Friday, December 31, 2010

Have A Joyous New Year Everyone!!!

Before the last day of the year ends, i would like to greet you all a happy new year and may you all have a good health, good opportunities that comes along your way, more happiness and more good memories to keep. This is gonna be my last post for this year and i want to say goodbye for the year 2010. It has been a good year for us and we received a lot of blessings. We are hoping that we will have a better future for this coming year 2011. So have a fruitful and joyous new year everyone!!!

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

I am assuming that everyone has new year resolutions. I have been thinking what would be the best resolution that i can keep and will see progress in the future. Some people would probably think to get rid of things they don't want anymore and keep things that are special to them, especially when it is given by their loved ones. Some probably would say that they have to be a lot more nicer next year and will try to forgive those who have sinned them. There's really a whole lot of things that we can all do next year and we are all hoping for the best next year, don't we?

Well, one of my resolutions next year is i will try to get working on my tummy fat for it is getting so obvious and a little embarrassing. I have been mistakenly thought that i am expecting for so many times already and that really made me think that i've got to do something about it, it's about time. Taking best weight loss pills is one option, although there's a whole lot of choices that i can pick but weight loss pills is my top choice. I already had enough with all these surgery since i gave birth through caesarian three times plus not to mention the surgery i had after two weeks i gave birth to my third child, the doctor took out my infected gall bladder that was blocked by gall stone. So weight loss pills option is i think the best for me, so i don't have to undergo another painful surgery just for me to get the quicky lose weight. Some people do, but not for me, it's not what i think it's best for me.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday appetizers galore

Guest post written by Bonnie Tildon

Right now I'm putting together all the different appetizers that I'm going to be set out for my family when I invite them over to my home for Christmas dinner. We have a really big family and when we get together we're kind of loud and eat a whole lot, so I need to have a lot of appetizers fixed to help keep everyone happy up until they're ready to sit down and eat the actual dinner.

I knew that it was going to be a big undertaking to have everyone over at our house, but I hadn't hosted a family meal in a while so I thought that it was about that time then. While I was looking online to see what I could find in terms of recipes for appetizers, I came across this website and after I read through it, I ordered a home internet package off of it.

As for right now, I'm going to make a curried cheese ball, which is a recipe that I've never tried before but I think I need a cheese ball or my dad will give me grief about it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Falling In Love In Piano Music

Who wouldn't fall inlove of Richard Clayderman's piano music? For sure most of you already know who is this person, he is the very famous pianist that's been playing lovely music that seems like has magic potion every time he plays it. Ever since when i was younger, i start loving his music already but was not fully aware then who he was that time. All i know is his music is so soothing and very relaxing to the souls who listens to it. It was yesterday when i decided to keep on listening to his music through youtube and i was so surprised that he was the one who played all those music that i really love. What's ironic about it is, it was his birthday yesterday and i just thought of searching all his songs and listened to it the whole day!

How i wish one of my kids will get interested to play instruments especially the piano for i really love listening to it. In fact, i was day dreaming earlier that it was my oldest who played the piano and i was sitting beside him. Hubby used to play piano during his younger years but for some reason he stopped. It would have been so nice if he continued it so he still can play piano until now and will play with me sitting beside him. But oh well, i will just hope for my kids now, really i am inlove with piano music. Richard Clayderman is been playing piano at his early age and was taught by his father who himself is a piano teacher.

I will try to suggest it to my son to play piano and i hope that he will get interested to it and will fully embrace that kind of hobby it later on. I would be so nice if he plays piano while i sit beside him, that would be so awesome! I myself is not an instrument lover, but i love when someone will play it for me, it always amazes me whenever there's someone that has the talent how to play instruments. So, if one of my kids will love to play instruments, especially the piano, then that's the time that one of my dreams for them will come true.

Quality Family Time

Guest post written by Peter Walkin

Just like everyone else, I really look forward to the weekends sooo much. I work all the time so when the weekend rolls around, it means that I finally get a chance to spend more than just a few hours a day with my boys. By the time I get home on the weekdays, I am seriously exhausted and only have a few hours to spend after dinner time. I often have to rely on the weekends for quality time. I also miss having more time with my wife, as well.

This past weekend, I got a chance to do a few fun things with the family. I took them all to their first professional hockey game, and I think they really got a kick out of the game. My wife enjoyed herself, and the boys really enjoyed the mascot and all the excitement. When we got home, I had to take a second to go to to find solutions for our roofing issue, but right after I went back and played Nintendo with the boys. IÕm glad I got some family time in and I look forward to doing some more activities next weekend!

New Year Is Fast Approaching

New year is almost here! Are you all ready to welcome the coming up another year? My family and i are so ready for it, we are excited and hoping that the new year will bring us some more blessings and will give us more opportunities. Hubby and i are looking forward for a good starting year and will be able to sustain our family's needs. Although this year isn't that bad for us but we are hoping that this 2011 coming up will even be better for us, and of course better for all the people in the world who's looking forward to have a good start as well just like us.

And to start for a good new year, i believe that taking care of everything what we should do is the best thing to do right now since the year 2010 is not over yet. Hubby took care of everything already, bought us groceries and paid all the bills that we need to pay. And it reminded me that i need to pay my personal bills too such as my website hosting so i don't have to worry about it next year. I love my windows web hosting because it is very affordable and the service is just as great like what i wanted it to be. Right now, i just have to relax and wait until the New year's eve comes and celebrate the new beginning of another year for our family.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Online Math Tutor For Me

When i was still in high school the subject that i hate the most is the math. I am very weak in math for i cannot easily understand it. Well, i can understand the basic but with those some other things in math makes me hard to understand and solve it. Call me dummy i would admit it because that is true. You better let me do something else rather than let me do a math solving, which i cannot guarantee to give a correct answer. If only my mother has enough source of income, she would probably get me a Math Tutor so i can have one on one teaching and that way, i can fully understand of what will the Tutor will teach me.

Now that i have kids of my own, i will make sure that they will do good in school especially the math because it is part of our daily life. I hope they will inherit their father's intelligence. Hubby is really good at math, he can sum up big numbers by just using his mind while i use calculator and he still beats me. Hubby said that i might consider enrolling myself to an Online math tutor so to sharpen my knowledge about math. Since i am a stay at home mother, getting an Online Tutor is just perfect for me because it's available 24/7 for just a very affordable price . So wish me luck, even though i know that i am very weak in math, i still am hoping that i will learn more about it.

Local Yellowpage Is Very Helpful

Don't you find the local yellowpages very helpful? I have had a lot of experiences myself about getting help from it. Since we love to travel with my family, i always find it very helpful to use the local yellowpage wherever we are. There was one time that we had a trip by east of the country over two years ago, we got lost and can't find the place that we're supposed to go because that was the first time we traveled there, well, it's not first time for hubby but technically, it was his first time going to his brother's new house. So i told hubby why not stop to a place where there's phone booth so we can find his younger brother's phone number by doing the local search. We found his brother's number and we're so glad that we made it to his home safe and sound, we spent our Christmas day over there and left a day after the holiday.

But before we left his younger brother's house, we searched the local restaurants for us to know where to go and eat since we were not familiar to that city where they live. It was a fun vacation and quite a long one. Although we lost and found our ways, and got so exhausted, but it was a one memorable trip that my family would never ever forget. We stopped by to many places and bought some things as our remembrance of our trip. We do that every time we go for a trip so we can keep something that will reminds us we've been to that place.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Holiday Photoshoot With Kids

Everyone is enjoying the Christmas holiday i supposed. Our Christmas day is so quiet and more on family bonding, we were ought to go to see another Christmas lights in another city but we decided not to because the stores are closed right now. The kids might demand food and we can't find a place where to buy food for them. Also, since we have something else to do tomorrow, we might as well do everything tomorrow. We are going to see the different formations of colored Christmas lights in Ogden City, next to our city.

