Monday, March 31, 2008

Flight Schedule

I finally got my E-ticket and i am so happy about it. Now i already told my family back home when are we going there and they are all excited to see us once again. So am i, upon seeing the E-ticket that our travel agent friend sent me it makes me so happy that now it is official that our flight is confirmed. Anyway, we will be receiving the official ticket soon within this week. I looked at the flight schedule and the aircraft and it is quite big.

The only worries i have is we are going to fly at night and that would be tiring for me and for my son. But that's alright because my son is not that fussy anyway at the plane he just keep sleeping which is good for him. I am very excited and at the same time my heart is breaking because hubby cried tonight and telling me that he will miss us and my heart just dropped. But anyway, he will follow us right after i deliver the baby though so we will be together again.

Lean Supply Chain

Are you spending a lot of your capital on over production and very costly inventory? Well, you can do better than that, by suing the software of lean supply chain and you will be amazed how much you can save by using this simple tool enable for you to boost your business. I am familiar of this plan because i worked at a major automotive supplier and they have this plan implemented and it works great! So try it now because you can have their 30 day free trial!

Itinerary Update

I am now waiting for my travel agent friend to call me to hear from her the confirmation of our itinerary tickets. Last night i was sleepless because i have a lot of things going on my mind and i can't help but to keep thinking what should or what should not to bring on our coming trip with my son. I felt half and half, i am very excited to see my family back home and on the other hand i feel so sad because i am going to leave hubby for a while but not too long.

Anyway, i am hoping that everything will be fine during the trip and there will be no complications and problems, i am looking forward of a safe trip. I am very anxious to go back once again to my beloved country and be with my family. And of course eat the food that i have been craving for so long. Also thinking the warm weather out there with nice beaches nearby my mother's house. Oh, once again, i am very excited but then half of my heart will remain here for my dear husband.


I am very fashionable type of person and i love accessories a lot! In fact, every time we are going to some malls, i always stop by at the fancy jewelries to buy some funky and trendy jewels that i love to have. But now, i can save money by buying all those expensive ones because i can now make my own trendy jewels by this MyBeadGirl Design. Share. Wear. It is fun and the same time it is good for me because i can design my own and create some for my friends.

Cheating My Guy?

You Couldn't Cheat On Your Guy

Not that you'd want to anyway!

You're incredibly loyal and honest...

Definitely not the cheating kind.

I don't think i can though, my husband is a kind of person that every woman want. He may not be the best guy among but his heart is bigger than the universe. He loves me unconditionally and he accepted me of what i am and that's what i should do to him too. He is my man and i can't even imagine myself cheating my loving hubby. No way! And also, i am not the kind of person that is looking for more, i am very contented of satisfied of what my husband gives me, his unmeasurable love and not to mention that he pampered me like a Queen of his life.

Event Marketing

Have you tricked on a marketing before? Well me i have, and i don't like that the way they tricked me because after the deal i was oblige to pay the bills every month but good thing that hubby was able to settle things down and now i was out of it. It is really ridiculous to be involve to some of the marketing tricks and who does want to be involved anyway? It is just that sometimes it is so convincing that people will be convinced to their tricks. And if you're tricked before, try to read this Event Marketing and i am sure you'll find this very helpful for you to avoid those kind of tricks in the future.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Irresistible Fish

who can resist the delicious taste of fried fish? No one can't, especially if you are a true blooded Filipino like me. I had this the other day and it sure tastes so good! I ate this fish with rice of course and with soy sauce in it and mixed it with vinegar and hot pepper to it, isn't that sounds so delicious? Of course it is! So i am being mean here and let my fellow bloggers drool looking at this yummy looking fried fish!

Blackhawk holsters

Blackhawk holsters is really convenient and very handy for the police officers. This is the most durable and reliable holster they should have enable for them to work more comfortably. There's a lot of styles and there's different kinds of colors. Also the price are inexpensive so it's very affordable for everyone who wants to purchase the holster. Especially to those people who's working as a policeman, military or those people that has passion in hunting.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Inspiring Music Video

My husband happened to browse this at yahoo website and he showed it to me. I really love the music video though because it's all about family and it's very educational and can encourage everyone of us to keep in touch with our love ones all the time to keep our relationship from breaking apart. This video is indeed very inspiring to everybody. so if you have a little time extra, please don't hesitate to watch the video so you'll see it for yourself how important and we have to value the bond every family member we have.

