mats each in our doorsteps.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Choleric Me? I Guess So :D

I am somewhat guilty to the fun test i just took from the networking website that i saw from a friend's wall. It tests the person if you are choleric or not. But then my result came out that i truly am. I guess i have not much of a choice but to admit. Pretty much of what it says to the photo above are true, and that's really really me.

Good thing i didn't think to be a teacher, which i never dreamed about it though. I have no patience to silly and bully kids. I might get in trouble. I am not saying that my kids were perfect, they can be silly sometimes too and annoying but, what can i do? They are my kids and i love them to the bone! If i will be given the chance to give them the impossible, then i would do it in a heartbeat!

Anyway, enough for that, this is all about me, so i just had a good laugh reading all the things to that photo. LOL! Oh, i can be a really good and loyal friend, but can be nasty enemy like you've never met before if you mess up with me. But then, it only proves that i am a good friend because my real and genuine friends are still my dear friends until now, they stick with me and i stick to them through all these years without a problem, not one bit :D

Breakdown Service

It was so funny when i had my first experience of my wheel got busted in the middle of the road. Good thing, i was still able to manage to coast down the hill and be on the side shoulder of the street. The first thing i was thinking is where in the world should i find the breakdown service. I was thankful though because there was policemen nearby and they were the one who helped me. If not for them, i don't know what to do and where to go. Sure angels are just everywhere, you just have to know them through people around you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

plus size maternity clothes

I just barely got back from a short shopping while dragging my little one along with me. It was a fun shopping although i didn't get a whole lot of things since i didn't see anything that i really like. I only bought shoes and one dress for myself. It was also a pretty good deal, so i didn't think twice of getting it. I love shopping, especially going to the store where they have special items for sale. I find myself digging great deals to that isle or department.

But there's one isle that really caught my attention when i was there. The plus size maternity clothes are also on sale, and they are just so gorgeous! The quality of the cloth and the brand, that was a way good deal and nothing beats it! I wish i knew someone who is expecting, so i can buy some and give it to her. Really, they are so nice and i can just tell the comfort it gives to that clothes to the pregnant woman. That's the first thing that a pregnant would want, a comfortable clothes to wear.

Plus Size Evening Dresses

It's going to be a fun night next weekend! Our friend's daughter is going to turn 18 and the mother decided to have a big party for her princess. So of course we, her friends are all invited for the party that is going to be held soon. This is going to be the first party that i will attend as a debut party. Sadly, i have never had an experience to celebrate my own debut with a planned party that cost such like this coming debut party of my friend's daughter.

Anyway, one of our friends is freaking out because she doesn't even know what to wear. She is kind of heavy woman and is so confused what exactly to wear. So, we her friends helped her looking for the best style and color that would fit her perfectly with her size. She just loved the plus size evening dresses we suggested to her. She has to pick one and can't even make up her mind what really is to get. At least now, she has some choices, and i am glad that she liked all the suggestions we gave her.

Backyard Renovation

Every winter we always have to put our patio table inside the shed because we don't want to ruin the glass coat on top of it. So we always put it away even before the snow starts pouring so hard. I suggested it to hubby that we should put a roof by our sidewalk so we don't have to drag the table in and out from the shed. I love hanging out in the backyard, especially during summer season. Also, i was planning to get a fire pit so we can burn some woods while we enjoy and relax the day at the backyard.

Anyway, a good friend gave me the best idea to protect our table from getting it ruined. He said that they also got the acrylic table top protector for their table and they have been so happy that their glass table is now protected from anything that could cause damage to it. They also got the accessory street for their sidewalk, and been so far satisfied with what they got.

And since we are going to do that, we might as well plan to replace the sidewalk of acrylic tile. That way, it will enhance the looks of our backyard even more. Plus the nice roof that we have been planning to put. So when summer comes, we will be hanging out in the backyard more often than we used to. Oh, i so can't wait to make it happen, i can now picture out what's gonna be our backyard look like when it is finished.

It's Not The Price, It's How You Wear It

I am actually not so impressed with branded clothes, make up kits, shoes, purses, bling blings and etc. For me, it doesn't matter if you are wearing or carrying expensive/cheap kind of things, as long as you know how to wear/carry it yourself. I myself is not an obsessed expensive or branded shopper. For me, i would rather buy cheap kinds with also has fairly good quality, than to buy those ridiculously expensive ones. Such like clothes, make up kits, and shoes. Those are just few things i noticed that most women would be dying to have, and i am not exempted to the women i am talking about.

Anyway, most of my stuff are cheap, only few things i have that i call it pricey. Such this picture below. The top and the bottom i am wearing are very affordable. In fact, i just barely bought the knitted top at wetseal for only four bucks. Can you believe that? And i love it! It was actually a summer clothes sale during the time i strolled the mall with my friend, and wetseal had their 5 items for 20 bucks sale. So for me it was a way pretty good deal. And speaking of sale, you can usually see me at the clearance sale items isles. I always go straight there before anywhere else.

So you tell me, does the price matter? Sometimes it does though, i must admit. But then, i can tell you, mostly, the price doesn't matter at all. As long as you know how to wear and carry it beautifully, then, you are good to go. Also, the make up i was wearing in this picture are just those that you can find at walmart. I don't buy expensive ones, that's a real no to me (except my lipstick which is LANCÔME, a gift from my bestfriend). You can always look fabulous in your own way, you just have to know what style that fits you perfectly. And here's mine, this is my style and my points of view :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Very Simple Man

Speaking of gift, my husband's birthday is coming up soon! I always have trouble looking for a gift to give to my very thoughtful husband. I guess i am really bad when it comes to giving gift to my man. Good thing that my aunt gave me an idea on what to get for him. She said that she found a site where to get perfect gifts for a man like my husband. And that's where she buys things for her man as well, since we have the same kind of husband, they are tall. These big and tall jeans would be a perfect one to give.

My husband is not very particular on what to wear. He likes wearing whatever i give him. So, that is why i always make sure that i will give him the best so he'll be looking good wearing it. He's the kind of man that is very ordinary, very simple and not fashionable. And since i came to his life, he told me how much he has changed, from his character up to his mood and lifestyle. It makes my heart sing whenever he tells me that over and over. And i am happy that i am making my man happy more than what i thought.