We already went for a train ride the other day to see the lights in the big city and the kids sure had a blast. Our five year old boy kept exclaiming that he indeed had so much fun with our trip to Salt Lake City where the lights are at. But before we took off the house, while daddy is at work, i gave the kids a real nice warm bath and got them dressed and took some pictures of them. It made my heart smile seeing my kids dressed so nicely and looking so handsome. The little one wasn't too cooperative but i am glad the big brother was able to make him smile while sitting on the stool. It's really hard to take snaps of kids because they cannot keep themselves still, but it feels so rewarding if i can get at least couple of good shots of them. Here are some good shots that i got during my photo shoot with them. But before i forget, i would like to greet you all a "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A FRUITFUL NEW YEAR!!!"
Season's GreetingsThey are the blessings that i am thankful for all through these years. Merry Christmas and have a fruitful new year! From my family to yours :)They are the blessings that i am thankful for all through these years. Merry Christmas and have a fruitful new year! From my family to yours :)They are the blessings that i am thankful for all through these years. Merry Christmas and have a fruitful new year! From my family to yours :)They are the blessings that i am thankful for all through these years. Merry Christmas and have a fruitful new year! From my family to yours :)They are the blessings that i am thankful for all through these years. Merry Christmas and have a fruitful new year! From my family to yours :)They are the blessings that i am thankful for all through these years. Merry Christmas and have a fruitful new year! From my family to yours :)

Liquor Addict Neighbor

I won't say that intaking alcohol in our body is not good, in fact i read a journal that's saying intaking alcohol, wine or rhum can be good sometimes especially the wine, it is good for the heart and to fight the cold during winter season. But getting addicted to it is a different story. I remember our neighbor back in my country, it was my best friend's grandmother, she became a liquor addict and gets crazy if she cannot drink any kind of alcoholic drink. Too bad she died before she got treated. It would have been good if she undergone an alcohol detox. She used to be a good person but since she gave birth and the baby died, she became a liquor addict and led her to death due to her liver was burnt by the alcohol she's been drinking for years and years.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Enjoy The Holidays, Worry Things Later

It's expected to everyone's houses to have the big mess after the Christmas day opening of presents. Hubby already pretty much got rid of the Christmas presents wrappers and now we have to put things away that our kids scattered. It can be frustrating or upsetting sometimes when you see your house all messed up even when you tried your best to clean up everything. But since we got kids running around the house, it cannot be denied that our house is always a mess. Our neighbor told me that her house was a lot more disaster looking before her kids were little, and now that all her kids are grown and settled, yes her house is all tidy and spotless but she missed those days that kids were running around and making a big mess at the same time. So she told me to enjoy it for now because it will never last, later on i will miss all these things that i am experiencing right now.

Anyway, a friend of mine from Texas just phoned me earlier and greeted each other a Merry Christmas to our families. We talked so long over the phone and she also mentioned her mess in her house. In fact she will be going to call the house carpet cleaner austin after all these holidays to clean their carpet. There were lots of guests she had last night and today and her new bought carpet are getting dirty and raggy because of so many shoes coming in and out in her house. Some of her friends brought their dogs along with them and she was unhappy when the other dog peed on the carpet. She's glad that the dog urine odor removal austin company that she usually calls can do it for her.

Well, the holiday sure is a lot fun but it can be also exhausting afterwards. I will have to call the company here in our town too just like my friend. She said she really needs to call the shampoo carpet cleaning austin because cleaning won't be enough for her carpet, it's terribly dirty and it looks so awful. I just told her that she just have to enjoy the holidays for now and worry about things later just like what i do, we'll all just have fun for today and clean everything up after the holiday is over.

A Fun Family Christmas Night

Merry Christmas everyone!!! How's your holiday? Ours was so much fun. A day before the Christmas eve, we went to the capital city to see the different colors Christmas lights. The kids had fun the most for they were so amused by those lights shining in the trees. There are also big Christmas tree in there that my son thought it was real. The place was so crowded, lots of people also went to see the beautiful Christmas lights. Mostly kids were all bundled up especially those newborn and just barely turned a year old just like my little one. It sure was cold but we all felt good as soon as we entered inside the building to see the big organ.

We went out to enjoy the outside more and there was a big crowd by the corner of the place and we were wondering what it was, at first i thought there was an accident going on, but it made me smile when i found out there were cowboys entertainers wearing old gringo boots singing a song that got people interested and gave them some donations. There were also some other entertainers there that sang Christmas song, and i think they are acapella as they call it, if i am not mistaken. It was a fun night for my family, another precious memory to treasure and of course i took lots of photos to keep.

I was a little tired soon as we got home because of too much walking. I am glad i wore my tory burch shoes which is very comfortable to my feet. I was about to wear my high heeled boots but hubby told me not to because we are going to do a lot of walking and yes, i am thankful i listened to my thoughtful husband, because if i didn't i would have suffer an excruciating pain in my feet. That reminds me, speaking of shoes, i need to find me a formal high heeled shoes at Shoe Inn for me to wear this coming New Year's party at my friend's house, she said we are going to wear a formal dress and of course a nice shoes that will match to the beautiful dress we are going to wear. I am excited again for this coming get together holiday!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Grandfather Little Potato

Little potato lolo hihi :)
Sure my little one can't keep his hand still. He always like to get into something interesting. Just like my glasses, because he always sees me wearing it, and if i take it off and put it down, he grabs it and wear it too. And i try to take it back from him because he might break it. Everyday, he likes to get my glasses so he can play with it. So for him to be satisfied and pretend i was playing with him, i put on to him and he was all happy, i took some snaps of him but he was too wiggly and wanted to take it off and on. He was smiling at me letting me know that he liked the idea that i put my glasses on to him, silly boy. The glasses does look like it's his, it's probably because his face structure is just like Mommy's. He does look like a little grampa haha :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

California Moving Companies

It is not so hard to move from one state to another these days anymore for there are a lot of moving companies already that are ready for the movers to help unlike way back then, it's so hassle and worst part is sometimes movers encounters some trouble or problem along the road. My husband's cousin just moved to California from Washington. Her husband is now being assigned in California and will be permanently living there for good. So they had no choice but to move and sell their house in Washington. Good thing that someone got interested right away and bought their house. And she was so thankful that they did not encounter any problems as they were Moving To California.

They called California International Movers to help them and she was just grateful that it was a success move from one state to the other. California Movers are great help to them, she told me. Without them, she would not even know what to do with her furnitures and some other important things that she cannot just leave in her previous house in Washington. She also thanked me because i was the one who suggested her to call some California Moving Companies to help them with their moving plan. It was a good day when they arrived there and had all her things set in her new house. She wanted us to visit her new place, but we don't know when are we going back to California yet, so we'll see, maybe next year or so. I am excited to see her new house too since i already saw the pictures she shared that she has a big spacious nice new place.

Monday, December 20, 2010

We Bond As Much As We Can

Spending quality time with my kids is my most top priority. That's the best way to communicate with them and get to know what they are thinking, what they feel or if they do have questions in their minds that wants to be answered by us their parents. Talking to them at the very early age about alcohol or drug addiction is the best thing to do so they will be aware that these things won't bring them any good, instead it will harm them, their future and most of all, it will ruin their life. So as much as possible, whenever i am free, we always do some fun activities and talk some things at the same time for them to know that we, their parents do care and think of them all the time. That way, they will know that they are precious to us and we love them very much for they are the most priceless blessings we ever have.