Seiko Watch Presents

Since i am considering to buy a new watch for me and also since i am planning to go back home i also want to buy some presents for my dear younger brothers and for my mother. And i think that Seiko watch will be a good present for them. I have known this brand ever since when i was just a child and until now it's still in the business and it's growing. This Seiko watch is been tested by time and i can rely on to this kind of watch because my mother used to have this kind and she used it for years and years. Seiko watch has a lot of selections and styles to choose from and i am sure that my younger brothers and my mother would love to have this kind of presents.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Girl's Name

We finally come up with a very beautiful name to our coming little girl. We both gave her a name and we decided to put them together and the result sounds really beautiful! Anyway, i made this announcement card to officially tell the readers and my fellow bloggers of the name of our coming little girl. We just want to share the happiness that we feel and also the excitement for her coming. We are truly blessed with my husband and we couldn't ask for more, we have everything already and we are thankful to GOD for giving us such a lovely family.

And oh, if you want to see the baby shower invitation card that i also made myself, you click it HERE!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Is Here!!!

Easter is now around the corner! And my son is getting so excited to go to the park tomorrow for he is going to join the easter egg hunting. Last year was his first time that he joined because when he was just a year old we just sat there and watched the other kids. He didn't join because he doesn't know how to pick those eggs laying around in the park with prizes inside on them. Anyway, just a thought of wishing you all guys a happy easter since maybe weekend will be a rest day for families and we are going to relax and not be online on that day. I wanted to greet you all ahead of time. Happy Easter fellow bloggers!!!

Recycled Plastic Material

Every time we have groceries i always keep the plastic bags from the grocery store and keep it to reuse them. I use to have the bags as plastic on our small garbage can here every room. And that helps us a whole lot for buying those garbage bags instead. With that, i am doing the thing that can help the environment and helping a little bit in the world to be better place by using the Recycled plastic material. I am trying my best to be a helpful citizen as much as i can. This is my way of helping the environment not to get worse and hopefully the others will do the same like i do.

Quiet World!

What a quiet world we have here now. Yet hubby is not working today but seems like all people in the world are resting. Anyway, after all this i might as well go back to bed and rest since there's not much to do in here in front of my computer. I was gonna do something else but laziness struck me once again and decided to do things here later instead. Hopefully i will get it done before bed time tonight so i don't have pending tasks. Silly me, i been always like this though i cannot stand it no more sometimes lol!

Viral Film Festival

Calling the attention to all film makers, there is a Viral Film Festival that is going on. If you have something to share, don't dare miss this very opportunity to submit your videos at Viral Film Festival whatever it is, whether it's funny, informative or contagious. This is a way of sharing your video from one online user to another. So why waste time go submit your videos now and be creative!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Smoked Fish

Uh-oh! Here i am again, showing some food here that makes every Filipino bloggers drool, lol! This is a smoked fish and every filipino cannot resist to eat something like this especially for breakfast. I love this because it is so tasty and yummy! I buy smoked fish always at Filipino Store every time we go there. Anyway, i can't just help it to show this yummylicious smoked fish to everybody with matching tomatoes and onions with vinegar on it lol! Want some? C'mon! Eat with me lol!

Seafood Lover

Who could resist the delicious taste of oyster? Definitely not me! I love oyster a lot and as i mentioned before that i grew up nearby seashore and i pretty much used to eat different kinds of seafoods, especially the oyster because i love it and i eat it raw sometimes. But i just found out that oyster can sometimes harm us without knowing it. I searched a best website that is talking about Gulf oysters of how can this harm to our health by eating it raw. Also i found out that this website has a lot to share with us including the best recipes they can teach us on how to prepare the oyster so it will come out delicious and good food for us.

Anyway, oyster has a lot of different kind of substance in it that other seafoods don't have, this oyster is very special and indeed very popular to seafood lover. As for me, i just couldn't resist the oyster every time we dine out in a seafood restaurant, i always have oyster in my plate. But since i am informed now that i need to prepare it good for health purposes, i am glad and thankful that i am now aware about this matter.

It's All About "I"

Got this tag from Yenny and i wanna thank her for always not forgetting to tag me. Thank you so much Yen, here's my answer and hope this will work for you lol! I am tagging anyone who feels like doing this tag. Grab it guys!