Gourmet Gift For Mom

How nice of my neighbor to send me this gourmet gift for mom today. She gave me this because she knew i am not well yet, and i still have this health problem. So brighten up my day, she sent me this beautiful and delicious gift. She is one neighbor that i really love, she is one sweet person and so kind. I feel so blessed because eventhough i am far away from my real mother, somehow she took a the place to be my mother here where i live now.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Boys

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

My house is like a war zone, no joke. The kids are always around with friends of theirs and since they’re in their teens they just eat us out of house and home. I always walk in to find some type of ball flying at the TV or the wall and I even got some cable packages in hopes that the boys would just watch sports rather than play them in my house. But no such luck and I’ve got so much broken stuff here I think I could start a museum. My sons are really great kids when it comes to school and studying but they’ve just got more energy than I possibly know what to do with. They both play two varsity sports sports at school and we’ve got this huge yard for them to run around in but they just can’t sit still to save their lives. Oh well, I guess it’s better than them being couch potatoes that I have to shove out the door to go exercise.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Edmonton Apartments

When a person who loves to travel has been stuck and idle in the house for awhile, shouldn't she or he be bored? That's what i feel right now! Hubby and i love to travel a lot but then his work made him caught to our schedule plan. We have a lot of plans to do but we have no free time because of hubby's work and also our first born child is at school all the time. But! We are so excited to have our holiday vacation this coming Thanksgiving day which is going to be three weeks from now. We already are planning on where to spend our holiday, and we both agreed that we'll go to a place where we both haven't been before, like in Canada.

I asked my friend if she knew some place where we can stay for a week at least. She insisted that we just have to stay in their place because they have a big apartment unlike the others. She even showed me through her pictures how big their apartment is. She is just as excited as i am. We both can't wait to see each other again. She said that we'll surely enjoy our stay in their place. Edmonton apartments is one of the most excellent apartments in their place and that's why they chose to get an apartment for themselves. Oh, i can now just imagine what it is going to be like when we get there. I am sure we are going to have lots of fun and talking, lol! Anyway, also, i am excited because hubby and i will be both first timer to enter Canada and so as our kids.

I'm A Ladybug!

Ready for Halloween yet? My two boys are! They are so excited to do the trick or treating tomorrow. But before that, we already had our photo shoot up on the mountain where only us were there. It was an advantage for us because it's a quiet place and i love the location so much. With all the tall grass and the fall colored leaves, it was just perfect. I had my little one's photo shoot session to this place before we had our halloween costumes photo shoot. And i fell in love with the place right there and then.

But anyway, i was not going to wear mine but hubby suggested that might as well join the fun with the kids. So i did! And wore my costume out in the tall dead grass up on the mountain with the tall trees as well, and had my first halloween photo shoot ever! LOL! Thanks to hubby though because he was so patient and in the good mood to take some snaps of me :) Happy Halloween everyone :) And oh! If you want to see my kids's costumes, please take a peek to my PHOTOGRAPHY blog :)
DSC_6854Ladybug up on the treeDSC_6832-2Meet the ladybug (yours truly)DSC_6843

Funny Shirts

I always love to wear funny tshirts. Is just that i haven't seen any shirts really that i love. Good thing i found a perfect website that sells shirts just the way i want it to be. Since halloween is here now, i would love to have one for myself and also will give some to my dear friends. I am sure they will love it as well just as i love it. We also have a goofy friend that likes to wear something like this, funny shirt, and he would be so freaking happy soon as i tell him that he can purchase cool funny shirts where i will get mine and for my friends :)

Marmot Jackets

This marmot jackets is the one i was looking for. I was invited to hike up on the mountain by my friend and i am so excited because this is going to be my first time to do that kind of activity. I am excited because i get to see that mountain that she has been talking about and will get the chance to take some photographs as well while i am there. That's one reason why she invited me, because she know for sure that i am going to love the place and also it will be my advantage to take shots of the gorgeous scenery. I can't actually wait and i am very anxious :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Allergy Attack

I feel really bad for my oldest son because he is a sensitive kind of kid. He's allergic to some of things such as seafood and pets. So aside from giving him his anti-allergy syrup, i also searched what can make him overcome his allergies, and i happen to stumble into this austin food allergies site. It somehow gave me some tips, advice and some ideas on how to prevent it from happening. I really do hope that soon enough, my son will overcome it. He looks awful every time his allergies attacks.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toshiba Laptop Computers

It has been tested that toshiba laptop computers is one of the most reliable and durable laptops in the world. My sister had hers and it's been quite awhile now and she still got it, it's still working as good and never even thinking of replacing it. I haven't got one myself yet though but i can tell that this kind of computer lasts long. I have few friends that has this already and so far they didn't say anything bad about their computers.

Address Plaques

I guess it is time for us to change our address plaques. It is really getting so old and hardly recognized. A couple of months ago, there was a gathering here in our house and some of my friends that came here for the first time was a little lost because they couldn't read our address outside our house. So i told hubby that we should have that thing replaced soon. So when someone looks for our house, they can just easily find it by reading our home address outside.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who Wouldn't Melt To This Look?

Since my first born child goes to school for the whole day, i become more obsessed on portraiture photography. And my model? Of course my very own little one! Just two of us here in the house during the day every weekdays, so he becomes my model almost everyday. He's still a baby and doesn't whine and don't know how to complain yet, although i am seeing it now a little bit. Having a little one in the house, i had no boring days. I always find him so cute on doing some interesting things or maybe talking to me so eagerly although i sometimes can't understand him because he still doesn't talk quite fluent yet.

So instead of lurking behind my blanket on the bed or maybe just goofing around here in front of my computer, I, instead always get my camera ready for every moves of my little one. This photo was taken the other day if i remember it right. He does know how to turn on the television in the front room, so soon as he gets up in the morning, he goes there straight and watch his favorite shows. And this is what i got! Even though i took a couple of snap of him, he didn't mind, he was too focused of the educational show he was watching. Who wouldn't melt with this look? Sure mommy got melted! :)

Birthday Invitations

A good friend sent some birthday invitations to me and to the rest of our friends here but unfortunately we cannot attend to her daughter's birthday for they live now in another state. It takes few hours to drive all the way to their place and i don't think it is worth to drive to that day just to celebrate her daughter's birthday. We just agreed that since they will be coming here soon, we'll instead celebrate it again here. That way, we don't have to set a day off from hubby's work to drive to her place and back.