In my opinion and observation, kids gets involve with such bad habits and will lead into addiction due to lack of communication with them and the family doesn't have time to answer their confused minds. The result, kids will ended up into the teen drug treatment or teen alcohol rehab for them to get treated with their addictions because they first experimented how it's like and later on it leads into addiction. They probably find it temporarily getting out from the real world of theirs if they do such things like taking drugs or drinking alcohol. But because they are just too young and vulnerable, they get carried away and doesn't have the control to stop from it anymore, then the parents will have to send them to teen drug rehab.

Really, the family should spend time with their kids, do some fun activities and some other exciting things to get to know more about the kids as they grow so to keep the kids get away from experimenting their own ways. Also, the parents should know more about teen addiction info enable for them to deal with the kids even more how they behave as they grow. I have been reading it and learned a lot of things about it, i really need to get more knowledge about it so i will know how to handle my kids well as best as i can so to keep my kids from experimenting things that might lead into addiction.

Independent Little Guy

As like what i said about my previous post here, my two boys are totally opposite in so many ways. But there's one thing they are in common, trying to be independent at the very early age. My third child is trying to do things on his own without the help of his family or anybody just like his big brother before. He likes to walk without me or daddy holding him, he likes to climb up on a chair without anybody's help. He sure is a very independent little guy.

It was the other night when i made him soup and was trying to feed him with the rolls with it but he refused. He kept on turning his head from me for he wants to be the one to feed himself. So if he wants it, then be it, i let him eat by himself. But as you can expect, kids does things in messy way, lol! That's how they learn though, by keep doing what they want to do everyday. So, of course it was me who cleaned up the big mess he made. But who can ever resist to this sweet smile? This is what he gave me for letting him eat by himself, he was so happy that he get to hold the spoon and sip the soup from it. But look how messy he is! I gave him a real warm bath after all this, and the mess that he left behind was all cleaned up by dear poor mother lol!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Runs In Our Family

I must say that we were raised by our mother through her different kinds of business and because of that, we grew up thinking that business is part of us. Even though that my mother lost some of her business when our father died, still she was able manage the other business she had. Now that my mother is not capable of running any other kinds of business anymore, my siblings and i all agreed that we should support our mother's needs for it's our turn to do the favor. We should take care of her and do what she just did to us her children.

Anyway, i mentioned the business because it must have runs in the blood of the family that we all love to do the business. My sister told me that she is planning to sell some Wholesale Products to the stores the she talked to. She already signed contracts with some big stores that sells retail products. What a great business!

And now she needs my help to find other people that might be interested to be the Wholesale Suppliers just like her. Being Wholesalers is a one wonderful idea to start a business since you don't have to sell the products individually. Let the big stores does it and takes care of it. Another business minded in the family and i am excited to see her business grow as time goes by.

Business Card For My Brother

If my brother is happy with his growing business, then i am just as happy as he is. He's starting to get some home services from people that wants him to fix their computers. Aside from the internet shop he's got right now, he also does a home service to fix electronic appliances, and he is specialized more on to computers. He must have really the guts with that kind of business because it's not even that long yet since he started his business but then it's already known to the place where his business is at. He is very excited everyday, he's starting to get more customers that keeps on coming back to his place.
So because of that, i helped him to find a place where he can order a business card printing so whenever there's people are inquiring about his services, he can hand them his business cards to call him whenever they're available to have his service. I actually ordered his business card at the PrintRunner where there's a whole lot of selections on how you want your cards to be look like. And i chose the simple template yet readable so people can easily read it no problem.

There was one guy he told me that soon after he knew about my brother, he was so happy that finally the broken appliances he's got in his home will get them fixed. He's been looking for a good guy that can do the job but he wasn't able to. My brother is happy too because he gets to make more money aside from taking care of his internet shop.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blomus Stainless Firepit

Going to our basement during the winter is the last thing i would like to do before we had our blomus stainless steel fireplace set. We do have our heater furnace in there too but it's not enough to heat up the place for the wall is made of cement and it takes time to warm the place just by using the furnace. So, whenever there's family of ours that'll visit us and spend some time here in our house. We always ready our master's bedroom upstairs so they can use it while we sleep in our bed downstairs and turns on the blomus stainless steel teaset.

Sometimes, kids like to sleep with us so we decided to put a blomus stainless steel firepit by the television room downstairs. So we can still keep warm if we watch movie with our little ones. They like being in the place where it's warm and cozy. So we mainly got it for them, they love to go downstairs a lot during this time, winter where downstairs is used to be the worst part of our house to stay. It's nice to see the firepit glowing downstairs while watching our favorite movies, it looks like we are camping and we have the portable bon fire and it can be moved to where we like to put it.

Desktop For Our Son

Looking for best desktops is our goal this coming holiday season since we have been planning to replace the desktop of our son because he keeps on complaining that it freezes on him, it makes him lose his games. He always asks me if i can let him borrow my laptop because he can never finish his games whenever he uses his desktop because it is not working as good anymore. Well, hubby and i are considering of buying him new one this Christmas since computers are not that expensive anymore nowadays. We can buy him the basic desktop that just good for his games and something else.

Presents Under The Tree

Are your trees up yet? Or maybe i am just a little too late asking about it lol! I should ask you about the presents underneath the tree if they're wrapped and ready to be given by your loved ones. Ours are not quite ready yet, we supposed to do the shopping last weekend but it did not happen because i went to a Christmas party with some of my friends. So since this is the last weekend we can have to shop for the presents of our kiddos and for ourselves as well, we've got to be done by then.

I am not so sure of what my husband is going to give me this Christmas holiday, i don't want to expect anything from him though. But i already have something in my mind what to give him and to my precious kids. In fact, i already wrapped some presents for them but i want to wrap more presents for them to open. Although they are not so expensive but i am proud that i earned that money through my blogging. I can't wait for Christmas, i can't wait to see the excitement of my to open their presents under the Christmas tree. And, oh, i will have to buy a gingerbread kit, i almost forgot about it, it's going to be the first time. And i am excited to make one for my kids...

Custom Laptop

Though i am not so sure if hubby will buy me a new laptop this coming holiday season, still i am hoping he will for he already told me that he will sometime. Anyway, i asked my brother what kind of laptop should i get that i would like, since i don't really know how to pick. He is good on computers that's why i asked his opinion, and he told me that i better get the customized one because nowadays there are lots of custom laptops, so i can personalized it according to how i like to look like and everything. Hmmm, that is indeed a really good idea, i never thought of that before not until my brother suggested it.

Honda Portable Generators

We hardly get lack out here in our town, probably because there's enough power to supply each and every houses here. Since this is not as big city as the capital city here in our state, i should say that power shortage is not a problem here. But still, hubby is ready enough just in case there will be a black out that might happen, he already have our honda portable generators to keep our house bright. But that generator is never been used since i got here because if there's black out going on, it only takes for a few minutes and the power goes back on again, it's not worth turning on our generators.

Bathroom Cabinet

The first thing i noticed when i got here in this house is our bathroom cabinet. It's so small, not enough room where to put all the medicines we need. It's probably because hubby is being just by himself for long years and not thinking that he would remarry and will be having kids. Now that he's got new family, he replaced a lot of things around in this house. Just like what i said that the bathroom cabinet is not that big, so he bought a Robern Medicine cabinet and replaced it. It's unwise not to keep some medicine in the house especially for kids because if they get sick, there will be nothing to grab to make them feel better.

The Two Opposite Boys

You probably heard me already before ranting about my two boys that they are totally opposite in so many ways especially their attitudes. My eldest is more quiet and reserved, a keen observant boy and has so many questions that is always ready to be thrown to us his parents. It's sometimes getting so tiring answering his questions because it's endless, there's always question from one to another. He is a smart little man that always asking what's going on around him.

The little one is more handful and adventurous. He likes getting into everything and screams so loud whenever he gets his time out, his crib time. He doesn't like being stuck in one place, he likes roaming around in the house and makes a mess. He's the most tiring boy to take care of for i have to watch him all the time but he is also a joyful one for he entertains us his family every single day.