I AM… Happy with life i am having right now
I WANT…To go back home soon
I HAVE… Lovely family and an adorable son
I WISH… That my kids will grow up with good standing in life
I FEAR… When my son get sick
I SEARCH… For best cheap flights on our coming vacation
I WONDER… Why some other people are idiots
I REGRET… Some decisions i made but everybody make mistakes not just me
I LOVE… My life my family and GOD of course
I ALWAYS… look forward and thinking of the future
I AM NOT… HYPOCRITE kind of person
I DANCE… When i am having fun with my family and friends
I SING… My heart out when there's occasion or something to celebrate with
I CRY… When things are not working well
I WRITE… Things everyday what i am up to here in blog for my family and friends to know what's going on with us here
I WON… As a hunkababe in our company outing when i worked in Cebu long time ago
I AM CONFUSED… When people talks differently and they talk to me and it doesn't make sense to me at all!
I NEED… take care of my family and myself as well
I SHOULD… Exercise sometimes, it will be good for me though lol!

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… How blessed i am for having such a wonderful life!


The lap-band is the best way to gain self confidence and self esteem and of course to look younger than your age. Being fit and look healthy is the best asset you can have for yourself. This is also the way of being keep healthy and solution for obesity since obesity is the main big problem that most of Americans are dealing with. This is what my sister in law did and now she looks more beautiful than ever.

Author's Wishes

Jenny a full time mother and a blogger like me too handed me this very interesting tag yesterday if i am not wrong. I love this kind of tag because it is more about personal and not a question and answer portion. So for you Jen, here's my wishes, and hope this wishes will come true! Thank you so much for tagging me with this very interesting tag and i want to pass this tag to Ivy, Anne, Twinkletoe, Cora and Lolli. The first photo is the original and the rest are my wishes.

Friend's Wedding

My friend and i had just ended our conversation. She was telling me how excited she is for her wedding that is coming so soon. She just barely got here in United States and right now she is really busy preparing things for her wedding day,a very special day that she don't wanna mess up. Anyway, she mentioned that she have a very nice and very beautiful Beach Wedding Invitations which is her wedding day is obviously will be held at the Beach since they live nearby beaches, she lives in California.

And of course i am very happy for her that finally she met her soulmate and she is going to exchange her vow with her soon to be husband. she invited us to come over to on her wedding day and i could not just refuse it because i have never witness a wedding day that is held at the beach, this will be the first time so i am very anxious and excited too even though i am not the one who is getting married. So i am wishing all the best for the couple soon to be.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hot Binignit!!!

If you are a filipino you know this sweet treats that we often get as merienda. In tagalog they call this as GINATAAN but in Visayas we call it "BINIGNIT". This is a recipe that most of the filipino cannot resist eating this. I myself will miss this if i haven't get the chance to eat this once in a while, that's why i decided yesterday to cook this one since i have all the ingredients i need to cook the hot binignit lol! It is really yummy and i still have some left overs, but the left overs is even more delicious than just barely cooked. You want to have some? Grab this photo if you can lol!

Digital Photo Frame

Last Valentines day hubby bought me a very nice present, a digital photo frame and i was happy about it because i finally can store the tons of picture that i been keeping in my CD's and in my computer too. He said that this is a good idea of putting all our memories in this one digital photo frame so we can take a look at it and we don't have to use the albums to flip all the pages. We'll just put the digital photo frame in our living room for everyone to see. So guys, if you are thinking for a best gift for your wife, you might wanna prefer to buy something like this, and i know you can find a lot of selections of digital photo frames to choose from.


The scarves that i made for the winners has been mailed already. I just barely got back from post office and like i mentioned earlier that we also stopped by at the grocery store and i am glad i was able to grab some on sale fruits. I got some strawberries, banana, navel oranges and grapes. Also i bought some bagels and cookies, oh i love to much these treats. Anyway, hopefully the scarves will be receive by the recipient sometime next week as what the mail man said for it is only first class and it doesn't need rush mail because it will still get there anyway lol! And i am glad that i finally mailed it because the last time i made scarf it took me months before i got it finished due to laziness struck me lol! Good thing i was eager to get it done and finally now it's on its way now.

Dark Sky Festival

Have you ever been to any kind of festival yet? If so then you must be familiar with this Dark Sky Festival that will be held in Harmony's Town Square April 5, 2008 and around at around 7pm. This is the 5th anniversary of celebrating this Dark Sky Festival. It's all about the celebration of anti light pollution and anyone can participate with this big event that is going to happen in Florida. This is for free and if you are interested to join the celebration you are very much welcome to celebrate the festival with all other participants too.

