Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nativity blocks for my kids

Guest post written by Judy Bowers

I think that when kids are as young as my kids are, the best way to teach them important lessons is to play with them. So I wanted come up with some way that would teach my kids and help remind them the true meaning of Christmas.

I thought about finding a fun craft that they could make and play with, so I went online to get some inspiration for that. When I was looking that up, I came across the website www.clearwirelessinternetservice.com and ended up ordering an internet package from it for our home internet access.

I found an even better idea for what do to though. I decided to make some DIY nativity blocks that they could play around with. It sounded like an easy enough little craft for me to finish in one day and my husband happily cut the wooden blocks for me in the garage. I didn't trust myself to do that part. I think that my kids have been having a lot of fun with the blocks. I'm just glad that I made something that's too big for my 2 year old to put in his mouth.

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