Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Grandfather Little Potato

Little potato lolo hihi :)
Sure my little one can't keep his hand still. He always like to get into something interesting. Just like my glasses, because he always sees me wearing it, and if i take it off and put it down, he grabs it and wear it too. And i try to take it back from him because he might break it. Everyday, he likes to get my glasses so he can play with it. So for him to be satisfied and pretend i was playing with him, i put on to him and he was all happy, i took some snaps of him but he was too wiggly and wanted to take it off and on. He was smiling at me letting me know that he liked the idea that i put my glasses on to him, silly boy. The glasses does look like it's his, it's probably because his face structure is just like Mommy's. He does look like a little grampa haha :)

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