Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning How to Ski

Authored by Raymond Whitney

Last month I went on my first skiing trip. I made sure to set my home security alarm (ADT security packages) before leaving the house. My boyfriend picked me as planned and we made our way to the airport. A few hours later we arrived at the Eagle Point Resort in Utah. I was a little nervous but my boyfriend was there to make sure I got the hang of everything. We rented the skiing equipment and were introduced to my skiing instructor. I wasn't aware that there were personal instructors for hire at the resort. I always assumed you already had to know how to ski. The instructor was a people person and had a great way of putting me at ease. He taught me some very basic moves and ways to make sure I keep myself safe while skiing. Before I knew it, I was coming down a slope and feeling very confident in my skiing abilities. Now that I feel more at ease with skiing, I believe I will make another trip to Eagle Point as soon as I am able to.

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