Sunday, December 12, 2010

That Gift She Will Surely Love

Okay, i should not be so scrooge person to the lady who's been helping me through all these years since i got here. From the very first we met, she's been treating me so nice and now treated me as just like her biological daughter. She feels for me for i don't have my mother here with me, so she offered herself to be my mother here in this foreign country. Even though i am a foreigner here to be considered because this is not my homeland, but still she did not even see the difference of our complexion. All what she see between us is the bond that connected us as a mother and daughter relationship.

She helped me a lot of things, she taught me good things and taught me how to sew quilt and how to do some other things that a mom should learn. And since i am a new mom then, she really did so great assisting me. A very nice and kind neighbor that is very rare to find. A very beautiful person inside and out that is worth to be kept in someone's heart forever.

Since that Christmas holiday is drawing so near, i was thinking that thanking her by giving her a big scented candle is good enough. Hubby said that i should have got something really special for her to have. We both know that she likes gardening, so we'll get her a copper rain chain so she can put it in her garden. I always love to visit her house which is just across the street because she's got a beautiful backyard and front lawn that are full of flowers and different kinds of plants. The chains rain is just perfect for her garden and i can almost tell where she is going to put it, it's going to be by the corner of her backyard table. The rain gutter chain would be a nice one for her too. Let's see what we can get her this coming Christmas, but i am sure we will be getting her one rain chain, we are so sure that she will be happy once she receives the present from us.

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