Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8

American Idol season 8 had just started last Tuesday and Wednesday. This is my most favorite reality show that i always look forward to watch every year. I just can't resist because i see a lot of people who's aiming to be known someday and will be recognized with their amazing talents. Now the American Idol has their new 4th judge which is a very beautiful woman named KARA DIOGUARDI which is sitting next to Randy in this photo above. I thought that the changes that they are talking about is Ryan Seacrest won't be in this season anymore because i heard that he will takes place the Larry King Show, but i guess not! He is still there and as usual, charming and good looking Ryan!

My friends used to tell me why i don't give a try to audition in American Idol. I can sing alright but not as good as those people that judges chose. I am no match to them. I so love to sing but i don't think i am qualified enough to sing in American Idol. And besides i cannot even dare to imagine myself singing in front of the crowd lols! But anyway, i know my friends are just teasing me though. I wish i can but i don't think that is the right path for me to take. 

Busy As A Bee

I am very busy lately, i cannot even find a little time to post even for a real quick update here. I've got a lot of things that i did and it is needed to be prioritized than blogging. I so missed blogging but obviously i cannot serve two masters at the same time, so i have to do the most important thing than updating my blog. I am totally sorry for those who keep on dropping here, to those who's reading my entries and left some sweet thoughts. I would like you to all know that i truly appreciate your presence here and your awesome words that you left here in my website.

Since we got back from a long trip we dealt with a lot of problems and i need to be with hubby most of the time. It is sad to tell you all that hubby is on a furlough right now and he is worried about his job. I must say that there is a worldwide crisis nowadays, it is not just here in United States of America that are cutting off some work, also in other side of the world. I feel so bad about it and i am just hoping that things will be better this year and the economy will be back to what it is suppose to so the people won't have hard times and not going to deal with financial shortage anymore.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Message From My Daughter

When my daughter finally ended her sufferings i was rushed into the emergency room and been there for two hours unconscious. I woke up from being unconscious with the voice of my mother encouraging me not to give up because i still have my dear son and loving husband who needs me. It was not the end of the world but seems like it was when i saw my daughter lifeless at her incubator with tube on her mouth and all the things that are being put for her to survive. She was one tough girl like her mom and she was just not meant to stay here in the world, she is happy where she is at now and i know that. Her not so long of staying here in the world built sweet memories to me and it will be in my heart until the last breath i have.

I took care of her and sent her to funeral homes, then i suddenly heard this very touching song of Martina McBride that made me cry even more. I felt so weak and fell down on the floor. But as i keep listening to this song, it feels like my daughter sent her message through this song for me to understand and let me know that she is proud of me because her mom is one tough mother and can overcome every trials and hardships that comes to her way. Please take some time to listen to this song, this is my favorite song. Thank you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

After All The Holidays

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! How did you celebrate your new year and how was it? For us with my family, we spent our new year at my friend's house and we had a blast! Holidays are definitely over, isn't it? So i suppose that bloggers are going to get back on the track again. I am sure you all will be busy bloggers like me again. So anyway, we got back from our long trip last 30th of December and it was very late. Then i prepared some food on the 31st to bring to my friend's house and we went there about 8:30 in the evening and we stayed just right after midnight. We slept the whole day yesterday to regain some energy from the long trip we had and also for staying up so late on new year's eve.

My family and i had so much fun being with our dear friends. We enjoyed even more this year compared last year because it wasn't that crowded like it was last time. There was only four families in there including us, so it was more fun because it was not so busy. And here some of the pictures of me being with my friends during our new year's eve.