My boys are sure different but even though they are opposite in so many ways, i love both of them for how they are. Every kids comes out with their own personality and i don't want to change them the way they are now for that's how they came out to be. I can just guide them by disciplining them, but not to change their personalities. The little one might change later as he grow though, that's what my mother told me. He will be a fine young man just like his big brother.

We Have Lead Free House

Worrying about my family especially my kids's health is my first priority. I have to make sure that everything they touch is not harmful to their health and it's clean. I am not a clean freak mother but i always make sure that they won't get sick because of something that they might get from somewhere. So hubby and i made sure that our paint here in our house is lead free. Lead is the most harmful chemicals that are very risky for the kids. I did not know that some paints are containing some lead, i have no idea about it then not until hubby told me and bought some lead test kit to make sure that the lead is not present in our house.
Hubby is very resourceful, i always learn something new from him which i am so happy because i learn new things and those things that i learn from him is very important to know. Just like the lead, some people might not be aware about it just like me before, but they have to know about it for their family's health sake. This most effective lead test kit can detect whether the things around the house has lead just by rubbing it to the things you want to see if there's lead presence in it. Within just thirty seconds you will get the result if there's lead in it when the instant lead testing swab turns pink.

I am so thankful that there's a product that's something like this can detect harmful chemicals that might be the cause of the kids's health risk. I thank hubby for being such a resourceful guy, if not because of him, i would not learn about all these that things are possibly has some harmful chemicals just like the lead which is very dangerous chemicals that is big no no for the kids to get close to.

Cheap Eyeglasses For Me

I remember when i was in my country having my long vacation i got scared thought i was going blind. All of the sudden my eyesight was so blurry. I could not see anything that is in a certain distance, i have to look so close enable for me to see it. Goodness that was really scary. So i thought that my eye vision has changed so i bought myself a cheap eyeglasses in there so i can see better, and it worked. I was so glad that i got the eyeglasses for less, and i was able to see things better. That was one scary part of my vacation though, and good thing it did not lasts for a long time, that would've freak me out.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Must Be Day Dreaming

When i came here in our house i thought this is big enough for all of us. But when we got two kids, then i started to realized that this house is not as big as what i thought it is. The kids are getting big and soon enough they will ask to have their own room each of them, as they are sharing one room as of now. So, hubby and i has been thinking about it that we might have to buy a bigger house, so the kids can have their own room. This house is just not meant for big family for it is not that spacious where kids can run around. Also it doesn't have enough rooms for more than three kids.

If we will buy a new house, i would like to be the one who will pick the house that i want where we can live until we get old and until the kids are grown. I have not much of a choice to this house since hubby already bought this long before he even knew and met me. I want my new house to have some window boxes planters, so to add more beauty to the house. I always get fascinated to the houses i see that has like that, it's just so pretty. Putting some window flower boxes is one of my dream to have in my new house since we can't do that here in this house it is because we are located in a shady spot. It will be hard for the flowers to survive for the flowers surely needs the sunlight.
It would be so nice if i wake up in the morning and smell the flowers by my window plant boxes soon as i open the it. It can make my day so beautiful, flowers also can cheer up someone's soul. Oh well, i must have been day dreaming. This is just one of my wish that we can have a more spacious house and a lot nicer outside view, instead of just having tall trees around our house.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prime Lens For Me This Christmas

Looks like and it sounds like hubby is going to add another lens of my camera this coming Christmas. He already told me that he might have an overtime this coming Saturday and we just go to the store on Friday afternoon after he gets off to work because he is thinking that he might go to work on Saturday afternoon instead of morning. This is the last weekend we can have to buy all the presents that we need to wrap for our family and we've got to get the shopping done so we can wrap the presents before Christmas.

And though i already heard hubby told me that he will buy me a new laptop, i told myself not to get excited too much about it or it might not happen. What i am excited most about is the lens he is going to get for me as additional for my camera. I want the other one though but i understand that hubby can't get it for now for it is a little too much because we are both still paying some bills right now. Maybe i will just save my own little income to get the other lens later on, but for now, i am happy to know that hubby is going to buy me a prime lens that is good for portrait and travel photography.
50 mm lens

Shopping Deals on Black Friday

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

This past Black Friday, I made a trip to Best Buy to get some really great deals. I made sure to set my goals on what I wanted the night before. I set my alarm for about three in the morning and I got up and had a very early morning out shopping and dealing with crowds. I live in a city area, so the crowds are always crazy on Black Friday. I usually have to sit on lines for a few hours before I can even get into the stores. In fact, some stores even sell tickets to people so they can avoid a rush into the front doors. Once in awhile I'll even see some people camping outside the store. I don't think I could ever do that!

This past Black Friday, I made sure to bring a lot of catalogs with me. Apparently, there was a forty inch flat screen television on sale. I made sure to get there early enough to get it. But unfortunately for me, it was already sold out by the time I got my ticket and could enter the store. It was a real downer because that was what I got up early to get. I wound up coming home and relaxing to some programs on my Dish. Next year I'll have to plan a little better before venturing out.

Thomas Kinkade Christmas puzzle

Guest post written by Lawrence Myers

Since we retired, me and my wife took up puzzles together. We had never really had the time to work on any together before that, but thought that it would be a nice relaxing activity that we could do indoors away from the TV. When I went into retirement, I told myself that I wouldn't just spend the rest of my life watching TV and I've been working hard to keep that promise to myself.

But i think that we've bought just about every puzzle that our local Walmart has and now we have to look elsewhere for puzzles. I wanted to find one for us to do here around Christmas and went searching online for the perfect holiday puzzle. When I was doing that I saw the website and decided to change over our home internet service to it because our old service just hadn't been cutting it here lately.

I found a Thomas Kinkade Christmas puzzle that I thought would even be nice to use some puzzle glue with and preserve to put up with our Chirstmas decorations.

My Black Friday Shopping Adventure

This guest post from Margaret Mills

So I finally did it. I decided to wake up at 4 am, survive the freezing temperatures, and battle the crowds for my own Black Friday shopping adventure. It was a frigid, long, rewarding day. I decided to go to an early morning farmer's market this year to find some things for coworkers and could not have been happier with my choice.

Before the sun had even come up I drove by our local mall down the street. Cars were honking and lines were forming hours before the doors were open. Shoppers were battling one another for discount electronics and the newest hit movies, I decided to take a different route. While the farmer's market was fairly busy, everyone seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere and the season. There was no pushing or shoving, just friendly people selling some great products. I found a woman who made custom gift-baskets with homemade treats, drinks, and trinkets. I found a basket that was not only perfect for everyone on my list, but at a great price.

Warm and comfortable back at home, I plopped in front of my direct star tv and began thinking. This season I wasn't going to be about standing in lines and stressing myself out. This is the holiday season where I am going to slow things down and enjoy my family and friends. I am going to remember that the more time I am standing in lines means I will have that much less time in my own home.

Hello, How's My English?

I often get the compliment that my English is very good, even when i just barely got here. Most of them told me are Americans. They were quite surprised that i speak English very good for they probably expecting me to have hard time to speak the most known international language. It was so funny to remember that my husband told me once that he was being asked to some of his co workers before i got here if i speak good English, and he just answered them that we just do the sign language so we can understand each other, lol! Silly guy!

I don't consider myself that i speak English very fluent, because i only knew some basic conversation kind of grammar. I even admire some of my fellowmen for speaking really excellent grammar, which i can't do but have been trying to learn though. I won't feel embarrassed to tell the whole world that i only graduated high school. I was not able to continue my studies to college for my mother was the only one who did her best to raised all of us even when my father was still alive. So since my mother doesn't have a stable source of income, she told me that she cannot send me to college which i understand then and went to look for a job myself instead of being idle.

