Friday, August 26, 2011

Missing Him When He's Little

Honestly i am missing my little potato when he was just a baby. Now he's growing so fast and i can't just keep up with him anymore. He's really an active little guy that cannot sit still in one spot. He's the boss inside the house, knows where to go and don't want to be messed around by us. If he wants to be in a certain spot then better not bother him or else there will be a big chaos inside the house, lol! Anyway, kids nowadays grow so fast! I wish i could just freeze the time but that's very impossible for me to do. Oh how i miss him when he's little like this in the picture below. He's my little guy, a very adorable and bubbly little one. Still he is now but he can be pain in my behind sometimes :)
My little one

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New England Lifestyle

Wouldn't it be nice if i get to choose the house i live? It's not that i don't like our house though, it would be a lot better if i get to choose the design inside and out, the furnitures and the flooring. I have been into so many houses and there is only few that i did like the design inside and also the furniture they got. Just like the house of my friend forty five minutes drive from here, i like her house because of the flooring and also the antique furnitures they have. Their house is like New England Lifestyle. Very unique and it stands out from their neighborhood since they're the only one that has the kind of house design.

I know that they spent so much money for their house since they were the one's built the house and it's not ready made kind. They hired a good architect which they said it's worth it because they got the house they have been dreaming to have. I have a dream house myself too, it's just that we don't have the budget to renovate our house right now. And besides, it's going to be a lot of work that needs to be done. I also love the white mirror they put by the living room, that really made their living room more beautiful. I can only wish for my dream house right now. I am happy enough the house we have right now though, but i would be so happy if i get the house i have been dreaming :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birth Announcements

The birth announcements of my friend will be this weekend but i haven't finish the blanket yet that i personally made for their baby. I've got to be busy to work on that so i can bring it with me on the announcement day. I just got too occupied lately with my boys and the chores i have been working on here inside the house. I almost forgot about this event and glad that a friend of mine reminded me about. I guess i have to rush it but make sure i will finish it nicely :)

Polaris Ranger Parts

Too bad my son can't ride my friend's polaris because it needs polaris ranger parts. There's some parts that needs to be replaced so it runs better. I still remember when we drove her polaris back to the country side of their place, it was fun and we went all the way to the lake where there's shortcut by the bushy place. My son enjoyed it so much that's why he mentioned that he wants to ride it again. Hope it will be fixed soon before the summer is over.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Photo Shoots

Me and my family are definitely enjoying this summer season. We often go to the Lake close from here and also the bigger lake where mostly people go so they can sail their boats. Even though i don't soak myself in the water, i am happy already to see my family enjoying it being in the water, especially my two boys. They just love water so much and obviously can't get enough of it despite how cold the water is.

The Lake in Mantua (Man-a-way) which is just couple of miles away from where we live is the coldest one since it freezes during winter season. So even if August is the hottest time of the season, still i don't feel like getting my whole body wet there for i can't stand the low temperature of the water. But i was actually surprised when we went to Willard Bay (The bigger lake i was talking about, the water is a lot warmer in there compared to Mantua. So i decided to dip in the water with my best friend. And of course we did the photo shooting first, LOL! Here's some of my photo shoots taken by my best friend :)

I must say that despite of the three C-section and a gall bladder operation i went through, still i don't look too bad, do i? But i have to admit that i need to flatten more my bumpy tummy ;)
Beach bummomimimimommi

Friday, August 12, 2011

Homes for Sale in Hawaii

It's nice to be in the water most of the time during summer. That's why i take my kids to the nearest lake here in our city so they can soak in the water and under the sun as well. When winter comes they will be inside the house most of the time and will be hibernated like Mommy and Daddy. So for now, while the summer is still here, i let them enjoy it being outside more often. I also love to see them having fun, although i don't really want to get myself wet for i hate the cold water by the lake. But they don't care, as long as they see water, that's what matter the most to them.

Anyway, i happen to browse some of my friend's pictures and realized they are now having a long vacation in Hawaii. So i messaged her how she like the place so far. It's her first time to visit Hawaii that's why i asked her if she find it alright. She said that she in fact really love the place, her husband is planning to buy a property out there and already looking for Homes for Sale in Hawaii. She is kind of excited herself because the place reminds her of our country. More on seawater and the palm trees are just so relaxing to look at. I also wish to visit Hawaii, but not right now, we still got more priorities to do first rather than going for a vacation.

His Second Dentist's Visit

My oldest son had his dental appointment the other day. He was so hesitant to go with us during his first time for he thought the Dentist would hurt him. I have no idea why kids thinks that when it comes to cleaning the teeth, it is painful and unbearable. That's what my son told me that it might make him die if he goes to the dentist's clinic to have his teeth cleaned, for it sure will hurt him, lol! That's what on my mind too when i was his age, sure kids has the same thoughts!

Anyway, he again has another two cavities. His previous visit was bad because he has to go back there after a week so the doctor can fix his seven cavities. The doctor put filling on to his molar teeth. I thought that the doctor would just let it go because my son still has the baby teeth, it will go bad and the permanent teeth will come out. But no, he fixed it. And his last visit was another two cavities, he has to go back next week again for it. I am just glad that he's not that scared anymore like he was before. The clinic sure does know how to tickle kids, so they won't get scared and enjoy visiting the clinic every six months.

Nfl Shop Coupons

Are you sports fanatic? Then you might want to check this nfl shop coupons out! I myself is not fond of sports but i do have some friends who are obsessed. So why not share this to them so they can enjoy the savings. Instead of paying the whole amount of the ticket, they can save some money and will be used for their pocket money and will be spent to something else. If we can save on groceries, why not save to what we like to do as well, right?

Life Insurance

When hubby got home earlier from his work, he mentioned that he talked to his co-worker that just bought a Although we already have one for ourselves but hubby made his co-worker think that his is much affordable with just the same services they offer. When it comes to things like that, i don't really care about it since hubby pretty much takes care of it for us. So i replied that whatever he thinks the best, he should get it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Curling My Hair

There was nothing to do yesterday and i got bored so i thought of trying to curl my hair for the first time. I never tried it before and was so curious what would i be look like if i will fix my hair. Well, i had it curled before if i braid my hair but i rarely do that really. I bought a curling iron but never used it until yesterday. I thought that i just have to curl it with iron and nothing else i should put on my hair but then someone told me that i have to spray my hair before i curl it so it won't straighten back up quickly.

That's what exactly happened to my hair, after few minutes i did it, it wen't back straight, a little curly but not as curly as i would like it to be. Here's the photo of myself last night when i had my hair curled, but not too curled anymore. Actually, i don't look bad at all, do i? I myself is a bit surprised seeing this picture, seems like it's a new me. I might try to find a curling spray next time to see if it really works for me. Honestly, i hate using spray on my hair because i am worried it might ruin my hair. I guess it won't be that bad if i don't use it very often. I actually liked the result, i might try to curl my hair again next time.

Retail System

I still remember when i worked in a restaurant. It was pretty tiring because i was the server and also the cashier. Not to mention the fact that those times they don't have the most upgraded Retail System like they have now these days. Sometimes the machine i operated then give me so much trouble. Those were just part of my times that i will never ever forget. But i sure learned a lot from that experience. Dealing different kind of people and how to manage time properly and also how to act fast.