Friday, July 30, 2010

Christmas Party Invitations

They said that Christmas is never too early when it comes to presents and party. Too bad i cannot be here during Christmas time because i have to go back there in America for important reason, my son has to go back there for his school class. He is going to be late for a month because we will go back there on the last week of September. My friends over there already has a plan for our Christmas party invitations. They arranged it so early so if ever there will be changes, it will be changed in no time without any hassle. It's not even the month of "BER" yet but they are so ready already and made me excited when i heard about their plan for our party. Way to go girls!

Reunion Is Approaching

Never really thought that i would buy a new phone for me again but i actually did. My brother let me borrow his old phone but it got broken because of my little one. He kept biting the phone and it got broken, silly baby! Anyway, i really need to have a phone myself because i am coordinating our batch, they cannot reach me if i don't have it. I need to keep in touch with my batch mates so i will know who are going to attend and who's not. Also, some of them are going to give some of their shares for our lunch and dinner budget for this coming alumni homecoming party.

I already posted our T-shirt uniform and i am glad all my batch mates liked it. Also i am glad that i posted it because if it's not the picture, they would not know about it and would not be interested to join the alumni homecoming. Really, i am getting so excited to see each one of them, it has been a long time since i last saw them and i am hoping that those who are far away will find time to attend the most awaited event of the year here in our small island. I came all the way from America because of this reunion and i am hoping that all my batch mates will too.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Soon To Open

It was a busy day the other day for me. I had to help my aunt to prepare everything for her new office that just built recently. She said she is going to open her office anytime soon but she still needs some office furniture accessories. She asked me to help her find the best things for her office. I am glad to help and able to suggest to her where to buy best things at least to lessen her stress where to find things for her small office. I should've known earlier what she was needing so i can tell her earlier so she can save some cash in her pockets from buying things that she needs separately.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Upset

I was so upset yesterday when i went to the city here in BOHOL where i tried to withdraw some cash. I had no choice but to use the Banco De Oro ATM machine because there was nothing else but their stupid machine. I waited for few minutes and wondered why the screen still telling me that my transaction is being processed. So i asked the guard in there what was going on with my transaction why it took so long. Honestly, that was my first time i encountered such problem. But then few minutes later, my card was being dispensed but there was no cash! The security guard to told me to try it in the other machines they have but still there was nothing. And later on my card is refusing to give some money because i already withdrew some. I know i have so much limit everyday but since they took my money it's considered as my withdrawal.

I went inside the office to complain but what the teller only told me is they cannot process and help my problem since my card is not from their bank. I had this kind of problem over two years ago from the other bank but i have no regrets to that bank because they took care of my problem quick. In fact they assisted me very well and so politely. Now, i learned a lot from this situation, Banco De Oro is absolutely NO GOOD!!!! They have poor service and lousy teller assistance. Lucky they are because they are not in America, people here in Philippines are more patient, they can stand to deal problems even though it takes awhile before it gets solved. Right now i got my refund but it was my bank who gave me the refund not the Banco De Oro. My bank gave them allowance to respond their request regarding this matter and they should show some proofs that the money was being dispensed during the withdrawal, but if they can't show nothing, then they should pay back my bank who did the refund instead of them. I can just see the future of this Banco De Oro bank that they won't stay very long, they will be down very soon for their very poor service and a very lousy assistance to their clients especially the foreigners that likes to stay here for holidays.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making Sure Of It

I am not fat but there is one part of my body that i want to get rid of it, it's my tummy fat. Maybe because i delivered three kids already that's why my tummy gets easily bloat especially when i eat a little too much. I am scared to take some of the best fat burning supplement because some of them aren't real and it might cause harm to my health. So if ever i will try to take supplements like this, i have to make sure that they will bring good progress and doesn't have side effects that will cause illness as i get old.

Dependable and Durable

Before i got married to my husband, he already had our house paid and also the garage fixed. He said before i got there in America, he had a problem about the garage for it wasn't built right. There was a leak at the side and he was so upset upon knowing it. So he called the metal buildings company because he heard that they have a better service when it comes to building materials. It has been for awhile now and hubby is so happy knowing that he didn't encounter any more problems with our garage. He doesn't really care if he pays more as long as it is dependable and durable.

He Miss Daddy

I had a phone conversation with my husband last night and i sure had fun chat with my loving and silly husband. I woke up early in the morning because there was a neighbor that was selling her caught fish. So i went upstairs after so i can continue to sleep but then after two hours my oldest son went upstairs too to find me. He told me he was starving and wants to eat. We both went down and had our late breakfast. He was talking to me while we were eating and mentioned how bad he misses his daddy.

So it reminded me that hubby told me to get online here at the internet cafe so he can talk to his son will tell him that he will be here soon. Daddy miss his son too, he miss his boys. He got more excited that i told him our youngest can now walk but sometimes too lazy to do it. Well, we are still here at the internet cafe waiting for daddy to get online but seems like our desktop is not cooperating yet, it's getting old and getting bad, hubby said we are going to replace it soon, it makes him mad every time he tries to turn it on and it won't work like it is supposed to.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nature Friendly

As to the world condition nowadays, we have to help the world to save something what we can. I am glad that there are still people that are helping to save the mother nature. One is hydroponic systems. They have all the products that are nature friendly. I wish all the companies here in the world are concerned about the nature like this one i found that most of their products are nature friendly, so we don't have to deal the polluted air, the polluted water and other bad things that are now happening here in the earth. If we live with a clean earth then i can imagine how happy our life would be, no problems and fresher air without worrying the ozone layer that's getting thinner and thinner.