Bulova Watch

You wouldn't really know what you're gonna get in yard sales. Earlier today i went out real quick to just look around for the yard sales since it's kind of going away now because the cold weather is approaching in. I was surprised when i saw a bulova watch sitting by the corner still in the box. The owner is selling it because she has no need for it. She said she's got tons of watches and wants to get rid some of it. I was a little late that's why that watch is the only one that's left. I guess i am still lucky, am i? I was able to buy the one's that's left.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-Owned Car

Hubby talked to me about his work car. He said that since the license of his car is going to expire soon, he might as well not to renew it because he knew that it's not gonna pass the test. So he said that if he will buy a pre owned car, he will also buy a ford f 250 custom floor mats so he can replace whatever it is in the car he is going to buy and it will look newer. I myself can't wait to see what his car is going to be look like, i also want to test drive it because i honestly didn't try to drive his work car, i just don't feel like driving it, too old! LOL!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Apartments for rent in Calgary

It has been awhile since we last had our family get away. Husband and i both love to travel and we are actually planning on another trip this coming holiday. We are not so sure where to go yet though but we are already considering some place that we might want to go visit for the first time. Canada is one in our list. Since we both haven't visited the place yet, we might take the chance to go there during the holiday week to enjoy it with our kids of course. I heard a lot of nice things to see there, and i am very excited to see them in person myself.

We already talked about this vacation soon but hubby has to inform his boss from his work about it so he can have more days to spend in our vacation. A friend already told us where is the best place to go. There are a lot of Apartments for rent in Calgary that has reasonable price, hubby and i thought that would be the best to do rather than renting a motel because it is a daily basis and we will end up paying a lot more than renting an apartment. But, we'll have to talk more about it though, we have to make our plans settled so we can totally enjoy the vacation we have been both anxiously waiting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Of Mommy's Eyes

It sure breaks my heart everytime i read or hear bad news about newborn babies being thrown out or dumped somewhere. The mother must haven been so heartless for doing such thing. That is horrible! There are lots of couples that wanted to be blessed with kids but then they end up adopting somebody else's babies because they can't make on their own. That is why i feel so blessed for having my two boys. They are the apple of my eyes. Although the big brother is getting so big and doesn't want to be called baby anymore, still he will be my baby forever.

Since it's only me and my little one will be always the one's at home everyday (daddy goes to work and big brother goes to school), i end up photo shooting him. In fact, he's got a lot more pictures than his big brother. Too bad i didn't have the DSLR then when i had my first born child. I could've took pictures as much as what i have of his little brother's. These two shots were taken earlier today after i gave him a nice warm bath. He was hugging and playing with his chicken little (his brother calls it chicken big, because it is big, lol!). Wish i could just keep him as a baby but sadly i can't do that because kids grow so fast and they don't wanna be called baby when they turn three and onwards.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We were wondering last night when we got home because our composter was tripped. It might be just the wind blew it or some animal from our neighborhood running around in our yard that did it. This was the first time that happened that's why we were so curious. I don't think that someone tripped it in purpose though since we have friendly neighborhood. The garbage was all scattered on the ground and we had to put it back in the bin. There was no sign though of animal tried to eat the garbage, it just got tripped and that's all it.

Graduation Presents

It must be weird for you to read this article because i am talking about top 10 graduation presents. It's just that, it suddenly popped in my mind that one of my family back home is soon to graduate. Since that i haven't really had something yet for me to give her, i might as well think about it so i can give her the best present that she would really love. Back in my days, i never did expect to receive presents from my loved ones, their love and support is the best presents for me. But now, mostly graduates are expecting presents in return of their hard work to success.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The hardest wedding ring

The question often comes up about what the hardest material in wedding bands is. The truth is both of these precious metals are actually soft compared to the alternative metals. The first alternative metal was titanium. People loved titanium rings. They were lightweight and held up much better than gold. They would still scratch so someone decided they would try to make a wedding band out of tungsten. It turned out great. In fact they took a 6mm tungsten wedding band and tested according to the mohs hardness scale. The tungsten ring came out to be a 8. Not many things are harder than that.

For the longest time tungsten rings were the hardest rings on the market. Then someone figured out how to use zirconium to make a wedding band. Black ceramic rings are actually harder than tungsten. The only problem with them is that you have to like the color white or black because that is the only colors they come in. People have experimented with other colors but they just don’t look right for a wedding band.

So after years of research it looks like ceramic zirconium rings are actually the hardest wedding bands. There are many other types of rings but if someone asks you which one is the hardest you will be able to tell them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prepared For Baby

The article written by Alonso Kramer

My husband and I are expecting our first child. I do not think I have ever been more prepared for something in my entire life. I have read a book about what to eat while I am pregnant. I read a book about what to expect and my husband even read a book about becoming a father. I decorated the nursery completely. Everything in the nursery is themed and the details I remembered are amazing. I even thought to get different knobs for the dresser. The clothes are all washed and folded nicely in the drawers. We had HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS install a fabulous alarm system. We assembled the swing and the pack-in-play. I even have an outfit set out for the hospital. My bags are packed in the anticipation of an early labor and my notes from our labor classes are on index cards. Right now, we are just waiting for the baby to get here. I am thinking parenting is going to be easy. However, my friends keep telling me I am naïve. I guess only time will tell.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gifts for Boyfriend

Honestly i am not the perfect person to ask what's the best Gifts for Boyfriend. I just don't have much of an idea what really is the best to give especially when there is special occasions. My niece just asked me about it and i just answered her nothing because i can't think of anything what to suggest. She should've know better though since she's been hooked up to her boyfriend for awhile now. At least she know him and what does he want to have or to get from her.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Missing Him When He's Little

Honestly i am missing my little potato when he was just a baby. Now he's growing so fast and i can't just keep up with him anymore. He's really an active little guy that cannot sit still in one spot. He's the boss inside the house, knows where to go and don't want to be messed around by us. If he wants to be in a certain spot then better not bother him or else there will be a big chaos inside the house, lol! Anyway, kids nowadays grow so fast! I wish i could just freeze the time but that's very impossible for me to do. Oh how i miss him when he's little like this in the picture below. He's my little guy, a very adorable and bubbly little one. Still he is now but he can be pain in my behind sometimes :)
My little one

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New England Lifestyle

Wouldn't it be nice if i get to choose the house i live? It's not that i don't like our house though, it would be a lot better if i get to choose the design inside and out, the furnitures and the flooring. I have been into so many houses and there is only few that i did like the design inside and also the furniture they got. Just like the house of my friend forty five minutes drive from here, i like her house because of the flooring and also the antique furnitures they have. Their house is like New England Lifestyle. Very unique and it stands out from their neighborhood since they're the only one that has the kind of house design.

