Monday, December 13, 2010

A Black Friday of Books

Guest written by our friend Jan Petersen

Books! That's what this Black Friday meant for me. While other people were fighting over video games and flat screen TVs, I hit up about six bookstores and found some really great deals. There were dramatically reduced prices, "two for one" deals, buying one and getting others free, and clearance products marked down even further than usual. I found entire sales bins of perfectly good books that just hadn't been selling well, so they slashed prices and threw them together for anyone to dig through. I braved the piles and made a killing!

My absolute favorite deals, though, were the boxed sets. Boxed sets are a series of books all grouped together for a good price (rather than buying each book individually). So they were already cheaper than average, but certain Black Friday sales meant I was buying sets up to 70% off! I was buying brand new books that came out, after tax, to two and three dollars apiece!

I was so pleased with myself that when I got home, I grabbed some brownies and watched cable tv. They're usually indulgences for me, but I felt I deserved it.

Let other people have their expensive clothes and fancy electronics. I'm happy finding good deals on my books.

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