Monday, December 13, 2010

Broccoli, Healthy Food For My Son

My son loves to eat most of the vegetables, even the bitter melon that usually kids avoids to eat it because it's bitter. But there's one vegetable that he can't seem get enough of it, it's the broccoli. Every time i go to the store to buy some groceries, he always asks me to buy broccoli so he can munch it. He can just eat it even if i just blanch it and shake some salt and pepper with it, then it's good for him to eat. He really is a good vegetable eater, he prefers vegetables rather than eating something else like steak or maybe hotdogs.
I just love to watch him gobbling the vegetables i cook for him. Even if i mix the broccoli to some other vegetables like when i cook stir fry, broccoli always gets eaten by my son. We all love broccoli, his dad, mommy and his little brother but we always save broccoli for him. It's good for him because broccoli has a lot of fibers and will make him healthy, although he is not a big framed boy. A lot of people i heard though that, the health of the kids can't be seen through the frame but through how active he is and what he eats. I am glad my boy eats healthy foods, not just junky like what most kids eats.

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