Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy To Save

Buying a whole lot of things for love ones can sometimes be pain in my wallet honestly. But of course i don't tell my family about it, although i am happy to see them happy with the things i give them, it would be nicer if i always have coupons to help me save a whole lot. Using a coupon whenever i purchase something for them, it really helps me a lot for the price will be a lot lesser than the original price. I am not like what they call SCROOGE person but i love to save money too. Why spend more if you can save? Who doesn't want to save some money when buying things? Probably those people that has a lot of money that doesn't worry about their budgets, but i do and i would be so happy whenever i have coupons.

Failed Mission

You guys probably heard about the tragic hostage drama here in Philippines already. I myself is so disappointed of what happened. Also saddened upon knowing that there are 9 people died because of this horrible incident happened by Quirino Grandstand. The worst part of this is, the hostage taker was a dismissed police officer with a high rank and held the Chinese tourists. What made me disappoint about it is, the SWAT team and the policemen did a lousy rescue attempt. They weren't so properly equipped to knock the gunman down in just minutes.

In fact they rehearsed what to do to defeat the hostage taker but when they went to the actual place where the dismissed officer held the tourists, the rehearsal they did was all wasted for they did not do what they supposed to. What a shame record of Philippines again, the whole world knew how lame, poor strategy and tactics the Philippine police has. No offense, but i am basing of what i saw and what the officers showed to the public, they didn't do their best to rescue the tourists without casualties. Their mission was over and FAILED!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BER Is Christmas

When it comes talking about Christmas, Philippines is always ahead of that. Soon as the month comes BER, then people are starting to get ready for Christmas already. They prepare things for the holiday too soon, hanging some mini led christmas lights outside the house is the first thing they are going to do. I tell you, even this country is being called the third world, but you can really see the love in every houses during the special holiday in December. Because people usually will say that it doesn't matter if they are poor financially but they are rich with love to their family, which i strongly agree because i myself came from this beloved country of mine and i witnessed how a family sticks together through joys and pains, happiness and sadness.

Thoughtful Partner And Father

Taking care of our family's health is my husband's very first priority. When i got in America five years ago with our son, hubby took us to his workplace right away so the human resources can include us to my husband's Medicare plan. Hubby is glad that he got that taken cared of quick. I was not so aware then about things such like this because my mind was still shocked and could not believe i am in America already. But good thing hubby is really a thoughtful partner and a very responsible father, he thought of things that's for his family's own good.

Soon But Seems Years

I have been staying here in Philippines for almost three months now and i should say that i did enjoy my stay here although there were some problems that i encountered but that didn't stop me to look to a brighter side and ruin my holiday with my kids. Hubby is coming so soon but seems like it's years for me to wait for him to arrive. I just talked to him earlier before he went to bed about coming here to get us.

Honestly i am upset earlier for something. I will leave the reason untold why because i don't want to remember it anymore. Simple things that became big. In times like this, i wanted to go back to our house and be with my husband instead. But i am thinking that it will be awhile before i can come back here or maybe a long time, so might as well enjoy my vacation for now and get things all done so when i get back to my place, i have nothing to worry no more. Arggghhhh!!! I really can't wait until hubby's arrival, i really need him right now and his comforting arms.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Time Allergy

Okay, i was not able to rant this experience of mine few days ago since i am really busy lately. It's all about my son's allergy that attacked him big time! It was my first time seeing him having trouble breathing and it scared me to death. I really don't like him to play around with some other kids because mostly kids here like to play in the bushy place and my son can't really get along to those kind of place since he's got very sensitive senses. He gets itchy easy and his allergy will be triggered whenever he'll get near with pets like dogs and especially cats.

It was mid afternoon when he got loose and was able to sneak out from the house. He played with the kids from across the street since they are the only kids he can play with here. Not very many kids here in the neighborhood. I don't find anything for me to stop him from playing with them because they are good kids to play with, it's just that they like to play in the bushy place which my son is a big no no place for him. I forgot to check my son that time because we were busy replacing the floor mat with my brothers. He came home while he was rubbing his eyes and told me he thinks he got allergy already. Upon seeing my son with itch on his face and his eyes started to swell, i freaked out right away for i know he ran out of allergy medicine already.

I gave him a cool bath right away thinking that it would help him ease the itch on his face and gave him cold compress using ice wrapped in a small face towel. But it didn't worked though, it got worse and worse every minute as i checked him. My mind started to panic and thinking something else. But when i saw his allergy started to spread all over his body, i had to make a quick decision to take my son to the town so he can see a doctor and will be prescribed some medicine. So i took him right away and got me so frightened as i saw him catching his breath, he in fact told me he was having hard time to breath, it felt heavy for him to breath. There's no mother that can just sit, watch and relax seeing her kid in a situation like what i just had. I cried while we are traveling to the town, it's a little ways to go that's why it took us for a little while to get there.

I am just too thankful that we got there and the doctor was still in his clinic and was able to prescribed my son a medicine for his allergy. I gave him the medicine right away and waited for few minutes and so glad that the medicine worked. Although not as effective like what he had, the one i brought here with us from America but at least it helped him to breath better and stopped his allergy. I felt so bad seeing my son with swollen eyes and watery nose. When we got back here at my mother's place he knocked out. I didn't left and i stayed beside him and kept on checking on him to make sure nothing's gonna happen to him. I cried so hard, i really got so scared for my son. I can't stand seeing him being attacked by his allergy that bad. I just hope that it won't happen again next time and i will try my best to make sure that there will be no next time. It sure is scary and it will freak me out, i don't want this situation ever will happen again, no more....