Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Eight Feet Christmas Tree

Right after the day we came back from our fun trip, we started to put up our Christmas tree. Our oldest son was the one who is very excited to put it up and he even mentioned it before we got home. He told us that soon as we get back home, we'll have to fix our tree and put some beautiful ornaments around it. Kids are the ones that gets excited when Christmas day is approaching. I remember when i was just a little girl, i used to feel the way that my son feels right now. I get excited for i know my godmother and godfather will prepare some nice presents for me. On Christmas day, my friends and i walk together to visit our godparents so we can have our presents. That was a fun memory to reminisce for me.
Our 8 feet Christmas tree 2010
Well, anyway, we never did finish our Christmas tree in just one day. I in fact, had to go to the store to buy more gold bulbs for some of our bulbs got broken already. Our Christmas tree last year was kind of mess, for i let my son helped me put all the things to the christmas tree. What he did was, he put all the colored tinsels around the Christmas tree which made it look like a piece of garbage, but he said the Christmas tree looked beautiful though. So, i did not dare rearranging it or maybe take some out of it for he said that it's beautiful and in the eyes of a child everything in this world is beautiful. So this year, i decided to just let him help me hand everything to me and i will be the one to hang those ornaments in the tree.

We did all help to get this tree up. And i was so happy to see that our tree today looks a lot better than last year lol! This eight feet tree has been serving in our family for years and years now. Hubby bought this tree long years even before he met me. The stand cracked already, it doesn't have its built in clear lights, so i told hubby that we'll buy a new one soon as the Christmas season is over to find a best sale Christmas tree in the store. And of course the ornaments that i like to get. I am thinking that blue and silver will be a nice color for next year since we are putting gold and red ornaments this year. Isn't our Christmas tree pretty? hihi... I just love looking at it! And oh, i hang 24 peppermint candy canes in this tree, let's see if these candies will lasts until Christmas days for i know my kids will sneak on it including big daddy o', hihi... They are so tempted to pick those candies hanging on the tree lol!

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