I know that they spent so much money for their house since they were the one's built the house and it's not ready made kind. They hired a good architect which they said it's worth it because they got the house they have been dreaming to have. I have a dream house myself too, it's just that we don't have the budget to renovate our house right now. And besides, it's going to be a lot of work that needs to be done. I also love the white mirror they put by the living room, that really made their living room more beautiful. I can only wish for my dream house right now. I am happy enough the house we have right now though, but i would be so happy if i get the house i have been dreaming :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birth Announcements

The birth announcements of my friend will be this weekend but i haven't finish the blanket yet that i personally made for their baby. I've got to be busy to work on that so i can bring it with me on the announcement day. I just got too occupied lately with my boys and the chores i have been working on here inside the house. I almost forgot about this event and glad that a friend of mine reminded me about. I guess i have to rush it but make sure i will finish it nicely :)

Polaris Ranger Parts

Too bad my son can't ride my friend's polaris because it needs polaris ranger parts. There's some parts that needs to be replaced so it runs better. I still remember when we drove her polaris back to the country side of their place, it was fun and we went all the way to the lake where there's shortcut by the bushy place. My son enjoyed it so much that's why he mentioned that he wants to ride it again. Hope it will be fixed soon before the summer is over.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Photo Shoots

Me and my family are definitely enjoying this summer season. We often go to the Lake close from here and also the bigger lake where mostly people go so they can sail their boats. Even though i don't soak myself in the water, i am happy already to see my family enjoying it being in the water, especially my two boys. They just love water so much and obviously can't get enough of it despite how cold the water is.

The Lake in Mantua (Man-a-way) which is just couple of miles away from where we live is the coldest one since it freezes during winter season. So even if August is the hottest time of the season, still i don't feel like getting my whole body wet there for i can't stand the low temperature of the water. But i was actually surprised when we went to Willard Bay (The bigger lake i was talking about, the water is a lot warmer in there compared to Mantua. So i decided to dip in the water with my best friend. And of course we did the photo shooting first, LOL! Here's some of my photo shoots taken by my best friend :)

I must say that despite of the three C-section and a gall bladder operation i went through, still i don't look too bad, do i? But i have to admit that i need to flatten more my bumpy tummy ;)
Beach bummomimimimommi

Friday, August 12, 2011

Homes for Sale in Hawaii

It's nice to be in the water most of the time during summer. That's why i take my kids to the nearest lake here in our city so they can soak in the water and under the sun as well. When winter comes they will be inside the house most of the time and will be hibernated like Mommy and Daddy. So for now, while the summer is still here, i let them enjoy it being outside more often. I also love to see them having fun, although i don't really want to get myself wet for i hate the cold water by the lake. But they don't care, as long as they see water, that's what matter the most to them.

Anyway, i happen to browse some of my friend's pictures and realized they are now having a long vacation in Hawaii. So i messaged her how she like the place so far. It's her first time to visit Hawaii that's why i asked her if she find it alright. She said that she in fact really love the place, her husband is planning to buy a property out there and already looking for Homes for Sale in Hawaii. She is kind of excited herself because the place reminds her of our country. More on seawater and the palm trees are just so relaxing to look at. I also wish to visit Hawaii, but not right now, we still got more priorities to do first rather than going for a vacation.

His Second Dentist's Visit

My oldest son had his dental appointment the other day. He was so hesitant to go with us during his first time for he thought the Dentist would hurt him. I have no idea why kids thinks that when it comes to cleaning the teeth, it is painful and unbearable. That's what my son told me that it might make him die if he goes to the dentist's clinic to have his teeth cleaned, for it sure will hurt him, lol! That's what on my mind too when i was his age, sure kids has the same thoughts!

Anyway, he again has another two cavities. His previous visit was bad because he has to go back there after a week so the doctor can fix his seven cavities. The doctor put filling on to his molar teeth. I thought that the doctor would just let it go because my son still has the baby teeth, it will go bad and the permanent teeth will come out. But no, he fixed it. And his last visit was another two cavities, he has to go back next week again for it. I am just glad that he's not that scared anymore like he was before. The clinic sure does know how to tickle kids, so they won't get scared and enjoy visiting the clinic every six months.

Nfl Shop Coupons

Are you sports fanatic? Then you might want to check this nfl shop coupons out! I myself is not fond of sports but i do have some friends who are obsessed. So why not share this to them so they can enjoy the savings. Instead of paying the whole amount of the ticket, they can save some money and will be used for their pocket money and will be spent to something else. If we can save on groceries, why not save to what we like to do as well, right?

Life Insurance

When hubby got home earlier from his work, he mentioned that he talked to his co-worker that just bought a Although we already have one for ourselves but hubby made his co-worker think that his is much affordable with just the same services they offer. When it comes to things like that, i don't really care about it since hubby pretty much takes care of it for us. So i replied that whatever he thinks the best, he should get it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Curling My Hair

There was nothing to do yesterday and i got bored so i thought of trying to curl my hair for the first time. I never tried it before and was so curious what would i be look like if i will fix my hair. Well, i had it curled before if i braid my hair but i rarely do that really. I bought a curling iron but never used it until yesterday. I thought that i just have to curl it with iron and nothing else i should put on my hair but then someone told me that i have to spray my hair before i curl it so it won't straighten back up quickly.

That's what exactly happened to my hair, after few minutes i did it, it wen't back straight, a little curly but not as curly as i would like it to be. Here's the photo of myself last night when i had my hair curled, but not too curled anymore. Actually, i don't look bad at all, do i? I myself is a bit surprised seeing this picture, seems like it's a new me. I might try to find a curling spray next time to see if it really works for me. Honestly, i hate using spray on my hair because i am worried it might ruin my hair. I guess it won't be that bad if i don't use it very often. I actually liked the result, i might try to curl my hair again next time.

Retail System

I still remember when i worked in a restaurant. It was pretty tiring because i was the server and also the cashier. Not to mention the fact that those times they don't have the most upgraded Retail System like they have now these days. Sometimes the machine i operated then give me so much trouble. Those were just part of my times that i will never ever forget. But i sure learned a lot from that experience. Dealing different kind of people and how to manage time properly and also how to act fast.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conference Calling Services

It was fun talking to my siblings earlier. We enjoyed our chat even though we have different time each one of us. The other one is from the other side of the world, while i am here the other side, and the one was in Philippines. So glad that we were able to use the conference calling services which we can talk in a group no problem. It really is an advantage nowadays with the technologies because we can communicate to our love ones in just a click away. You will see them and will be able to talk to them at the same time.

