Friday, December 10, 2010

Rain Barrels For Dear Hubby

Honestly, i got a lot of things in my mind of what to give for my sweet husband this coming Christmas holiday. As we live together as a couple for almost six years now, i eventually learned how to make him happy and see him smiling by getting those things that what he really love to have. I am planning to give him a new vacuum cleaner this coming Christmas as my present for him, because our vacuum cleaner's recliner button got broken already. How funny to think about it that i will replace our vacuum cleaner and will be my husband's present. He likes to clean our carpet everyday, that's why i thought of giving him a new vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, he also loves to take care of the outside of our house. During spring time, he brings his buckets out from our garage to save the rain that pours from the gutter. He saves the water because that's the water he is going to use to water the little garden we have when summer comes. That way, he can save some water from our faucet to water our whole yard especially our backyard that really needs a lot of water.

So, since i was not able to give a real nice present for him during his birthday, i thought that rain barrels will be such a great idea for me to surprise my husband. He's been talking about it that he wanted to buy a couple of them to save the water from our roof when there's rain. The rain water barrels will just make my husband happy soon as he will receive the delivery, i can now just imagine my husband's face soon as he sees the rain harvesting barrels that is going to be delivered soon in our house. I am so happy to know that i am going to buy some in just the right time because they have some rain barrels for sale. Instead of paying the regular price, i will be able to save some money purchasing the barrels because they are having some great deals this holiday season. So isn't that so awesome that i am able to save some of my money buying my husband's presents and hubby will be able to save the rain from our roof later on too! I am so excited to see husband's reaction really, i can't wait...

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