Since this will be held on April, i am very willing to witness the celebration myself since we are planning to go Florida soon. I love this kind of event because i can get some lesson and knowledge how to prevent pollution in this world like for example this light pollution. I have never been experience this kind of celebration and i am anxious to be there to see how fun it is to be in this Dark Sky Festival and also to meet a lot of people that are also willing to join. So if you are somewhere living in Florida or planning to go to Florida, you might wanna check this out and enjoy the Festival!

Press Release:

Get Ready! This Year’s Dark Sky Festival is Out-of-this-World

HARMONY, FL – March 15, 2008 – The 5th Annual Dark Sky Festival at Harmony will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2008. Sponsored by the Harmony Institute, the Kissimmee Convention and Visitors Bureau, several astronomy clubs, the Osceola News Gazette and Florida Travel & Life Magazine, the event will kick off at 7pm in Harmony's Town Square.

“The Dark Sky Festival is intended to celebrate and promote the benefits of a night-sky free from the effects of excessive artificial lighting,” said Greg Golgowski, Harmony’s Conservation Director and a key member of the Dark Sky Festival Planning Committee. “Poor outdoor lighting not only washes out the splendor of the heavens, but also reduces visibility at night, wastes energy, and disturbs wildlife.”

As with the past four Dark Sky Festivals, attendees will be able to enjoy viewing the night skies through a variety of telescopes. There also be lots of music and food, numerous specialty booths, an educational zone with presentations from astronomers and other scientists, nocturnal creatures, a Cosmic Kids Zone and so much more.”

Local favorite, the Silver Clouds Orchestra, will start the entertainment portion of the evening at 7:00pm. This will be followed by a free concert by legendary recording artists, Rare Earth.

Rare Earth will take to Harmony’s outdoor amphitheatre stage at 8:00pm for a live concert chock full of their greatest hits including “Get Ready” and “I Just Want to Celebrate.”

“We are ecstatic to have Rare Earth performing at this year’s Festival,” said Shad Tome, president of Harmony Development Group. “We are encouraging everyone to wear comfortable shoes because Rare Earth is known for getting the whole audience up and dancing.”

The festival will be emceed by Magic 107.7’s afternoon drive on-air personality and program director Ken Payne.

The Festival is open to the general public. Over 3,500 people are expected to attend the event this year. The event will conclude around 11:00pm.

This date was selected because it falls on the heels of National Dark Sky week (March 29 – April 4); where people in the United States are encouraged to turn out their unnecessary outdoor lights in order to temporarily reduce light pollution.

For more information, please visit or call 407-891-8358.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sad Tuesday Morning

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a beautiful morning! Talking about me here, my morning is kind of sad because i woke up from a sad dream. I don't know if it's really sad or bad or scary, i dreamed that someone died but i just don't know who it is. All i remember is i have to be in the funeral and i need to dress well because that someone who died is a very special person to me. I was thinking about dream and makes me feel sad, scared and worried too. I hope my family back home are all fine out there.

Anyway, i was expecting a beautiful day but seems like the weather outside is not so friendly. It is gloomy and dark. It's not raining yet but it's about to i guess. I am hoping that the sun will come out little bit after, because i don't like this kind of weather outside very dark and looks so cold. I was planning to go somewhere today but if the weather would be like this until later, i think i better stay home rather than going outside with unfriendly weather. I was gonna stroll my son to grocery store and buy some stuffs but i think i changed my plan now, i am not going no more unless the weather will change.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I love fresh food, especially the vegetables. That's why we always go to grocery store to buy some green leafy vegetables that we eat almost everyday. But sometimes we don't get that fresh in the store, some are been there for a while and they start to get rotten or spoil. And i am dreaming to have my own farmers market in my kitchen so that i can have my own fresh leafy vegetables within my reach. Don't you dream something like that too? I do and i love vegetables a lot and i want that dream comes true.

Blogging's Boring Day

It seems that blogging world is so quiet today. I just can feel that most of the bloggers aren't that fired up to do the hopping. So am i, it feels like i am just sitting here in front of my computer and doing nothing, staring at my blogs and waiting for somebody to say hello to me. Anyway, i guess because most of bloggers are not just SAHM like me, they also have work outside the house and they have to get rest right after they get home from their respective job.

