Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scared To Drive During Winter

I was planning to get my shopping done before weekend comes, but seems like it's not going to happen because i am too scared to drive in the thick icy slippery road. I already had a lot of experience with this deadly weather that i can't forget. My car have been turned and skid many times while i was driving it. In fact, it was just yesterday when my car skid to the left, since i turned my wheel to right for i was going to turn right, but instead the car went all the way to the left lane.
I kind of already know what to do when things like yesterday happens to me. Hubby told me not to panic and let it go instead and slowly push the brake. Don't slam it or things will surely get worse. I have already in my mind that i will do my shopping one time but since the weather is not so cooperative, i might as well wait for hubby to drive me where i want to go. He knows more how to handle the sleek icy slippery road than i do for he's been driving all his life, unlike me, i just learned how to drive when i got here in America. So, i still am scared to drive during winter time. But i have no trouble driving the three seasons.

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bingkee said...

Driving in the snow should mean very careful driving and your hubby is right ...don't slam on the brakes and don't press sudden accelerations. Coz I had an accident during wintertime, March 16, 2007 when snow and sleet mixed that time. My car was totalled because it was quite a mess. Good thing is , I wasn't hurt except for a swollen , bleeding gums because of impact on the airbag.