Successfully Got Rid Of It

I was so surprised when i got here in Philippines because they have so many weight loss drinksthat you can just buy at the stores. People here in Philippines are not really that big like the Caucasians. That's why i am so surprised that these kind of products are flooding here everywhere. I asked some of them who are taking it and told me that it works for them. Well, they are taking it for awhile now and i they must like the effect of it, i have seen some of them that are quite big frame before and now got some weight dropped. Just like our neighbor, he used to be a big size but now he is just about right, not so skinny and not so big. He used to have big tummy but he successfully got rid of it.

Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita is a series show that i like most of all the shows here in my country. Agua Bendita means it's a holy water, but in this show, the parents got twins and they call the girls Agua and Bendita. It's pretty interesting show because the story is not very common. It may be the story is fiction but i am fond of it. I thought at first that the leading lady is not gonna be a good actress because it's her first big show and she is newbie as actress but she probably got her acting skills from her very famous actress mother Jacklyn Jose. Andi is really sweet and has soft voice that will make the viewers fall in love with her. She is one sweet person and hope she will get more series show after this Agua Bendita.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Help For Her Health

Money does really matter to each and everyone's life. It's sad to know that someone dies because of financial problem. They cannot go to the clinic to have a regular check up or maybe buy some medicine because the medicine would be too much for their budget. Like this person i know, she has a health problem and she can't afford to have a hemorrhoid treatment. So i told her that she can get some help by raising a fund or maybe asking someone to help her. I gave her a little bit, i can't give her that much since i got a family of my own to worry about. I gave her a bit but that was came from my heart. I hope that she will get more help from others she knew.

Perfect Shape

There is one thing that i want to get rid of my body, it's my tummy fat. Yeah i have bulging tummy especially when i am full. Yes i am not fat but i got this unwanted tummy bumps when i gave birth to my kids. I don't like to exercise that's why i still got this. I should do some ab workouts so at least to get rid some of my tummy fats. I get so jealous to those women that has absolutely flat abs. I have seen some of them and most of them are celebrities. I wondered before how did they maintain their perfect figure even after birth but now i realized that they maintain their perfect shape by doing some workouts. It made me think that i might need to do that myself too for me to get the shape like theirs.

Dreaming A House

We just barely got back from a house blessing of my mother's friend. I must admit to myself that i am a little bit jealous because she got a nice house. Although i have a little comment about her house. Now it made me think that i want my own house here in Philippines. I was able to talk to my husband about it and he agreed that we are going to build our own house here. It doesn't really have to be very fancy, yet i love my house to one of a kind design. I talked to the engineer of the house where we went and i should say that he's got a great idea about designing houses.

Hubby said it would be nice if we can have our house here and let my mother takes care of it while we are gone. I can't help myself not to dream to own a house because i have noticed that most of the people here that came from abroad are now building their own nice houses. Right now i am starting to imagine my own simple house, yet it is unique. Hubby and i has to talk about it, we have to start saving money for it. We have to set aside a budget for our dream house, i can't wait!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Worries

Gaining weight is not really a big problem to me since i lose weight fast as well. I really am not having trouble with my weight since i lose weight easy. Now that i am here in my beloved homeland, i am going to eat the food that i have been missing for two years. I don't worry at all because for sure next two months when i get back to America, i won't be able to eat all these food that i have been eating here in my country. Some friends i have told me that they are so jealous of me because i am here in our country right now and has the big chance to eat everything what i want. Also they are jealous too because like i said, i have no trouble gaining and losing weight as well, unlike them, when they get carried away eating the yummy food here, they have to take best weight loss pills right after so they can get rid of their unwanted fats. Lucky me and i must be thankful for i am blessed for having such fast metabolism.

Smart Couple

Now that summer is here, lots of tourists are going to run around and will be out of town so often. Most of them loves to drive with their trailers and RV's. Just like our neighbor across the street, they are old couple that loves adventure. Their kids are grown and has family of their own already that's why they get to enjoy themselves being just a couple. The wife told me one time they encountered problem in the middle of nowhere. Good thing they have the roadside assistance plan and they were saved from being charged to emergency rescue. She told me that it's a good plan to have if you and your family loves adventure and likes to drive around the country. I should say that the couple are wise and smart, they don't want to be charged too much for their adventure that's why they got the plan for their trips.

Taking Advantage Of Me

I love giving things to my loved ones, even to those who i just barely met if i know that they need my help. But some people are just too greedy to get things from me even if they already have given things. That's one thing i hate, to take advantage of me. For me, loved ones, friends or people i don't know rather wait for me to give them something than asking me things that i think it's too much for me to give them. I had an argument with someone that is close to me when i got here. I would leave the name untold since i don't want to make the conflict gets worse.

I can't call myself greedy because i give things to someone if that someone likes to have my personal things. But i hate those people that are taking advantage, asking too much from me. I promised myself when i come back here again, this person won't get nothing from me anymore. I don't care what can this person say about me, but i have had enough with this person. Sad to say that i have to end up the connection with this person, small argument made it big deal. So i must say that there is no use of being connected. Taking advantage of me is big no no to me.