Thursday, December 2, 2010

Newer Car Models, The Better

Every year car companies introduces their new models, they have these newer versions and does things better than the older versions. My car is been three years now since hubby bought it. It was actually a present for me of my husband soon as we realized that we are expecting another angel. Sadly, that baby that we expected to come didn't make it until my full term semester, she passed away and left her family with unbearable pain in our hearts. Anyway, so much for my drama, that was just part of the story why hubby bought my car.

When hubby and i went to a car dealer stores, we considered a lot of car choices. We did not really bought the car that i have right now right away because we want to compare it first to the other cars we were considering of getting it. We in fact almost getting the Chevrolet Spark, but we decided not to. I got dizzy that time, the fact that i wasn't feeling too well because i was pregnant, plus seeing all those different kinds of beautiful cars. The Lexus Es-350 caught my eyes too, it's just so pretty but it's not a practical car for me to have since i hardly go outside, i want a car that is mainly for me to drive around the city or even to just here in town.
The Nissan Armada is a nice one too, but for some reason we didn't get it because i want to have a separate trunk in the back. So we ended up getting my car now. I am happy that i am comfortable driving it and i am more relaxed whenever i sit on the driver's seat because it has an up and down button on the side, which is neat for me because i am a petite person.
Before we left the car dealer store, i went to the sports car line. I saw a lot of them that i really like. I could not even remember most of them because i was not so aware of these sports car models that time. So i did searched them at the car encylopedia to see each one of those cars and compared the difference. I love car shopping, it's just makes me amazed that every year, newer models and beautiful cars are being advertised in the market.

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