Big Is Beautiful

Being big doesn't mean that you can't really wear the clothes like slim body can. In fact, i saw some store here online that sells sexy clothing for plus size women. I really am impressed with the quality of the clothing they have in the online stores, plus the fact that they are on sale right now, and i must say that they must be good deals. They do have the lowest sale price this summer, and to the plus sized women should grab the chance to shop since they are offering low priced clothes.

I am amazed to some women with big bones how they wear their dress so nicely. They know how to pick clothes that suits them perfectly. They are wise to choose the best color that matches to their skin tones and to their personality. I already saw some that wears plus size clothes so presentably that in fact they look a lot more stunning than the slimmer body women. I know some plus size women that i really admire how they carry themselves, how they wear their clothes to make them look presentable and beautiful. As the saying goes, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So even if you are slim figured woman, if you don't know how to make yourself beautiful, and not wearing nice clothes that fits you well, then you won't be noticeable. So no matter what size you are, as long as you know how to make yourself presentable and beautiful, then you should flaunt it!

Appliance Removal Chicago

One thing i hate the most is to move from one place to another. Fortunately we own our house and we don't have a plan to move out from here and go somewhere else. I've got a lot of friends that's been moving here and there, their testimonials is tiring enough to hear, how much more the actual moving of theirs. They have to pack and unpack their things. Just that alone will drain so much of their energy. But they have no choice because they have to do for their job's sake.

Anyway, one of my closest friends from south part just moved in Illinois. She was dead tired when she finally got things organized to their new place. Luckily there was a helpful new neighbor of theirs told the couple to just call the Appliance Removal Chicago so their moving will be hassle free. It was a right timing because she realized that she doesn't need some of their furniture and appliances anymore for the company already have new ones ready for them to use. She was glad that they have new ones, if she'd known that before they moved there, she could've just left those in their old house. But oh well, she said that she's glad she got those taken cared of.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Disappointed At The Concert

I was honestly disappointed when i got to the concert field last Saturday where the Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey performed because i was really hoping that my DSLR could go through, but i failed! I already asked my friend who told me about the concert if the place will allow people to bring professional cameras inside since i already had an experience the first concert i went to (my DSLR didn't get through), which was the Air Supply in Wendover, Nevada.

So, i had no choice and went back to the parking lot and put the camera in the car. I had no other camera with me but the phone, which is not a very good one for it's only 3mp plus the fact that there's no special features to it. Anyway, this picture i have below was taken at my friend's house. I was so anxious and excited but was so dismayed when i saw the big sign by the entrance of the field, telling people, cameras that has detachable lenses are not allowed inside (professional cameras, DSLR). But i still am glad i went because i had fun with my friends. We enjoyed the night despite of my disappointment.
Excited for the concert

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Quote of the Day

I am having so much fun searching Love Quote of the Day over the net. I have read a lot of them and some of them makes me wanna giggle. They are just too cute and sometimes funny. I really love reading quotes because i find it entertaining and at the same time i learn from it. Some maybe boring but most of them are funny, cute and true. I also like sharing them to my close friends and even them finds it interesting. If i have nothing to say in my networking website's wall, i just have to find one and post it there...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cash Advance

I am honestly, desperately need some cash right now. My mother is sick for awhile and my sister is in the hospital too. I don't really know where to get money to send them since i don't have a job yet. I am currently applying for a job and i am hoping that i will be hired right away. And if that happens, i can find some place where they allow the cash advance while i don't have my salary yet. That way, i can send my family some cash, as soon as possible. I feel so bad, i feel like i am useless whenever they need my help and i can't do anything because i don't have income on my own. Now, it's time for me to do something, and i will definitely do it for the sake of my beloved family.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Kid

The article written by Victor Flowers

My teenage son has always been a great kid and never tried to get out of doing his assigned chores around our house. As he began to get older, he was always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks, as I refused to spend every penny I made on electronic games and all the other stuff he just “had to have.” Two summers ago, he noticed that our next door neighbor seemed to be having difficulty keeping his lawn neat and tidy, as he never seemed to be home from work early enough to do any yard work. My son asked if he could mow their lawn on a weekly basis and the neighbor was glad to pay him to help keep his yard in good shape. He did such a good job, other neighbors began to ask him to cut their lawns also and now he has all the work he can handle. Most of the people wanted to pay him with credit cards, so we went to find a method to handle the payments. He is happy to have the work-and the money-and I am happy he is doing something productive-and profitable!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes, My Hair Is Real

These photos were taken last 4th of July right before we went to the park to witness the beautiful fireworks display which i took some of it and posted in my photography website. I was testing my remote control making sure everything works so i can use it to do the fireworks photo shoot.

Anyway, as we walked by the park, i passed by a lady and kinda yelled at me and asked me if my hair is real. So i joked and told her that my hair is fake. And she said she doesn't believe me, so i replied "why bother asking me then?" She said that my hair is beautiful and she wishes that her hair is like mine. I was gonna tell her not to spray her hair to death so it won't be frizzy and brittle. But i kind of bit my tongue not to say it because it might sound like i am rude to her. So i just thanked her for her sweet comments to my hair.
Self portrait. Testing my remote control...Simply me :)

Personalized Christening Gifts

A friend of mine finally delivered her third child. She is really a cutie and a true angel sent from above. I admit, i am jealous to my friend because she's got three adorable girls now. Although she feels the same way because she's been longing to have at least one boy. Well, good for her because she is not fixed yet while i am already. She still can plan to have another baby soon as her newborn will grow. Anyway, she is planning to have her baby christened, and i already have mine and my other friends's personalized christening gifts ready for the christening day.

Panasonic Home Theater System

My mother just celebrated her 64th birthday and i am sad because i was not able to send her a gift even a simple card. But, i am happy that she celebrated another year of her life which is good and we her kids are wishing that she will be celebrating more years being with us. Anyway, she is happy that she got the panasonic home theater system a present from my younger brother. She now can sing and watch her favorite shows with it. That's her happiness, since she is always being left alone at home.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas Party Invitations

Isn't it a little early to receive a Christmas Party Invitations? Actually, i just did! Whew! I am not thinking of that right now since i would like to enjoy the summer first! We've been having a long winter days here and now that summer is finally here, i would not like to think about Christmas yet, since that holiday is obviously winter. It's gonna be cold again and i hate cold. But then, on the other hand, i am also glad that the early invitation was sent to me so i can prepare for it. As what they say, early birds catches worms lol!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Me American Version

A lot of people said that the little man in this picture above looks a lot like me. Which, i am so happy to know about it because my oldest son definitely doesn't look like me at all. His looks is a lot like his dad's, not to mention their same behavior and attitude. The only difference they have is their skin color and their eyes, but the rest are pretty much alike.

