Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Getaway, Again :D

The family are so excited for the trip tomorrow. I really thought that we wouldn't be able to do this because husby is been having overtimes during weekends. And luckily, he doesn't have work this coming weekend because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We are so happy that we will be able to enjoy the long weekend, especially for the 1st grader from his school and daddy from his work.

Anyway, we are too anxious to get there in Grand Canyon for the nth times and this time, we are planning to go to the SKYWALK, the project of native Americans that made not too long ago. We were supposed to go there last year but wasn't able to because we got lost on our way. We thought that it was the same way as the south rim we knew but then the lady told us that we have to turn the other way and it'll take us time to get there. But then, we decided not to go there instead, we just enjoyed the south rim where we originally went. So, tomorrow, i really can't wait to witness the beauty of this amazing and awesome nature again. Indeed, it's a breathtaking place and very calming place for the family to get away.
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Removing Smoke Damage

Oh darn! I almost forgot i was cooking something in the kitchen! Good thing my son told me something is smoking, and i could have burn the whole house! I hate being forgetful now, it sometimes frustrates me knowing that i forget to check on things that i just barely did it. Thanks to my dear son who noticed the smoke! Now, i have to call the team that will replace the smoke alarm. I am sure hubby will be worried soon as he gets home and will find out what happened while he's at work.

Anyway, this incident reminds me of my friend from Texas. She also had the same experience like i had. She was in the bathroom bathing her baby and totally forgot that she has something in the stove. Luckily, her husband came home just in time and was able to turn off the stove, it could have burn their house if no one noticed it. But then there's still smoke marks in their kitchen so they had to search the company that can possibly help them and fortunately they found one, the and called the team that does the removing smoke damage austin. Soon after the team came to their house and took care of the damage. Sometimes being a mother can be so stressful and tiring, doing the multi tasking sure is exhausting and it can be dangerous once you forget to check on the things you are currently doing.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

San Antonio Invisalign

It has been one of my dreams is to fix my crooked front teeth. It might not be too obvious in the pictures i have posted here often because i tried to hide it by my cute smile, lol! But when you get to see me in person, i hate smiling especially to the people that i don't really know. I am embarrassed to show them my crooked bad teeth looking. So, i asked hubby if i can have it fixed by wearing braces. And he said that we have to save some money for it because it won't be cheap and also, the insurance will not cover most of the expenses if we'll ever do it.

So, i searched some clinics that does the teeth fixing. And i stumbled into this San Antonio Invisalign. I am just amazed how nice the people's teeth looks after they had theirs fixed in this clinic. I just wished mine would be the same someday. But for now, we have to save some money for it, maybe hubby will take me to the clinic next year so i can have a very beautiful smile and won't be too shy to show my fixed and not ugly crooked looking front teeth :D

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nursing Scrubs

Don't you find it cool going to a clinic and seeing nurses and doctors wearing a fun and cool designed scrubs? I find it neat! One thing about it is, the kids are not that scared anymore like i was during my younger days. I can still remember those days. Whenever my mom takes me to the clinic, it scares the heck out of me because for some reason i thought those medical people will hurt me, by poking me needles and everything.

Anyway, nowadays, they are the most fun and cool people because of their uniforms. Also, the fact that most nurses and doctors now are way friendly and fun to talk to. The scrubs they wear that i saw in are just awesome! Especially now that the holidays is coming, they are wearing the Christmas designed scrubs. I have been to many clinics, like my eye doctor's clinic, my dentist clinic, but my physician's clinic has the most coolest designed nursing scrubs they're wearing. Sure the color and design can catch someone's attention, especially to the kids.

Logo Mats

Sure my boy is growing so fast! He's now aware of lots of things that he wants and what he doesn't want. Also, he can be demanding sometimes, which we, his dad and i doesn't put up with it if he's asking too much. We often grant his wish because he deserves it, he gives us always a good report from his school that always make us, (his parents) happy and very proud of him. Well, anyway, he asked me the other day if it would be alright to go at his classmate's house across the street for few hours, so i just let him go and let him enjoyed the day after he got home.

