Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Just Hard

I just had another surgery last Thursday. My gall bladder was taken out because it has stone in it and it is not functioning anymore. It wasn't as big as my C-section but it sure is hurting me. I had 4 spots in my tummy aside from my C-section for it is what the doctor called a SCOPE OPERATION. Everyday i am slowly recovering and hoping that i can get back to my daily routine so soon. I have to get better and gain my strength because i have to take care of my kids, especially the newborn one.

I must say that it is indeed hard to give birth and undergone operations without someone who can help. I am missing my mother i guess, i am feeling so depressed right now. I have to take care of my kids and to be fully recovered at the same time, it's just too hard to do it. It is still difficult for me to move around due to my incisions although it is getting better but still i have to be very careful not to move too much or i will feel the pain again. I wonder if i am feeling the post partum depression? I hope i will get over this very soon, i don't like it and it is bad for me to feel depressed i know but how can i get rid of this depression i am feeling right now? Wish my mother is beside me during this time that i need her the most....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Staples Off

We just barely got home from another doctor's appointment. The doctor who did my surgery was the one who took off the staples from my incisions today. And he wants to see me in about four weeks from now. Baby and i have all these doctor's appointments for now, i guess doctors are just making sure that everything will be fine for both of us and there will be no problems to encounter in the future, which is really good.

Anyway, like i mentioned to my other blog Mommy's Gibble Gabbles, my newborn had his circumcision yesterday and i am very glad that he is more calm and feels much better now. He slept pretty much the whole day yesterday, probably was too exhausted of crying too much for his little surgery plus the pokes he had for his blood test. The doctor weighed him yesterday and he is now 10.5 lbs, i must say that he is getting big so fast at only a week from his birth. And next week, i am going to see another doctor, a general surgeon for another surgery i am going to undergo. My newborn will see his pediatrician for his follow up check up as well.

A weeks goes by, we are pretty much busy with all these appointments but i have no complains about it. In fact, i am very happy that everytime we have appointments gets done, they all came up with good results and no problems at all.... So, for now baby and i are both recovering and will recover even more as days goes by...

By the way, just out of curiosity, here is the first picture of my newborn that hospital took, he was just a day old on this. What do you think is the color of his eyes? Can you tell? It sure looks different from his big brother, and i am not hoping for anything though.... We'll see as he grows.... But whatever it is, he will be still the apple of his family's eyes...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The New Addition To The Family

I have had so many reasons why i stopped blogging temporarily. But the main big reason was i was pregnant and it wasn't easy pregnancy for me. As you all know last year i delivered a premature little girl and didn't survived. So when i found out i got pregnant unintentionally, i decided to keep it to the public to restrain myself from possible questions that someone may ask me. I had some close friends whom i truly trusted knows about it but not too many. I would like to apologize to those loyal readers i have here that i have been so quiet for awhile.

But now here i am trying the best that i can to get back on blogging for i am missing this hobby of mine. And first thing first, i am proudly announcing you all my newborn little boy weighed 9.3 lbs and measured 21 inches, arrived last August 3, 2009 in our lives at exactly around 4:28 in the afternoon. He sure is another bundle of joy to us his parents and to his big brother. He is now a week old and getting bigger for sure, a week that is full of happiness and excitement as we spend family time with our new addition to the family.

The story about along my pregnancy will be posted later. So for now, please enjoy these photos and video i created for my new little guy.