Thursday, December 9, 2010

About To Retire Mailbox

The mailbox that we still have until now is kind of broken already. It was good and been in our wall for several years and until we got kids. Now because the kids were keep on pulling it, the mailbox door got broken. Hubby was able to fix it many times but then the kids keep on breaking it still. It's made of wood so it gets easily destroyed. The pull knob is also reachable by kids that's why it's easy for them to open the door and play with it. We are still trying to use it although the door was kinda hanging already. Thanks to our wiggly kids haha...
The locking mailbox is in our list to get this Christmas and we already got the color and the style that we would like to replace our poor old beaten mailbox. Ours is like an old style and we've searched some good new styles of lockable mailboxes and we found the steel one that matches the size of our old one. It isn't that expensive, so hubby said that might as well get it this coming Christmas so we can put it up and get rid of the hanging door mailbox we have. The door is almost falling apart, so i am guessing that the old mailbox won't stay very long since the kids like to play with it and put something in there like their toys or maybe hides papers inside the mailbox. The locking mailboxes that we searched here in the net is just great so the kids can't play with it anymore and keep on opening and close just like our old one that is about to retire its job, lol!

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