Soon as he came back home he was all so excited when he told me that his classmate's room has logo mats right by the door in his room. Of course he was telling me that because he himself, wants one too for his room. So i told him he should tell it to daddy and not to mommy so his dad can buy it for him. The spoiler daddy told me to find that mat online soon after our boy begged him with smile. Oh well, it's not a toy at least, so i am okay with it really. He wants it because he wants to put his name in the mat, which i find it so cool as well. Maybe i should order one for us and for the little one too, how about that? :D So we all can have our logo mats each in our doorsteps.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Choleric Me? I Guess So :D

I am somewhat guilty to the fun test i just took from the networking website that i saw from a friend's wall. It tests the person if you are choleric or not. But then my result came out that i truly am. I guess i have not much of a choice but to admit. Pretty much of what it says to the photo above are true, and that's really really me.

Good thing i didn't think to be a teacher, which i never dreamed about it though. I have no patience to silly and bully kids. I might get in trouble. I am not saying that my kids were perfect, they can be silly sometimes too and annoying but, what can i do? They are my kids and i love them to the bone! If i will be given the chance to give them the impossible, then i would do it in a heartbeat!

Anyway, enough for that, this is all about me, so i just had a good laugh reading all the things to that photo. LOL! Oh, i can be a really good and loyal friend, but can be nasty enemy like you've never met before if you mess up with me. But then, it only proves that i am a good friend because my real and genuine friends are still my dear friends until now, they stick with me and i stick to them through all these years without a problem, not one bit :D

Breakdown Service

It was so funny when i had my first experience of my wheel got busted in the middle of the road. Good thing, i was still able to manage to coast down the hill and be on the side shoulder of the street. The first thing i was thinking is where in the world should i find the breakdown service. I was thankful though because there was policemen nearby and they were the one who helped me. If not for them, i don't know what to do and where to go. Sure angels are just everywhere, you just have to know them through people around you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

plus size maternity clothes

I just barely got back from a short shopping while dragging my little one along with me. It was a fun shopping although i didn't get a whole lot of things since i didn't see anything that i really like. I only bought shoes and one dress for myself. It was also a pretty good deal, so i didn't think twice of getting it. I love shopping, especially going to the store where they have special items for sale. I find myself digging great deals to that isle or department.

But there's one isle that really caught my attention when i was there. The plus size maternity clothes are also on sale, and they are just so gorgeous! The quality of the cloth and the brand, that was a way good deal and nothing beats it! I wish i knew someone who is expecting, so i can buy some and give it to her. Really, they are so nice and i can just tell the comfort it gives to that clothes to the pregnant woman. That's the first thing that a pregnant would want, a comfortable clothes to wear.

Plus Size Evening Dresses

It's going to be a fun night next weekend! Our friend's daughter is going to turn 18 and the mother decided to have a big party for her princess. So of course we, her friends are all invited for the party that is going to be held soon. This is going to be the first party that i will attend as a debut party. Sadly, i have never had an experience to celebrate my own debut with a planned party that cost such like this coming debut party of my friend's daughter.

Anyway, one of our friends is freaking out because she doesn't even know what to wear. She is kind of heavy woman and is so confused what exactly to wear. So, we her friends helped her looking for the best style and color that would fit her perfectly with her size. She just loved the plus size evening dresses we suggested to her. She has to pick one and can't even make up her mind what really is to get. At least now, she has some choices, and i am glad that she liked all the suggestions we gave her.

Backyard Renovation

Every winter we always have to put our patio table inside the shed because we don't want to ruin the glass coat on top of it. So we always put it away even before the snow starts pouring so hard. I suggested it to hubby that we should put a roof by our sidewalk so we don't have to drag the table in and out from the shed. I love hanging out in the backyard, especially during summer season. Also, i was planning to get a fire pit so we can burn some woods while we enjoy and relax the day at the backyard.

