Monday, December 13, 2010

LEGO presents for the boy that has it all

Guest post written by Angela Hartman

Anytime that my son asks for presents for any occasion, like for his birthday and Christmas, the only things that he'll ever ask for are LEGOS. But the bad part about that is that he already has so many LEGOS that it's really hard to find something that he doesn't already have. So the Christmas season is even a bigger challenge because of that.

I started doing Christmas shopping online with our Clear Internet a few weeks ago, in hopes of coming across some LEGOS sets that he doesn't already have and would like. That was much easier said than done.

I've gotten a few little ideas for LEGO presents to get him. He's recently gotten into Harry Potter and is finally old enough to read all of the books so I thought that maybe I could get him one of the Harry Potter LEGO sets. It ends up that there are actually a lot of different Harry Potter sets, so there are lots to choose from that he doesn't already have! I think that I won't have to worry about not having anything to get him for a while now.

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