Monday, December 6, 2010

I Love Tomatoes!

Ever since when i was just a little girl, i already love to eat tomatoes. It was so funny to remember and so embarrassing to share but i might as well share it to you guys because it makes me laugh every time i think about it. When i was in my grade school, i used to take my childhood best friend with me and we'll go to the other school which is quite a long ways to walk just to steal some tomatoes in their garden. And even if the tomatoes are still green and young, i would pick them and put it in my bag that i got. So how silly is that huh? Not knowing i was doing bad things, so innocent lol!. All i want is to have those fresh tomatoes so i can eat them.

I love when the tomatoes is mixed with salt and vinegar, it makes me watery mouth. I would not even trade the tomatoes to any delicious meat that my mother cooks for us. I prefer to eat tomatoes rather than meat. So, when my mother realized that i love eating tomatoes, she always buy some in the market and she told me not to eat too much for it is not good. Overdoing everything too much is not good, that's what she always tells me, which is right and i agree now that i am grown. But since i was just a little girl then, i don't know what's too much and what's enough, so i still eat tomatoes as much as i can. I love tomatoes! That's all i know!

Until now, i still love eating tomatoes. I can live eating tomatoes everyday. That's probably why my kids are starting to love eating tomatoes just like me. I love the tomatoes when it's just right, not too ripe and not raw either, when it's barely picked from the garden, it's crispy and fresh. Some people that knew me said that, that's probably why i hardly get pimples because i love eating tomatoes. I am glad that my best friend here plants tomatoes during summer time. I help her in her garden so i get to have some tomatoes when it's time to harvest them. And not just tomatoes though, there are also lots of vegetables and fruits that she gives us before the cold season comes.

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Rox said...

wow! I envy you. I have lots of pimples on my face. I seldom eat tomatoes. I only eat them when they are part of Tinolang Isda. But eating it like an apple, I can't dare. I am not just fond of eating raw tomatoes.
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