Friday, December 10, 2010

My Son's Annoying Teeth Grinding

It makes me annoyed whenever i hear my son grinding his teeth when he is asleep. He actually does it too even when he is awake before when he was a little younger, but now he is trying to stop it so i won't hear it, because i keep on telling him to quit it. But during when he is asleep, he doesn't know what he is doing, he grinds his teeth and it sounds like his teeth crumbles into small pieces. I really don't like it, i always shakes his cheeks whenever he does it. I never fail to tell him soon as he wakes up that he grinds his teeth during at night and he said that he did not know about it. So, i searched a teeth guard for my son to protect his teeth and to get rid of that annoying noise i always hear as well.
Kids MouthGuard
I don't really care if his teeth goes bad for he still got his baby teeth, all i am concerned about is the annoying noise he makes when he starts to grind his teeth like he is biting a very gewey food or something. I don't know where to get the teeth guard for my son though because when i searched it, i did not trust those website stores that are selling for it. I will just probably ask my dentist's office or maybe a friend that might know where to get them in person. I just can't stand it anymore if my son falls asleep with me and i wake up because of the noise that he makes grinding his teeth. So i said that i've got to do something about it and will have to find solution to it so when he has his teeth guard at night, i won't hear him grinding his teeth anymore. And soon as i fix that problem, the second thing that i need to find a solution is my husband's annoying loud snore, lol! Argh! My family is really something, isn't it? lol!

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