Well anyway, i noticed that my grammar is gradually getting a lot better since i got here in this English speaking country. It's so funny to think that every time i talk to someone, especially the Caucasians, they never fail to comment about my English, they always tell me that i speak good English as if i am American like them. But still, even if i already am getting those good comments from people about my English, i would want to learn more still, enable for me to interact to those not just ordinary people, meaning, they are somebody kind of people.

Reading news and some other things here in the internet really helped me a whole lot, but i am thinking that going to school learning more about speaking English will be a good idea. I am happy that i am learning everyday just by having conversation with my husband and talking to my five year old son which i often get an accent correction from him lol! So anyway, how's my English grammar so far???

Go Auburn, Go!

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Finally, the Auburn Tigers have made it back to the SEC Championship game. Also, I don't care what people say about South Carolina getting an upset victory; there is no way that Auburn loses this game. I will be watching this game on my Satalite TV Offers and witnessing the Tigers destroy the Gamecocks. The first game between these two teams may have been close, but nothing will stop the Tigers from making it to the national championship. Hopefully, it will be against Oregon.

Speaking of Oregon, I really hope they can beat the Oregon State Beavers. If so, they will make it to the national championship against the Auburn Tigers. It will be a better game than if Oregon loses and TCU jumps to number two in the nation. I know the Tigers can beat TCU, but I'd rather Oregon make it to the title game so that Auburn can beat them instead of taking on a weaker TCU team.

So, when it's all said and done, the Auburn Tigers should walk out of the South Carolina game as champions of the SEC. After that, it's onto the national championship where they will soon be crowned champions of college football.

A Fun Surprise

Guest post written by Jenn Milne

The cutest thing happened the other day as Bill and I were sitting down for the night and I was on the comptuer looking up El Paso sears cabinet refacing deals, I heard the faint sounds of Christmas carols coming out from behind the front door. I got up to look out the window to see what it was and sure enough, there was a group of 12 young, bundled-up and rosy-cheeked carolers singing there. They'd come from a local youth activity group up the street.

I've gotta tell you, that one little thing just made my night. Living out here in rural Texas, you don't really get a lot of know, people mostly keep to themselves. But for some reason, this group of little ones who just came to spread some holiday cheer really touched me. It brought me back to the days when my mom used to take me caroling for our neighbors...just one more thing that makes this time of year so magical.

The Smell of Christmas

This guest post from Rafael Hodge

My kids and I love to make Christmas ornaments and decorations. Our favorite decoration to make is gingerbread houses! Instead of buying a gingerbread kit, we buy graham crackers, icing, sprinkles, Christmas chocolates, and candies. We get a holiday tray and start putting the house together, using the icing to keep the graham crackers together. Once the house is built and sturdy, we put icing on the roof, then cover it with sprinkles. And we make a Christmas scene with the candy. When everyone is done, I put them on the dining room table as decorations. The kids are always proud of their work!

We also like to make ornaments that make the whole house smell good. We do this by taking a bowl and mixing half apple sauce and half cinnamon. After it is mixed together, you can use a cookies cutter to cut them into Christmas designs. Then, you need to make sure to leave a whole at the top, so you can put a string through it so it can hang on the tree. Then, you just put it in the oven for about 10 minutes until it looks done. They make the house smell amazing with the warm scent of cinnamon.

Doing these Christmas projects bring my family together. We usually end the night watching Christmas movies on our Direct TV satellite TV deals!

Nativity blocks for my kids

Guest post written by Judy Bowers

I think that when kids are as young as my kids are, the best way to teach them important lessons is to play with them. So I wanted come up with some way that would teach my kids and help remind them the true meaning of Christmas.

I thought about finding a fun craft that they could make and play with, so I went online to get some inspiration for that. When I was looking that up, I came across the website and ended up ordering an internet package from it for our home internet access.

I found an even better idea for what do to though. I decided to make some DIY nativity blocks that they could play around with. It sounded like an easy enough little craft for me to finish in one day and my husband happily cut the wooden blocks for me in the garage. I didn't trust myself to do that part. I think that my kids have been having a lot of fun with the blocks. I'm just glad that I made something that's too big for my 2 year old to put in his mouth.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday's Christmas Party

So i did went to the party last Saturday. It was an okay party but i promised myself not to attend that group anymore. There were things i observed that i really don't want to be with that group, i just simply don't belong there and the ambiance is not really a friendly kind. Soon as we entered the main entrance with my friends, i can just almost see every eyes doing the "HEAD TO FOOT" stare at us. Honestly we were the ones that are well dressed to that party. It was a friend who invited us told us that we should wear something really formal like a cocktail dress. But we are all surprised when we got there that some aren't wearing formal dress. Very few of them are just wearing dresses and most of them wearing just like an ordinary days outfit, jeans and shirts.

So anyway, they wanted us to join the association but i did not sign up because i can just feel through my instinct that i don't want to be in there again for there are envious kind of people out there. They cannot just be happy for their fellowmen, instead, they try to pull others down. I saw some people in the party smirking like they did not welcome our presence as new faces to the party. So that made me decide that i am not going to attend to that association party anymore.

But aside from all that, we enjoyed our bonding with my friends, we took a lot of pictures when the party was over. I guess my friends thought of the same thing as i do, since we felt like we are not welcome to be in their group, lol! Anyway, this is what i wore in the party, not so fancy but yet elegant kind of dress. This picture was taken in our house before we left heading to the party with my friends. I bought this dress in Philippines during my vacation there, not a very expensive kind of dress but i look good at it don't i? lol! Just kidding...
Heading to the party

Silhouette ornaments

Guest post written by Eliza Collins

We have several different picture ornaments on our Christmas tree, but I thought that maybe I could do something that would be kind of like pictures but represent all my kids just the same.

I went online to try and get some inspiration for some personalized ornaments that weren't just picture ones. But I wanted to do something a little bit more than just an ornament with a name on it though. While I was searching for this, I found the website and read through it. As a result, I ordered a home internet package.

Then I found this really great idea for a silhouette ornament. I had my kids sit for silhouette portraits back a few years ago and just created mini versions of them for the ornaments. They looked really nice on the tree and are a little more formal than most picture ornaments, which is kind of what I was going for anyway. My kids thought that they were pretty neat once I hung them up on the tree and told them what they were.

A Black Friday of Books

Guest written by our friend Jan Petersen

Books! That's what this Black Friday meant for me. While other people were fighting over video games and flat screen TVs, I hit up about six bookstores and found some really great deals. There were dramatically reduced prices, "two for one" deals, buying one and getting others free, and clearance products marked down even further than usual. I found entire sales bins of perfectly good books that just hadn't been selling well, so they slashed prices and threw them together for anyone to dig through. I braved the piles and made a killing!

My absolute favorite deals, though, were the boxed sets. Boxed sets are a series of books all grouped together for a good price (rather than buying each book individually). So they were already cheaper than average, but certain Black Friday sales meant I was buying sets up to 70% off! I was buying brand new books that came out, after tax, to two and three dollars apiece!

I was so pleased with myself that when I got home, I grabbed some brownies and watched cable tv. They're usually indulgences for me, but I felt I deserved it.

Let other people have their expensive clothes and fancy electronics. I'm happy finding good deals on my books.