But this little potato of mine is more on me, his looks and his behavior too. Only our difference is our skin complexion, his eyes and hair color. In short, he is my mini me, male and american version lol! Sure our kids are perfectly mixed, the oldest one looks like daddy but brown colored skin, the little one looks like me but lighter skin and the eyes. Though they look different physically, they are our treasures in life, daddy and mommy's happiness and our source of strength.

Trade Show Booth

It was a fun weekend we had last Saturday. We went to a festival that has a lot of things to see and to enjoy. Just like the face painting with my kiddos. It was a free one but we gave the artist some tips, that's what usually people did before us who had their face painted as well. Also, there was lots of Trade show booth that you can find out there, there are also some booths that's selling some cute stuff and remembrance for that festival. We all came home tired but i am happy to see that my two boys had a blast on that day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Their Different Ways

Well, let's see, my little one is turning two years old soon in about couple of months to be exact but then i don't see any progress of him talking yet. He still makes noises and talks his own language (baby talk). So i am thinking that it might be best for him if i will buy some learning games so he will be more excited and have more perseverance to learn to talk clearly. He sure is quite different from his big brother, really they have a lot of things in common but then they also have things that they do in different ways.

Motor Home Repair

So hubby and i were just talking about motor home repair a little while ago. We're just wondering how much would it cost to own a motor home knowing that it has obviously maintenance. Taking care of it should make the motor home last longer. We're not really planning on getting one for ourselves but we were just interested how much usually would it cost to people that has it. Our neighbor across the street has one and they had it for quite sometime already but we haven't got the chance to chat with them and opened that topic up. We might one of these days.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Don't Chew Gum

So i just had my dental check up last week and i laughed when i got home because my oldest son asked me if there's gum i have. Well, it's the gum that the dental clinic gives away as dental supplies every after the cleaning session. He is getting used to it that whenever i go visit my dentist he gets to eat the gum i have in my bag with the toothbrush and toothpaste with it. I don't really chewing gum myself so i might as well give it to my son since he like chewing it and spit it out after he has all the sweet in it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving In North Carolina

A friend has to Move in North Carolina because she got an offer from charlotte jobs which she thinks it's a good pay kind of job. Right now she is packing everything and will be heading there in about a week from now. We will surely miss her and her family as well, for they have been so good to us and to the rest of the group. I hope that they are going to meet some good friends in there again just like we are to them here. It's really hard to say goodbye to good friends like them. And we are still hoping that they will be visiting us here often so we will see each other again although they live fa away from us already.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations My Young Man!

Where did the years go? My goodness!!! Seems like i just barely had my oldest son and now he already turned six years old and also will be graduating in kindergarten tomorrow. It's just telling me that Mommy is getting older lol! Anyway, i am so proud of my son for he did great in his school at the entire school year. In fact he came home last week and handed me with his big o' metal medal that has Master in Reading written to it. I sure am a proud mother of a smart young man. And i should be proud to myself as well for teaching him good things, we both did great, i teach and he learn...

Anyway, i just want to share you these two photographs of my dearest son that i took from my mobile phone. He sure is getting so big and i can't just believe that he is now a young man, not a baby anymore for he doesn't want to be called baby either! So to my smart young man, Congratulations and keep up the good work baby! Oppps, lol! Can't help it, he is still my baby and will be my baby forever, like what i always told him.

Hair Loss Treatment

I was actually looking for some hair loss products because my friend asked me if i could find the best one for her husband. He's starting to lose some hair and that worries him. So the wife said that because i am always here in front of my computer, she wants me to find what is the best product they can get for him. Good thing someone told me what to get, she knew about losing hair because her husband has also the same problem before and now it's already been treated.

Printing Design

I don't usually write letters because i am one lazy bug when it comes to that. But ive' got lots of printed name with my address in it because when it comes to special holidays i sure needs lots of them to send those cards to my loved ones and special friends. I always get mine from direct mail marketing because they give me special price and also, it is affordable. Or, maybe if i want a custom designed printing, i let them do it for me, that way, i don't have to run around and look for a store that will do this kind of stuff. Pretty cool huh, why don't you try it?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Manhattan Accident Lawyer

It was a pretty bad news we got a week ago that a good friend had an accident. Good thing that she didn't get hurt that bad, only bruises and scratches. But then she had to hire a Manhattan Accident Lawyer to claim what she deserves to get. Her car was totaled and the one who hit her should pay for it. Luckily, she was safe, it could have been worse if she got seriously hurt. Thanks goodness, and the other thing that she is thankful about it is, she didn't take her daughter with her, she would've hysterically panic if ever.

Online Business Degree

Summer vacation is almost here yet a friend of mine didn't think that she would have the vacation i was talking about. She wanted to finish her online business degree as soon as she can so she can find a good job that will give her much better future. She is so anxious to get her studies done so she can find herself a better job so she can make more money and give her children's needs. She is one tough woman i must say, a single mother yet full of energy and a free spirited woman that always has a positive attitude.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pacman/Mosley Fight

I will assume that most of you saw the fight of Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao with Sugar Shane Mosley. Of all Pacman's fight that i watched, that was the most boring match i ever saw. Mosley was trying to defend himself by covering his face while Pacman was trying to punch him but too hesitant to get too close to Mosley because Mosley has longer arms than he does.

Anyway, even though that the game was not that exciting for us, we still enjoyed our get together and our sumptuous dinner that we all prepared. We always bring something each one of us for all of us to enjoy and taste everyone's delicacies. I always am excited every time we have gatherings because that's the only time i get to enjoy being outside with my friends.

And of course the picture taking will always be there, lol! Here are few shots of yours truly during the gathering. I only brought my point and shoot camera. These photos are not that good quality since my poor point and shoot is old and soon will be replaced :).

When I Go For A Run

Thanks for the guest post by Emmett Coffey

A few years ago my husband and I decided that since our daughter would soon be starting school we would like to live in a safer neighborhood, so we moved. We found a new neighborhood that was constructed in old style charm with cottage and bungalow style homes.

We were so happy in our new neighborhood and then I started to get to know our lovely, friendly and skinny neighbors. It became embarrassing to live among all those beautiful people and I admit I wanted to become one of them. A common factor between all of my friends was running. I understand why, in addition to our enchanting houses, the builders had included long streets and hiking trails.