Anyway, a good friend gave me the best idea to protect our table from getting it ruined. He said that they also got the acrylic table top protector for their table and they have been so happy that their glass table is now protected from anything that could cause damage to it. They also got the accessory street for their sidewalk, and been so far satisfied with what they got.

And since we are going to do that, we might as well plan to replace the sidewalk of acrylic tile. That way, it will enhance the looks of our backyard even more. Plus the nice roof that we have been planning to put. So when summer comes, we will be hanging out in the backyard more often than we used to. Oh, i so can't wait to make it happen, i can now picture out what's gonna be our backyard look like when it is finished.

It's Not The Price, It's How You Wear It

I am actually not so impressed with branded clothes, make up kits, shoes, purses, bling blings and etc. For me, it doesn't matter if you are wearing or carrying expensive/cheap kind of things, as long as you know how to wear/carry it yourself. I myself is not an obsessed expensive or branded shopper. For me, i would rather buy cheap kinds with also has fairly good quality, than to buy those ridiculously expensive ones. Such like clothes, make up kits, and shoes. Those are just few things i noticed that most women would be dying to have, and i am not exempted to the women i am talking about.

Anyway, most of my stuff are cheap, only few things i have that i call it pricey. Such this picture below. The top and the bottom i am wearing are very affordable. In fact, i just barely bought the knitted top at wetseal for only four bucks. Can you believe that? And i love it! It was actually a summer clothes sale during the time i strolled the mall with my friend, and wetseal had their 5 items for 20 bucks sale. So for me it was a way pretty good deal. And speaking of sale, you can usually see me at the clearance sale items isles. I always go straight there before anywhere else.

So you tell me, does the price matter? Sometimes it does though, i must admit. But then, i can tell you, mostly, the price doesn't matter at all. As long as you know how to wear and carry it beautifully, then, you are good to go. Also, the make up i was wearing in this picture are just those that you can find at walmart. I don't buy expensive ones, that's a real no to me (except my lipstick which is LANCÔME, a gift from my bestfriend). You can always look fabulous in your own way, you just have to know what style that fits you perfectly. And here's mine, this is my style and my points of view :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Very Simple Man

Speaking of gift, my husband's birthday is coming up soon! I always have trouble looking for a gift to give to my very thoughtful husband. I guess i am really bad when it comes to giving gift to my man. Good thing that my aunt gave me an idea on what to get for him. She said that she found a site where to get perfect gifts for a man like my husband. And that's where she buys things for her man as well, since we have the same kind of husband, they are tall. These big and tall jeans would be a perfect one to give.

My husband is not very particular on what to wear. He likes wearing whatever i give him. So, that is why i always make sure that i will give him the best so he'll be looking good wearing it. He's the kind of man that is very ordinary, very simple and not fashionable. And since i came to his life, he told me how much he has changed, from his character up to his mood and lifestyle. It makes my heart sing whenever he tells me that over and over. And i am happy that i am making my man happy more than what i thought.

Gourmet Gift For Mom

How nice of my neighbor to send me this gourmet gift for mom today. She gave me this because she knew i am not well yet, and i still have this health problem. So brighten up my day, she sent me this beautiful and delicious gift. She is one neighbor that i really love, she is one sweet person and so kind. I feel so blessed because eventhough i am far away from my real mother, somehow she took a the place to be my mother here where i live now.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Boys

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

My house is like a war zone, no joke. The kids are always around with friends of theirs and since they’re in their teens they just eat us out of house and home. I always walk in to find some type of ball flying at the TV or the wall and I even got some cable packages in hopes that the boys would just watch sports rather than play them in my house. But no such luck and I’ve got so much broken stuff here I think I could start a museum. My sons are really great kids when it comes to school and studying but they’ve just got more energy than I possibly know what to do with. They both play two varsity sports sports at school and we’ve got this huge yard for them to run around in but they just can’t sit still to save their lives. Oh well, I guess it’s better than them being couch potatoes that I have to shove out the door to go exercise.