My Son Loves This Part Of Christmas More Than Receiving Gifts

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

It's that time of year again. These are the happiest days of my son's life. He absolutely lives for the holiday season. While he likes Thanksgiving very much - he gets a lot of attention from family members - he knows that the end of Thanksgiving means the beginning of the holiday season. He sees all the Christmas trees and decorations and I even think he can sense the warmer vibes from family, friends, and strangers alike. Even when we were in the mall during the holiday season last year, he asked me why everyone was being so friendly. I asked myself if it was because they were trying to make sales, but I told him that everyone is just in a happy and giving mood around Christmas time. He simply smiled, which certainly warmed my heart. Of course, one of my son's favorite parts about Christmas is the presents. But he is different than most kids. His favorite aspect of Christmas is going to see Santa. Every year, we dress up really warm, put our boots on, set our home security alarm (ADT Security System cellguard), and head off to see Santa. Once we arrive, Santa seems to be even happier to see us than we are to see him. This makes my son very happy, which makes me very happy. We will be sure to see Santa again this year.

Broccoli, Healthy Food For My Son

My son loves to eat most of the vegetables, even the bitter melon that usually kids avoids to eat it because it's bitter. But there's one vegetable that he can't seem get enough of it, it's the broccoli. Every time i go to the store to buy some groceries, he always asks me to buy broccoli so he can munch it. He can just eat it even if i just blanch it and shake some salt and pepper with it, then it's good for him to eat. He really is a good vegetable eater, he prefers vegetables rather than eating something else like steak or maybe hotdogs.
I just love to watch him gobbling the vegetables i cook for him. Even if i mix the broccoli to some other vegetables like when i cook stir fry, broccoli always gets eaten by my son. We all love broccoli, his dad, mommy and his little brother but we always save broccoli for him. It's good for him because broccoli has a lot of fibers and will make him healthy, although he is not a big framed boy. A lot of people i heard though that, the health of the kids can't be seen through the frame but through how active he is and what he eats. I am glad my boy eats healthy foods, not just junky like what most kids eats.

LEGO presents for the boy that has it all

Guest post written by Angela Hartman

Anytime that my son asks for presents for any occasion, like for his birthday and Christmas, the only things that he'll ever ask for are LEGOS. But the bad part about that is that he already has so many LEGOS that it's really hard to find something that he doesn't already have. So the Christmas season is even a bigger challenge because of that.

I started doing Christmas shopping online with our Clear Internet a few weeks ago, in hopes of coming across some LEGOS sets that he doesn't already have and would like. That was much easier said than done.

I've gotten a few little ideas for LEGO presents to get him. He's recently gotten into Harry Potter and is finally old enough to read all of the books so I thought that maybe I could get him one of the Harry Potter LEGO sets. It ends up that there are actually a lot of different Harry Potter sets, so there are lots to choose from that he doesn't already have! I think that I won't have to worry about not having anything to get him for a while now.

College Football Time Is Here

Author: Elias Massey

Its that time of the year again, and I am ecstatic to see the college football conference championship games! This year brings some of my favorite teams, and there is money on the line between me and my buddies. They think their teams are going to win, but the joke will be on them!!

veryone comes to my house to catch the games. In the den I have a 55 inch television that we plan to use to watch the games on Directtelevision with. With such a big television it makes the games so much better. And, when we get together, its going to be loud, its going to be fun, and we'll drink all the beer we can find!

Of course the best game of the year is going to be the MTSU Blue Raiders take on the rajin' cajun' Louisiana-Lafayette. Of course being from Tennessee, I am rooting for MTSU all the way. They're going to win, and we all know that. Its going to be fun to see it, and my hand will be held out so carefree to collect my $20!

My favorite Christmas treats

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

My favorite Christmas candy or treat is marshmallow peeps just for Christmas time. They used to be only available at Easter but now are available at Christmas too. They come in little white snowmen and christmas trees. They have new flavors this year too. They come in mint flavored christmas tree shapes covered with chocolate. They are scrumptious. Another new twist on peeps is they have mint flavored christmas cookie shaped marshmallow star-shaped peeps. I think my new favorite is going to be the new gingerbread shaped sugar cookie flavored marshmallow peeps. I can't get enough of these things.

There is one other sweet treat that I like better than all of the great sweet peeps treats. Little Debbie cherry cordial treats. They are the most delicious treat and i wish they had them all year round. They are round and are cherry flavored and are covered in delicious rich chocolate.

My favorite treats make great stocking stuffers. I just today saw the commercial for holiday peeps while watching holiday specials on my satellite tv from

Shop 'Til We Drop

Guest post written by Gladys Stevens

It's finally December and even though the month just got here, my husband Bill and I are thinking about all the stuff we need to do to ensure that our family has a great Christmas. Thankfully, we've never had a problem with space-every year we can host our large family in our spacious condo. We live in Manhattan, and most of our family lives in Brooklyn and Queens, so it's a pretty central place for us all to get together. Plus, Bill and I live pretty close to central park and if the grandkids get a little restless they can always go over there together-gotta have those provisions, ha!

Our family is pretty large, so Bill and I always end up doing a lot of shopping and preparing. We started the shopping just yesterday after doing some Miracle Ear comparisons downtown, though we still have a ways to go. In all, we have four kids and they all have families of our own. Our condo gets pretty filled up, but it's always great to have everyone together under one roof. We are already having fun picking out things for our family, and we can't wait for our big Christmas bash. It's going to be the best one yet.

My VIP Kindergarten Boy

My son is excited today to go to school. Last week before he left his school his teacher gave him a special paper that he needs to finish and present it to his teacher by Monday, he is a VIP student today. That's what really made him excited because he will be the one to show his classmates about his VIP homework containing about him and his family and friend, what he likes to eat, his favorite color and where he likes to go all the time.
It was so funny that he tried to do his homework just by himself which is really nice of him that he did not asked any help from Daddy and Mommy. But according to the paper that he brought home, it needs some picture to put on, but he instead drew us as his family and it looks so cute and funny lol! So i told him that we will help together to do his homework. I printed some pictures of us as his family, himself and his friend's picture too. I also printed pictures the fruit he likes to eat, which is grapes and the place that he likes to go to, which is the park. He even asked me if he was in the park picture, so that made me laugh because i only searched the picture in the net and printed it. Too bad i don't have a picture of a park that he was in there. Oh well, better to have the one i got for him than nothing though. Now, he's all ready to go and so anxious to get to school.

Adults Are Allowed To See Santa Too

Guest post by Jewel Cole

I am not your normal individual. I'm going to tell you that right off the bat. And when you read what I'm about to write, you're going to think all the wrong things. This is why I must stress that I am a firm believer in tradition. Nostalgia is also very strong with me. When I was a kid, my father used to take me to see Santa every year. He wasn't home much otherwise due to business travel, so this was a very special event for me. I didn't even really care about seeing Santa at the time, I only pretended to be. My real interest was in spending time with my dad. He passed away when I was young, so we never got to finish out those Santa-seeing days. That is why, as an adult, I go to see Santa on an annual basis. No, I don't sit on his lap. But I do pay my admission to see him and then explain to him why I'm there. Most Santas understand and nod their heads. This is all I need. Then I walk around the mall and think about my dad. This year will be no different than any other. I will wake up, eat my Lucky Charms for breakfast, set my home security alarm, and go to the mall to see Santa. I'm looking forward to it.

Learning How to Ski

Authored by Raymond Whitney

Last month I went on my first skiing trip. I made sure to set my home security alarm (ADT security packages) before leaving the house. My boyfriend picked me as planned and we made our way to the airport. A few hours later we arrived at the Eagle Point Resort in Utah. I was a little nervous but my boyfriend was there to make sure I got the hang of everything. We rented the skiing equipment and were introduced to my skiing instructor. I wasn't aware that there were personal instructors for hire at the resort. I always assumed you already had to know how to ski. The instructor was a people person and had a great way of putting me at ease. He taught me some very basic moves and ways to make sure I keep myself safe while skiing. Before I knew it, I was coming down a slope and feeling very confident in my skiing abilities. Now that I feel more at ease with skiing, I believe I will make another trip to Eagle Point as soon as I am able to.