With my weighing more than two of my pretty little neighbors combined, I was disconcerted to join their cute spandex selves and noticed that I have a fairly large basement. So, I decided to begin jogging in my basement. I run past the old vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer. Then I round the corner and notice that I have too many storage crates. Next is the large clutter of toys and finally all of our books and movies.

Last year when my basement flooded I had to head over to the fitness center to run and I made sure to keep my home secure by setting my home security alarm ADT HOME SECURITY ).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Printer Ink Cartridges

Hubby is a little disappointed with the new operating system of our computers, the Windows 7. The reason is, he can't install the webcam we have been using since we got the old XP computers we had, also the windows vista. Now that we have this latest operating system, it won't recognize both our printer and webcam. Hubby already tried calling the customer's representative but i guess there is nothing they can do about it, they said that we have to also buy the newer models of the webcam and the printer enable for us to use it. So that's why hubby is upset too about it because these two are still working so well and he doesn't like replacing things when it still works. Anyway, the printer and the webcam are now just decorations in there by son's desktop.

Anyway, speaking of printer, i need to be able to find a cheap ink because a friend of mine asked me if i can do a favor for him. He wants the cheap ones because he prints files and some other things everyday that he needs for his growing business. So having a cheap printer ink will save him some money buying those expensive ones. And he does need it as soon as possible. Good thing i found the best place where he can get the inkjet cartridges that he wants to get. If ever hubby buys a new printer for us, i know now where to get cheap ink cartridges so we don't have to pay much.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Priceless Blessings I Have

I became a mother when my oldest son came out into this world just around the time when the world celebrated the mother's day in the year of 2005. He was the most precious gift i ever received that year. I still can completely remember what i felt when i first saw and held him in my arms. He was so soft and delicate! I shed tears of joy, and while looking at his angelic face, there were lots of questions back in my mind that i could not answer myself right then. But there's one thing i was thankful that day, my baby came out big and healthy!

I gave birth three times, but as you might know already that my second child isn't with me anymore. So i am now enjoying my motherhood being with my two boys. Though they may be quite different in so many ways and has their own personalities, but my love for them is never been less, i both love them equally and unconditionally. They are my joys and the source of my every strength. They are the reason why i get the privilege to celebrate mother's day every year :) So to all the mother's in the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Not all women are lucky enough to have a child, so enjoy being a mother especially when they are still little, for you will surely miss them soon as they all grow.
My mother's day present :)

Ipod Touch

I am very impressed of my brother because until now he's still got the ipod touch that i gave him three years ago. And take note, it still looking good as new! I did not regret that i gave that to him because i can see that he's taking care of it really well. He's the kind of person that you would love to give a nice and fairly expensive presents because he does know how to give value of things you give him. I guess he must be like me, it don't matter to me how expensive or how cheap the things i get from someone, as long as they are heartily given, then i will keep them and value them.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Consumer Reports

It is very helpful to read some consumer reports if you aren't that sure of the products that you wanted to buy or about to buy. That way, you'll learn something from the reviewers based by their experience of the products. Of course they will let others know if they got the products worth and is working like what they expected it to be. So before buying certain things, you might want to consider reading some reviews, it won't hurt you and it won't cost you at all. Instead, it will give you knowledge and will make you realize of some things that you might and might not know or do and don'ts.

Keep Your Home Safe

I would say that we all want our house to be safe from burglar or anything right? Especially when you leave for a nice vacation and even though that your house has a dead bolt, still you cannot rely on to it. This home automation is one excellent idea for the family that leaves their house all the time. Like for example, if both parents are working and the kids goes to school and no one will be in the house for long hours. With this device, it will be easy for you to keep track of your house wherever you go. That way, you will leave your house with peace of mind and has confidence that nothing is gonna happen and you will go home and see your house just like how you left it.

Fast Acting Weight Loss Pills

Because there are a lot of weight loss pills that are now sold in the market, some people are having hard time to choose which one is best and will work for them like what they wanted it to be. And as far as what i heard, this pink magic is one of the best pills in the market that works fast. Some people don't have much of a patience to wait for the result, they want to see the result as soon as it should be. If i am the one's taking some pills, i wouldn't want to wait for a delayed result either, i would like to see it as fast like what most pills commercial is bragging about.

Was She Asking For A Kiss?

Indeed, Utah has an unpredictable weather. I was so disappointed earlier because i took my kids for a walk and headed to the park so they can enjoy the beautiful day. It was perfect weather, the sun shone so bright and the breeze wasn't that chilly as well. So after i went for an hour jog/walk, i decided to take them to the park. And as my kids were just about to enjoy their stay in the park, the dark clouds came in and had to tell my oldest son that we need to leave before the rain starts to pour on us.

He was upset because he found his girl classmate in the park and was so happy that they will be going to play together. But then, due to the nature interrupting their play, we had to leave right then. He was whining as we walked back home that he wanted to stay, he's got a lot of excuses just to have me let him stay in the park. So i told him that all the kids are starting to leave with their parents because they also realized that the rain is about to pour. They packed their things up and left. So since we just walked, we had to head home as fast as we can so we won't get wet.

Anyway, i am glad that i was able to capture some snaps of my son with his classmate before we left the park, and of course with my little potato. Some were actually taken with their knowledge, but this first picture below was stolen. I was a little bit farther from them because i want them to enjoy their talk as kids. But this one looked like she was asking for a kiss. I teased my son, and he told me that no, she wasn't asking for a kiss from him. He said that she wanted to taste his soda and my son wanted to taste hers as well. Silly kids aren't they? So that really answers the question why the girl is pouting her lips on the first picture. LOL!
Was she asking for a kiss? LOL!His classmate, AriahHis classmate, AriahBusy kids

I Wanna Be A Professional Photographer

Going back to school is always been in my mind still. Even though that i have two boys to take care of now, i would love to finish my studies still and will get the program that i would like to finish. I used to dream to be a nurse before, but i guess somehow, i became a nurse now to my family, a private nurse, exclusively for my own family only. So, that made me happy realizing that i got the course that i have been wanting to get, to be a nurse, it's just that, i am not paid with money doing my job, instead i am paid with my family's love.

Anyway, now that i am getting hooked into photography, i said to myself that since there a lot of Online Schools nowadays, i might as well take the online degree programs in photography. I have been searching for it nearby where i can go to everyday and graduate to be a professional photographer. But then since i live in a small city, there is not much school here that offers that kind of program to take. I have to go all the way to next big city to take that. And that would be impossible for me to do knowing i got two boys with me all the time.

