Sunday, December 19, 2010

Business Card For My Brother

If my brother is happy with his growing business, then i am just as happy as he is. He's starting to get some home services from people that wants him to fix their computers. Aside from the internet shop he's got right now, he also does a home service to fix electronic appliances, and he is specialized more on to computers. He must have really the guts with that kind of business because it's not even that long yet since he started his business but then it's already known to the place where his business is at. He is very excited everyday, he's starting to get more customers that keeps on coming back to his place.
So because of that, i helped him to find a place where he can order a business card printing so whenever there's people are inquiring about his services, he can hand them his business cards to call him whenever they're available to have his service. I actually ordered his business card at the PrintRunner where there's a whole lot of selections on how you want your cards to be look like. And i chose the simple template yet readable so people can easily read it no problem.

There was one guy he told me that soon after he knew about my brother, he was so happy that finally the broken appliances he's got in his home will get them fixed. He's been looking for a good guy that can do the job but he wasn't able to. My brother is happy too because he gets to make more money aside from taking care of his internet shop.

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