Thursday, December 9, 2010

Embarrassing Tummy Bump

Taking some weight loss pills doesn't mean that you are vain about your figure. Every woman deserves to be looking good especially to their partner's eyes. I myself is one conscious about my figure since i gave birth three times. My body is not that skinny anymore like it used to before i had my three kids. I can't say that i am fat or big framed woman, but my concern is all about my bulging tummy that seems i can't easily get rid of. Plus the fact that i am so lazy doing any simple exercise, and eating like there is no tomorrow, so that adds all up.
There are a lot of best weight loss pills to choose from, all i have to do is to read all those reviews of people that tried those certain weight loss pills that they have tried and it worked great for them. Some people said i still look good compare to the other mothers though. I somewhat agree to them but also disagree. I don't want to compare myself to the big people because i don't even belonged to that category, instead, i want to compare myself to those great looking women particularly to these celebrities mothers that still able to maintain their great figure even if they already gave birth many times like me. I have no complain about my arms, my legs, hips and face getting bigger though.

All i want to make it disappear is my tummy fat so to flatten it so i can wear a nice snug dress that hugs my body perfectly without seeing any embarrassing bumps. And speaking of dress, i really need to get rid of my tummy fat because i have some Christmas parties to attend to and it will start on this coming Saturday. Do i still have enough time to do that? I hope so, sigh!

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