Luckily, i found the website right away without hassle, i found the online program just like what i wanted through searching it in the free application for federal student aid of I am taking the photography seriously, and it is because i love this hobby, i know in time, i will succeed.

One Less Mess To Worry

Indeed kids are different and has their own personality soon as they come out in this world. My two boys are so different in many ways. The oldest one is a lot quieter and a serious type, unlike his little brother is more aggressive and bully. Not only that, the oldest one doesn't really make a mess during when he was just a baby, but this little potato of mine loves to make a mess all the time. Yes, that's right, he loves to make a mess and get into things that he's not supposed to. That's why i can never keep the house clean and tidy.

He never miss not one corner of our house. Even in the kitchen he likes to hang out and bang those pans and its lids there. Our cabinets is below the sink so it is easy for him to just turn the door and get into the pans and makes so much noise, and of course scatter them all over the kitchen floor. So i told hubby that we need to put away those pots we have where our little one can't reach it no more. Hubby said that the best we can do is to have the enclume pot racks where we can hang them and it will be out of his reach. Good thing that only pots he can reach, we made sure that he won't be able to manage to get into the sharp things like the knives.

This enclume potracks is such a perfect idea in our kitchen to have. I am just a little annoyed and sick of keep putting back all those pans and pots back to where i put them and later on finds out that my little one got them all out again, and again, and again! Ugh! So tiring isn't it? And not only that, not to mention he's got all over the house to mess up. Soon as we get the enclume pot rack, it will be one less mess for me to worry about :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Health Insurance

What would you feel if your health plans is not as great like what you thought it is? In times when you need, you'll find out that they will just give your hard time and trouble instead. There are a lot of health plans i have known that are like that. But, according to my friend who just moved to the other state, she said that NC health insurance that they just barely got is great. She said that the plans is way better than the insurances she had before. So i told her that she must not switch anymore and stick to what she got right now for she cannot find such great deal than the insurance she currently have.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life Is What We Make It

It was a good talk with my sister last night. I haven't had the chance to talk to her for a long time for she was busy with her life and her family. But last night, it felt like i was talking to her face to face and not on the net. I can only imagine every reaction of hers every time i tell her something that surprises her.

Anyway, we talked about our past, our bad childhood that we never got to learn how to love our late father. Some of you that's been visiting me here so often probably know about a little story of my past already. But for those who don't, here's more of the details about my life.

I grew up with bitterness and hatred in my heart because of my father. He was not being a good father to us his children that's why we kept so much hatred towards him, probably me the most. I am the youngest girl in the family, was also the one who helped my mother took care of my three little brothers when my father got really sick. We used to have a good financial status and it was all because of my mother's hard work. My father resigned from his work too soon, so my mother did all her best to support our needs without my dad's help. My father even threatened my mother that if her businesses won't work, then she will expect not to see him anymore. And i witnessed that very night, my mother was packing some retail bags of one big sack of sugar, and that was middle of the night already, but then she was still there working so hard, while my father already fell asleep and got up and said that to her. How rude was that? Pointing his finger while saying that to her. He should've been helping her instead of yelling her like that. I was hurt and felt sorry for my mother, i wish i had the courage to talk back to my father of what he should've done. But no, i was just a little girl, who's scared to my father for he was a very strict person and no one can dare to do what he does, to yell at his family.

There's more deeper reason why i hated my father so much then. When i was about to leave our house heading to my sister's place in northern part of the country to continue my studies, (he was already very ill that time and could hardly get up without someone's help), he told me while crying that i might not see him again after i leave, he said that he can tell that he won't stay very long anymore. So i replied this way "Good, so there will be one less demon in this world". I can't believe i actually said that to him, that day, i had the courage to say harsh words to him for i know he couldn't hurt me anymore because of his health condition.

He died due to his acute diabetes when i was in junior high school. I did not even bother going back home for his wake and funeral. In my mind, i was so happy that finally, he's gone, the demon is gone! My teacher talked to me that she would exempt me from the test if i would like to go home to attend the funeral. And i told my teacher that i am not going home for i can't do anything about his death, he's dead and be it, and besides i can't bring his life back if i go home, and if that'll happen, then it's better for me not to go back home. He taught me how to be tough, to be hard and that made my heart became iron. And because of him, i experienced a lot more hardships in life. He died without my forgiveness, with so much hatred i feel for him, bitterness i felt in my heart.

It was the time when i got married to my husband and blessed with our first born son, i realized and understood of what really happened to my past. There's one regret i have right now, i never got the chance to talk to my father heart to heart. I was gonna ask him a lot of why's. I was gonna ask him what kind of life he has before he married our mother. I was gonna ask him how was his childhood days, was it good or mostly bad just like mine? Honestly, i never had the chance to get to know my father. Yes he was my father but never had the big chance to bond with him, and that is my big regret. We could've fix the problem between him and his children if ever we had the chance to talk. But too late, he's gone now and will never come back anymore.

Although i honestly still don't have love for him until now even if he's gone already, but i am now giving my forgiveness to him. He is just a human being that made mistakes, just like the rest of us in this world. He was so unlucky that he never had the chance to live a good life, being loved by his children. He was born unlucky and died unlucky. With all these things that happened to me with my family, i still am grateful i realized that despite of my bad past, my childhood memories weren't good and worth to keep, i am still thankful that i am now a happy person with a happy family of my own. My bad past made me of what i am now and i am thankful for it for i became more tougher, stronger and became an open minded person. I undergone a lot of hardships, trials and unforgettable experience but i am glad that my heart is now soft and not hard as an iron like it was before. Thanks to my own family who taught me how to love.

We all have a story to tell or maybe some people preferred to just keep it themselves. This is just a small part of me, and i wanted to share this to everybody for them to realize that no matter how bad is your past, if you choose to be happy in the future, you surely can. Like what some people say that LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT, you can either choose to carry your baggage for the rest of your life or move on for the happier future. For me, i chose to be happy and that is what i got now, i am a happily married woman and blessed with two adorable boys (of course with my little lady watching over us). I am thankful to our big BOSS for everything, for all the blessings he gave me. I may have an unforgettable bad past, but i am now collecting good and happy memories with my own family as i spend my life with them every single day.

This picture was taken earlier, and i would also like to share this to all of you for you to see that i have a happy face because i have a happy life :)