Back When it Was All About Santa

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

This year I am going to see Santa with my brother and his three children. It is going to be a great time for all of us to share together. We are all going to meet up on Sunday and head down to the mall together to see Santa. I am going to leave my house around noon after setting my home security alarm I found on this website. I believe we are meeting at the local gas station, so I do not have to leave any earlier. Once we all are there, we will pile into my brothers van and make our way to the mall. I am so excited to see the look on my nieces and nephews faces when they tell Santa what they want for Christmas. I remember the days when I used to believe in Santa. Those were also the days when the only issues I had was a scraped up knee and a lost piece of candy. I long to go back to those days when Santa was in my life and everything was perfect. But for now, I will enjoy watching them grow up believing in what I did and making the most out of their precious little lives.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

That Gift She Will Surely Love

Okay, i should not be so scrooge person to the lady who's been helping me through all these years since i got here. From the very first we met, she's been treating me so nice and now treated me as just like her biological daughter. She feels for me for i don't have my mother here with me, so she offered herself to be my mother here in this foreign country. Even though i am a foreigner here to be considered because this is not my homeland, but still she did not even see the difference of our complexion. All what she see between us is the bond that connected us as a mother and daughter relationship.

She helped me a lot of things, she taught me good things and taught me how to sew quilt and how to do some other things that a mom should learn. And since i am a new mom then, she really did so great assisting me. A very nice and kind neighbor that is very rare to find. A very beautiful person inside and out that is worth to be kept in someone's heart forever.

Since that Christmas holiday is drawing so near, i was thinking that thanking her by giving her a big scented candle is good enough. Hubby said that i should have got something really special for her to have. We both know that she likes gardening, so we'll get her a copper rain chain so she can put it in her garden. I always love to visit her house which is just across the street because she's got a beautiful backyard and front lawn that are full of flowers and different kinds of plants. The chains rain is just perfect for her garden and i can almost tell where she is going to put it, it's going to be by the corner of her backyard table. The rain gutter chain would be a nice one for her too. Let's see what we can get her this coming Christmas, but i am sure we will be getting her one rain chain, we are so sure that she will be happy once she receives the present from us.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Son's Annoying Teeth Grinding

It makes me annoyed whenever i hear my son grinding his teeth when he is asleep. He actually does it too even when he is awake before when he was a little younger, but now he is trying to stop it so i won't hear it, because i keep on telling him to quit it. But during when he is asleep, he doesn't know what he is doing, he grinds his teeth and it sounds like his teeth crumbles into small pieces. I really don't like it, i always shakes his cheeks whenever he does it. I never fail to tell him soon as he wakes up that he grinds his teeth during at night and he said that he did not know about it. So, i searched a teeth guard for my son to protect his teeth and to get rid of that annoying noise i always hear as well.
Kids MouthGuard
I don't really care if his teeth goes bad for he still got his baby teeth, all i am concerned about is the annoying noise he makes when he starts to grind his teeth like he is biting a very gewey food or something. I don't know where to get the teeth guard for my son though because when i searched it, i did not trust those website stores that are selling for it. I will just probably ask my dentist's office or maybe a friend that might know where to get them in person. I just can't stand it anymore if my son falls asleep with me and i wake up because of the noise that he makes grinding his teeth. So i said that i've got to do something about it and will have to find solution to it so when he has his teeth guard at night, i won't hear him grinding his teeth anymore. And soon as i fix that problem, the second thing that i need to find a solution is my husband's annoying loud snore, lol! Argh! My family is really something, isn't it? lol!

Rain Barrels For Dear Hubby

Honestly, i got a lot of things in my mind of what to give for my sweet husband this coming Christmas holiday. As we live together as a couple for almost six years now, i eventually learned how to make him happy and see him smiling by getting those things that what he really love to have. I am planning to give him a new vacuum cleaner this coming Christmas as my present for him, because our vacuum cleaner's recliner button got broken already. How funny to think about it that i will replace our vacuum cleaner and will be my husband's present. He likes to clean our carpet everyday, that's why i thought of giving him a new vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, he also loves to take care of the outside of our house. During spring time, he brings his buckets out from our garage to save the rain that pours from the gutter. He saves the water because that's the water he is going to use to water the little garden we have when summer comes. That way, he can save some water from our faucet to water our whole yard especially our backyard that really needs a lot of water.

So, since i was not able to give a real nice present for him during his birthday, i thought that rain barrels will be such a great idea for me to surprise my husband. He's been talking about it that he wanted to buy a couple of them to save the water from our roof when there's rain. The rain water barrels will just make my husband happy soon as he will receive the delivery, i can now just imagine my husband's face soon as he sees the rain harvesting barrels that is going to be delivered soon in our house. I am so happy to know that i am going to buy some in just the right time because they have some rain barrels for sale. Instead of paying the regular price, i will be able to save some money purchasing the barrels because they are having some great deals this holiday season. So isn't that so awesome that i am able to save some of my money buying my husband's presents and hubby will be able to save the rain from our roof later on too! I am so excited to see husband's reaction really, i can't wait...

Ornery Me, Hubby Said

When hubby told me that i am probably going to have my monthly visit soon because i am ornery again. I always smirk and makes face at him and not listening to what he'll say. That made me think that hubby is right, i become moody whenever i am about to get my period. Good thing, i don't get breakouts like some women get during when their monthly period comes. I am thankful that i don't have to deal with it and have to get the best acne treatment ready to prevent it. My sisters does get some breakouts, but i don't which i feel lucky about it because it will probably makes me more upset and moody if i get it during my period.

Christmas Holiday Gift

Christmas is drawing near, i am sure everyone is preparing for their lovely presents for their loved ones. Most of people are buying a very special gifts to the one they loved. It's very common to husbands to buy their wives a jewelry, or maybe even a set of jewelries. Jewelries is one woman's weakness and can't resist about it. And if you are a husband that is looking for a best selections of jewelries, the scott kay jewelry store is one of the best store to visit. There's a lot of styles of jewelries to choose from that a woman would want to have, especially this coming Christmas holiday.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Eight Feet Christmas Tree

Right after the day we came back from our fun trip, we started to put up our Christmas tree. Our oldest son was the one who is very excited to put it up and he even mentioned it before we got home. He told us that soon as we get back home, we'll have to fix our tree and put some beautiful ornaments around it. Kids are the ones that gets excited when Christmas day is approaching. I remember when i was just a little girl, i used to feel the way that my son feels right now. I get excited for i know my godmother and godfather will prepare some nice presents for me. On Christmas day, my friends and i walk together to visit our godparents so we can have our presents. That was a fun memory to reminisce for me.
Our 8 feet Christmas tree 2010
Well, anyway, we never did finish our Christmas tree in just one day. I in fact, had to go to the store to buy more gold bulbs for some of our bulbs got broken already. Our Christmas tree last year was kind of mess, for i let my son helped me put all the things to the christmas tree. What he did was, he put all the colored tinsels around the Christmas tree which made it look like a piece of garbage, but he said the Christmas tree looked beautiful though. So, i did not dare rearranging it or maybe take some out of it for he said that it's beautiful and in the eyes of a child everything in this world is beautiful. So this year, i decided to just let him help me hand everything to me and i will be the one to hang those ornaments in the tree.

We did all help to get this tree up. And i was so happy to see that our tree today looks a lot better than last year lol! This eight feet tree has been serving in our family for years and years now. Hubby bought this tree long years even before he met me. The stand cracked already, it doesn't have its built in clear lights, so i told hubby that we'll buy a new one soon as the Christmas season is over to find a best sale Christmas tree in the store. And of course the ornaments that i like to get. I am thinking that blue and silver will be a nice color for next year since we are putting gold and red ornaments this year. Isn't our Christmas tree pretty? hihi... I just love looking at it! And oh, i hang 24 peppermint candy canes in this tree, let's see if these candies will lasts until Christmas days for i know my kids will sneak on it including big daddy o', hihi... They are so tempted to pick those candies hanging on the tree lol!

