Thursday, December 16, 2010

Presents Under The Tree

Are your trees up yet? Or maybe i am just a little too late asking about it lol! I should ask you about the presents underneath the tree if they're wrapped and ready to be given by your loved ones. Ours are not quite ready yet, we supposed to do the shopping last weekend but it did not happen because i went to a Christmas party with some of my friends. So since this is the last weekend we can have to shop for the presents of our kiddos and for ourselves as well, we've got to be done by then.

I am not so sure of what my husband is going to give me this Christmas holiday, i don't want to expect anything from him though. But i already have something in my mind what to give him and to my precious kids. In fact, i already wrapped some presents for them but i want to wrap more presents for them to open. Although they are not so expensive but i am proud that i earned that money through my blogging. I can't wait for Christmas, i can't wait to see the excitement of my to open their presents under the Christmas tree. And, oh, i will have to buy a gingerbread kit, i almost forgot about it, it's going to be the first time. And i am excited to make one for my kids...

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