Monday, December 6, 2010

Mommy's Funny Jelly Belly

Watching those models and celebrities in the television makes me think how did they maintain their perfect figures even if they gave birth couple times already just like me. I am not fat to consider though but what i am concerned about is my jelly belly. Yeah, that's what my son calls my tummy for every time he hugs me, my tummy kinda shakes lol, or maybe if we dance together and he probably noticed that my tummy moves too while i dance with him. So i told him that i used to have a tight tummy but since he and his siblings popped out from my tummy, then my belly got stretched and is not that tight anymore like it used to before i have them.
Anyway, i was wondering if these models and celebrities i was talking about does take some weight loss diet pills enable for them to maintain their voluptuous curve. Having an hour glass kind of figure is my dream though but it's probably impossible for me to have since i am a tiny person and not that tall either. But since i am thinking that i can't have the figure like these models and celebrities, i might start to get at least get rid of some of my belly fat by taking some diet pills. Also eating healthy food and some exercise will surely help me to make my bulging tummy disappear that also moves whenever i dance with my kids which i felt embarrassed when my five year old son told me once about it that my tummy looks funny. There are some best diet pills that i read some good reviews about it and if it worked to them, i am sure it will do just as great for me too.

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