About To Retire Mailbox

The mailbox that we still have until now is kind of broken already. It was good and been in our wall for several years and until we got kids. Now because the kids were keep on pulling it, the mailbox door got broken. Hubby was able to fix it many times but then the kids keep on breaking it still. It's made of wood so it gets easily destroyed. The pull knob is also reachable by kids that's why it's easy for them to open the door and play with it. We are still trying to use it although the door was kinda hanging already. Thanks to our wiggly kids haha...
The locking mailbox is in our list to get this Christmas and we already got the color and the style that we would like to replace our poor old beaten mailbox. Ours is like an old style and we've searched some good new styles of lockable mailboxes and we found the steel one that matches the size of our old one. It isn't that expensive, so hubby said that might as well get it this coming Christmas so we can put it up and get rid of the hanging door mailbox we have. The door is almost falling apart, so i am guessing that the old mailbox won't stay very long since the kids like to play with it and put something in there like their toys or maybe hides papers inside the mailbox. The locking mailboxes that we searched here in the net is just great so the kids can't play with it anymore and keep on opening and close just like our old one that is about to retire its job, lol!

Embarrassing Tummy Bump

Taking some weight loss pills doesn't mean that you are vain about your figure. Every woman deserves to be looking good especially to their partner's eyes. I myself is one conscious about my figure since i gave birth three times. My body is not that skinny anymore like it used to before i had my three kids. I can't say that i am fat or big framed woman, but my concern is all about my bulging tummy that seems i can't easily get rid of. Plus the fact that i am so lazy doing any simple exercise, and eating like there is no tomorrow, so that adds all up.
There are a lot of best weight loss pills to choose from, all i have to do is to read all those reviews of people that tried those certain weight loss pills that they have tried and it worked great for them. Some people said i still look good compare to the other mothers though. I somewhat agree to them but also disagree. I don't want to compare myself to the big people because i don't even belonged to that category, instead, i want to compare myself to those great looking women particularly to these celebrities mothers that still able to maintain their great figure even if they already gave birth many times like me. I have no complain about my arms, my legs, hips and face getting bigger though.

All i want to make it disappear is my tummy fat so to flatten it so i can wear a nice snug dress that hugs my body perfectly without seeing any embarrassing bumps. And speaking of dress, i really need to get rid of my tummy fat because i have some Christmas parties to attend to and it will start on this coming Saturday. Do i still have enough time to do that? I hope so, sigh!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decaffeinated Coffee

I don't really go to a coffee shop before because caffeine makes me sick, it makes me hyper and feels like i am drunk. My friends has been encouraging me to just keep on drinking until my system gets immune to the caffeine. I love the smell of the coffee though but i just can't control the effect to me after i drink it. I also can't sleep and it makes me paranoid. I keep on hearing silly sounds that only me can hear. It's like i am taking a high dosage drug whenever i have caffeine in my system.

But since i learned that there is a decaffeinated coffee now, it made me so happy that finally i can now enjoy a cup of coffee every morning without getting paranoid or get hyper. I can sleep whenever i want to go to bed without worrying to hear any silly sounds. I love coffee really, especially when it is mixed with hazel nut cream, smells so good and tasty. Every morning i always make a cup of coffee for myself together with a piece of bagel with cream cheese in it. Hubby doesn't drink coffee because as for him, it is a bad liquid to intake. He said that coffee is not really good for our health, but i guess i can't help it especially when i smell the coffee, it's just so inviting for me.

Affordable Website Hosting

Are you a blogger that is looking for a website hosting? Or are you a blogger that purchased a webhosting and you are not happy about it because it charged you too much? Well, guess what? I have a good news to all the bloggers that are looking for web site hosting that you only pay very little. No hidden charges or anything aside from your monthly payment. I have been looking for a very affordable web hosting myself because a friend of mine asked me to help her build her a new website. And she wanted me to make it as her own domain by buying a very affordable website since she is not into commercial blogging.

I have been searching a lot of sites and i finally stumble into this sites that has different web hosting companies that offers great deal. So i told her about it and she is happy to know that she won't be paying as much as what she thought she would be. I have mine in a different web hosting site and i wished i found this site before i purchased my web hosting site. But oh well, i'll just wait for a year contract with my web hosting and soon as it is finished, i will switch into this site that are just awesome deals. Who doesn't want to save anyway? For now, i just have to help my friend in creating her new website and make it as her own domain so she won't encounter any problem later on if she don't buy it. She might lose the website she created. Better be safe than be sorry later on.

Great Investment To Have

There are a lot of business that people would consider to start to make their financial status more stable. Looking ahead of the family's future is the main reason why family are thinking that business might bring them good and will have a progress from it. If i would want to have my own business, then i would choose to Buy Gold. Why? It's because gold is a very expensive kind of metallic element that it won't rusts and it won't be destroyed by time. In fact, the more you keep your Gold Bullion the better. It is like a very treasured investment that later on you will be happy that you are investing a very good amount of money.
To buy Bullion today is the most great idea to invest. I already have some friends that's been keeping some Gold IRA. They said that they're just like putting their money in the back with interests on it. But investing a bullion is just another way of letting your money sleep with interests on it. The more years that passes by, the more the gold gets expensive. It's a very valuable possession that you can have and at the same time, it never gets any lesser unlike doing some other business that you have to bargain to the buyer just to sell your business. If only we have enough money to buy those gold bullion, we would not hesitate to keep some for us to ensure our kids's good future.

It Helped A Lot

Having a cheap auto insurance rates is such a great help for us to my family because we don't have to pay high rates. It is because don't have any bad records like getting a speed ticket or something. Hubby always reminds me not to exceed to the maximum speed limit all the time, so there we won't encounter any problems. We are hoping that our rate will maintain as it is so we will be able to save some of our savings to get our projects done. We have a lot of projects that we are looking forward to finish and our car insurance rates helped a lot, not to mention the excellent service of the insurance we have for a long time now.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Love Tomatoes!

Ever since when i was just a little girl, i already love to eat tomatoes. It was so funny to remember and so embarrassing to share but i might as well share it to you guys because it makes me laugh every time i think about it. When i was in my grade school, i used to take my childhood best friend with me and we'll go to the other school which is quite a long ways to walk just to steal some tomatoes in their garden. And even if the tomatoes are still green and young, i would pick them and put it in my bag that i got. So how silly is that huh? Not knowing i was doing bad things, so innocent lol!. All i want is to have those fresh tomatoes so i can eat them.

I love when the tomatoes is mixed with salt and vinegar, it makes me watery mouth. I would not even trade the tomatoes to any delicious meat that my mother cooks for us. I prefer to eat tomatoes rather than meat. So, when my mother realized that i love eating tomatoes, she always buy some in the market and she told me not to eat too much for it is not good. Overdoing everything too much is not good, that's what she always tells me, which is right and i agree now that i am grown. But since i was just a little girl then, i don't know what's too much and what's enough, so i still eat tomatoes as much as i can. I love tomatoes! That's all i know!

Until now, i still love eating tomatoes. I can live eating tomatoes everyday. That's probably why my kids are starting to love eating tomatoes just like me. I love the tomatoes when it's just right, not too ripe and not raw either, when it's barely picked from the garden, it's crispy and fresh. Some people that knew me said that, that's probably why i hardly get pimples because i love eating tomatoes. I am glad that my best friend here plants tomatoes during summer time. I help her in her garden so i get to have some tomatoes when it's time to harvest them. And not just tomatoes though, there are also lots of vegetables and fruits that she gives us before the cold season comes.