Sunday, October 30, 2011

Edmonton Apartments

When a person who loves to travel has been stuck and idle in the house for awhile, shouldn't she or he be bored? That's what i feel right now! Hubby and i love to travel a lot but then his work made him caught to our schedule plan. We have a lot of plans to do but we have no free time because of hubby's work and also our first born child is at school all the time. But! We are so excited to have our holiday vacation this coming Thanksgiving day which is going to be three weeks from now. We already are planning on where to spend our holiday, and we both agreed that we'll go to a place where we both haven't been before, like in Canada.

I asked my friend if she knew some place where we can stay for a week at least. She insisted that we just have to stay in their place because they have a big apartment unlike the others. She even showed me through her pictures how big their apartment is. She is just as excited as i am. We both can't wait to see each other again. She said that we'll surely enjoy our stay in their place. Edmonton apartments is one of the most excellent apartments in their place and that's why they chose to get an apartment for themselves. Oh, i can now just imagine what it is going to be like when we get there. I am sure we are going to have lots of fun and talking, lol! Anyway, also, i am excited because hubby and i will be both first timer to enter Canada and so as our kids.

I'm A Ladybug!

Ready for Halloween yet? My two boys are! They are so excited to do the trick or treating tomorrow. But before that, we already had our photo shoot up on the mountain where only us were there. It was an advantage for us because it's a quiet place and i love the location so much. With all the tall grass and the fall colored leaves, it was just perfect. I had my little one's photo shoot session to this place before we had our halloween costumes photo shoot. And i fell in love with the place right there and then.

But anyway, i was not going to wear mine but hubby suggested that might as well join the fun with the kids. So i did! And wore my costume out in the tall dead grass up on the mountain with the tall trees as well, and had my first halloween photo shoot ever! LOL! Thanks to hubby though because he was so patient and in the good mood to take some snaps of me :) Happy Halloween everyone :) And oh! If you want to see my kids's costumes, please take a peek to my PHOTOGRAPHY blog :)
DSC_6854Ladybug up on the treeDSC_6832-2Meet the ladybug (yours truly)DSC_6843

Funny Shirts

I always love to wear funny tshirts. Is just that i haven't seen any shirts really that i love. Good thing i found a perfect website that sells shirts just the way i want it to be. Since halloween is here now, i would love to have one for myself and also will give some to my dear friends. I am sure they will love it as well just as i love it. We also have a goofy friend that likes to wear something like this, funny shirt, and he would be so freaking happy soon as i tell him that he can purchase cool funny shirts where i will get mine and for my friends :)

Marmot Jackets

This marmot jackets is the one i was looking for. I was invited to hike up on the mountain by my friend and i am so excited because this is going to be my first time to do that kind of activity. I am excited because i get to see that mountain that she has been talking about and will get the chance to take some photographs as well while i am there. That's one reason why she invited me, because she know for sure that i am going to love the place and also it will be my advantage to take shots of the gorgeous scenery. I can't actually wait and i am very anxious :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Allergy Attack

I feel really bad for my oldest son because he is a sensitive kind of kid. He's allergic to some of things such as seafood and pets. So aside from giving him his anti-allergy syrup, i also searched what can make him overcome his allergies, and i happen to stumble into this austin food allergies site. It somehow gave me some tips, advice and some ideas on how to prevent it from happening. I really do hope that soon enough, my son will overcome it. He looks awful every time his allergies attacks.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toshiba Laptop Computers

It has been tested that toshiba laptop computers is one of the most reliable and durable laptops in the world. My sister had hers and it's been quite awhile now and she still got it, it's still working as good and never even thinking of replacing it. I haven't got one myself yet though but i can tell that this kind of computer lasts long. I have few friends that has this already and so far they didn't say anything bad about their computers.

Address Plaques

I guess it is time for us to change our address plaques. It is really getting so old and hardly recognized. A couple of months ago, there was a gathering here in our house and some of my friends that came here for the first time was a little lost because they couldn't read our address outside our house. So i told hubby that we should have that thing replaced soon. So when someone looks for our house, they can just easily find it by reading our home address outside.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who Wouldn't Melt To This Look?

Since my first born child goes to school for the whole day, i become more obsessed on portraiture photography. And my model? Of course my very own little one! Just two of us here in the house during the day every weekdays, so he becomes my model almost everyday. He's still a baby and doesn't whine and don't know how to complain yet, although i am seeing it now a little bit. Having a little one in the house, i had no boring days. I always find him so cute on doing some interesting things or maybe talking to me so eagerly although i sometimes can't understand him because he still doesn't talk quite fluent yet.

So instead of lurking behind my blanket on the bed or maybe just goofing around here in front of my computer, I, instead always get my camera ready for every moves of my little one. This photo was taken the other day if i remember it right. He does know how to turn on the television in the front room, so soon as he gets up in the morning, he goes there straight and watch his favorite shows. And this is what i got! Even though i took a couple of snap of him, he didn't mind, he was too focused of the educational show he was watching. Who wouldn't melt with this look? Sure mommy got melted! :)

Birthday Invitations

A good friend sent some birthday invitations to me and to the rest of our friends here but unfortunately we cannot attend to her daughter's birthday for they live now in another state. It takes few hours to drive all the way to their place and i don't think it is worth to drive to that day just to celebrate her daughter's birthday. We just agreed that since they will be coming here soon, we'll instead celebrate it again here. That way, we don't have to set a day off from hubby's work to drive to her place and back.

Bulova Watch

You wouldn't really know what you're gonna get in yard sales. Earlier today i went out real quick to just look around for the yard sales since it's kind of going away now because the cold weather is approaching in. I was surprised when i saw a bulova watch sitting by the corner still in the box. The owner is selling it because she has no need for it. She said she's got tons of watches and wants to get rid some of it. I was a little late that's why that watch is the only one that's left. I guess i am still lucky, am i? I was able to buy the one's that's left.