I just barely got up, i took a little rest because i haven't got enough sleep last night due to finishing the video have started already. And when i got up, there's not much offers too in paid blogging. So i am glad that i chose to rest rather than sitting here and keep waiting for nothing. I am kinda hungry right now and thinking what should i eat for a dinner, maybe i will just cook some quicky food like noodles or something, i better look at our pantry. See yah later!

Credit Debt

It is very usual to talk about credit debt nowadays, since a lot of people are experiencing this. In fact, it is very good idea if you were able to build your credit debt good so you are going to have a good credit score which is the basis of how good you are as payor on your credits. If you don't have good credit score then that only indicates that you are having a bad credit debt which is not good because you won't be able to have a good records to any companies that you are going to apply for a loan.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time Sure Flies

Pretty Ivy showed me earlier the video the she made to the baby of one of our dearest friend Anne. And i was fascinated watching it so i decided to make one for my son too. As i was doing the video it suddenly flashes in my mind when he finally came in this world. I just couldn't stop from crying when i first held him and kissed him, he is so smooth, gentle and very fragile. The natural baby's scent of him that i cannot resist, he is so delicate and precious to me. And until now, he is still gonna be my baby although he is going to be a Kuya soon. I love my Son so much!

Personal loan

Mostly the people's problem is money especially to those who doesn't have that much income every year to buy things that are not included to their budget. And since that payday loan are always there to help, there is nothing to worry about. Cash advance is the most help that my friends can get if they need financial assistance when they are caught in between their paychecks. Also they can have the Personal loan for personal purposes, such as buying some other things that they need.

Unexpected Offers

I never thought i can make some money today for it is Sunday and it is supposed to be rest day. But gladly i found some offers to post and i am very happy about it. A lot of my friends were very happy too knowing that the paid blogging website is giving offers. We are now talking about it because usually we don't get anything on Sunday but today they are kind enough for giving the bloggers a little income for Sunday. Well, what should i do? Since it's there, might as well grab them right? Who's gonna pay me here sitting in my computer anyway lol!

2K Sports Hit-N-Run

Are you more into sports? Well then, if you do you might wanna check this 2K Sports Hit-N-Run Tour Page on Facebook out! I am sure you will find it very interesting and full of fun to watch. i told this to some of my friends and they thanks me for giving them the links. They love this kind of sports and they love to watch something like this. They are very fond of 2K Sports Hit-N-Run and it's quite fascinating for them to watch the sports.

Maternity Dress

Finally, i was able to buy some maternity dress yesterday. We went malling and i also bought some fabrics for my coming little girl. I am going to sew a quited blanket for her. I am very excited to make that quilt for her because when i learned how to sew, i made a big quilted blanket for my son. And this time, i chose the light pink fabric and a flannel texture for my dear little girl.

And going back to what i first said, i bought some maternity clothings because i have nothing to wear no more every time i go out because all of my dress and pants won't fit to me anymore. Good thing that i was able to chose some sales dress. I don't need expensive ones though, i am planning to buy some more back home since i am going in there, it's way cheaper and lots of styles to choose from. So anyway, this is just one of the dress that i bought yesterday the photos shown below. I dropped so much weight though i noticed, i compared these photos i got below from my previous pictures before i got pregnant. I had terrible morning sickness during my first trimester period and got sick last week. Good thing i am getting over it now.

And oh, if you want to see my baby's ultrasound, please click my SWEET PARADISE website.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tour In South

A lot of my friends from Atlanta Georgia is been inviting me to come over to their place so i will experience what kind of weather they have in there. They said it's very quite different from north part of America which i am located now. I told hubby that i am hoping that someday i could visit some of my friends out there and stay there for weeks. And i was very happy when he said that actually we are going there soon as one of our family vacation ideas. He is now looking forward to it and searching for the best day to fly over there and cheap flights we can get as well. So of course because i am excited i told all my friends out there in Atlanta that i am coming with my family. They got so excited as well.

Then they told me that they can tour us anywhere we want to with the help of Trusted Tours & Attractions. This company is helping tourists to tour around the America and they make sure that their service to the tourist is excellent. And they guarantee the customer's satisfaction during the tour. That's why we are looking forward to have this Key West Snorkeling also because i have never been there and might as well we are on the loose when we go to Atlanta, i make sure that we can go to some other place as well. For more information about this Trusted Tours & Attractions, you might wanna check their newsletter sign-up page.

Silly Me

I hurried and wrote the offers i have in my other website thinking that i can still finish it up before the clock strikes ten o'clock so it will be counted as my tonight's income. But i ended up speechless when i found out that i couldn't submit it because i have no blogs available to submit it. I was a little upset but that's alright at least i still have the offer to submit soon as the clock strikes ten in the evening. I didn't realize that the offers i got is having different exclusions to my other blog. The other offer i got is excluding my Bravejournal and the other offer is demanding the real rank in paid blogging website, so silly! But anyway, i am glad i still got it until now, that's all that matters to me though.

Kettering University

Have you heard about this Kettering University? Anyway, i just happen to search this website since i was looking for a best University to finish my studies. Hubby and i talked about this already and actually he is the one wants me to finish my studies into college. I love school of course and i do really want to have a degree someday but since i got married my dream has become slowly disappeared to me. And now that i saw this fun Kettering Stickman in their website, this really made me think that i should need to have a degree for future purposes.

Anyway, since i am talking about school, this Kettering University is very inspiring to all the students who are confused of what to take after they graduated in highschool. Most of the students nowadays doesn't have fixed mind what major should they take like for example, taking up mechanical engineering. And this Kettering University can help you with that. This Kettering University has the US News Best Colleges and it's guaranteed that the student will learn and will be able to stick into education they are taking up to. So for you to get to know more about this Kettering University, why don't you sit and take sometime to watch this funny yet very educational video i have here for you to think ahead.


Oh no! I woke up so late! I was taking a nap with my son but it wasn't really planned that i am going to take a nap today. I just put my son in our bed and we played a little bit but then he got tired so i rubbed his back which what he really loves me to do with him, and he fell asleep. And i didn't know that i fell asleep too. And when i woke up it was totally dark here inside our house. I thought i was still dreaming and looking for hubby and i heard his voice watching television downstairs. When i turned on the light it was already 8:30 pm as what the clock said. I really thought it's already like past midnight and i over slept. But thank goodness it's not midnight yet like i thought. I still have things to do before i go to bed tonight, whew!!!

I Love Oyster!

Do you love oyster like i do? Well, oyster is really one good fresh food to eat. I myself grew up eating fresh food from the ocean, fish, shells and sea weeds. Oyster is one of my favorite, it can give me lots of energy and has that special substance that other food don't have. I have been eating oyster back home but since i got here in America, i miss eating oyster and other seafoods that i use to eat. I love oyster so much, i just couldn't get enough of it. I let hubby tried it once and he said it sure taste good. I prefer to eat seafood especially the oyster rather than keep eating meat all the time.

I have weird imagination that every time i eat oyster, it comes up to my mind that what if there's a big pearl hiding inside the oyster that i am going to eat? That sure is so lucky me! I have heard from my old folks that usually you will get the pearl from sea shells, i don't know why they come up to that kind of story but there's no harm to believe that story isn't it? Anyway, aside from that, oyster has also disadvantage to it, eating it fresh is not a very wise idea, and if you wanna know why, check this Gulf oysters website so you will learn more things about oyster and also learn more best recipes on how to cook the oyster.

Girl Names

We have been searching for so many names for our coming dear little girl. And we are so excited to find the best name we could give her. We have names that we already looked at it and consider to give her. Some of my friends helped me to find some unique and beautiful names for my little girl. I am very anxious and excited to see my second little angel. I am sure she will be lovely as my son, just like her Kuya MD. And i am sure that Kuya MD will love his little sister soon as she comes out in this world. And today, i just figured out what beautiful name to give her to fit her beautiful face.

A New Earth

Don't you want to be happy? I definitely do! The Sedona Method can help me with that happiness that i am talking about. It's time for us people to be happy even for no reason and live in a new earth that we are dreaming of. Of all the crowds and problems, depressions and all that being around here in this world, it's really indeed hard to be happy all the time. But if you get your FREE DVD and CD at THE SEDONA METHOD, you will find out what kind of happiness they can teach you and also how to share your happiness to others.

Also the Sedona Method can show us to how transcend the ego. Most of us has high ego that sometimes we have to realize that life it's not all about that ego we are keeping. Sometimes we have to consider what others feel and with that, if you will learn how to deal with your ego, you will be able to feel the happiness that you never felt before in your life. There's a lot of things that you can learn on "how to" in The Sedona Method, so if you are seeking happiness, get your Free DVD and CD now!!!