Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dealing Her Weight

I was able to see my classmate in high school and she got so excited when she saw me for we haven't seen each other for a long long time. She was so jealous of me because i look perfectly fit compared to her even though she's been taking supplements for weight loss. I laughed at her because she just told me that she is taking it but she cannot help but to eat every now and then. That's her problem, she cannot control her eating habit. She supposed to cut her carbohydrates down to help her lose weight and will get the figure she's been dreaming to have. It's her problem really, she doesn't have self discipline, because if she does have it, she won't be having trouble to deal with her weight.

Will Be Looking For It

It feels like heaven being here in my beloved country. I still can't trade Philippines from United States Of America for i cannot simply eat the food i wanted to eat and i cannot simply do the things i wanted to do. Like for example going somewhere without taking my kids with me. Here in Philippines, i get a lot of helping hand of my family, i am loving it knowing that i am leaving my kids to the good hands because i am so sure that my family will take care of them like how much i takes care of them. Like today, i am here at the internet cafe right now and doing my pending tasks. I need to hurry and finish all of them before they expire, also the cut off will be later today and i want to get paid this coming Friday not leaving pending tasks. I am so happy being here in Philippines. My kids are having fun as well because they have their cousins to play with them. I am so sure that when it's time to get back in Utah, they will look for the fun they have here in Philippines.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Not In Our Budget

Before i left back to where we live, i noticed that our neighbor's RV is not parked to their driveway. Good thing i was able to talk to our neighbor and asked her about their RV because i haven't seen it for awhile already. She told us that they have to send it to the shop to repair it because it has a little damage or something. She is thankful that they have the extended service plan that's why they didn't worry too much of the high cost repair expenses. I asked my husband how much does it cost to keep an RV like what our neighbors have, and he told me that he thinks it depends how big or small the RV is but he is so sure that some RV cost a whole lot to keep it, especially when it's new, big and it's furnished inside. For me, i don't think i would keep a vehicle such like that because it will too much for us and it will hurt our budget for sure.

Not Too Late Yet

When it comes to security, you always think of your family's first security, don't you? For hubby and me, we don't really care if the life insurance rates is a little too high as long as the benefits of our kids are secured. They are our first priority and they are our precious treasure, we always think ahead of their future and we are making sure that everything will be alright if ever one of us their parents will be gone. If you love your family, you don't think about the expenses you are going to pay every month, you just have to think that what you are paying is going to be your family's security that will make their life better if ever you are not around anymore. Do something for your family while you can, it isn't too late if you haven't done it yet, you might regret later seeing your family is not financially stable due to they didn't get nothing when you're gone.

Dry Cough Due To Hot Temperature

This is the third day of our vacation here in Philippines today. We had so much fun celebrating the birthday of my cousin last night and now we are about to go to the small island where mom lives. I can't wait to be there for i cannot stand the hotness here in the city. I feel so sorry for my kids because they are coughing due to the hot temperature here in the big city where we at right now. Both of my kids has dry cough and so am i. Soon as we get there later today i will boil some "kalabo leaves" a herbal leaves that eases cough. I prefer herbal leaves it's more effective than the cough syrup that i bought the other day, seems like it didn't worked for my oldest son because he still got the dry cough like he wasn't taking medicine. My friend back in Utah is right, the medicines here aren't that effective compared to the medicines we have over there. I just hope that my kids will get better soon as will be in a fresh small island.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Newly Wed Couple

I was not able to post a picture here to congratulate the newly wed couple. We attended a wedding the other day although i was planning not to go but we did because it's not just about attending the wedding, it's to meet up with the family that we haven't seen for a long time as well. Good thing we did because we were able to talk a lot of things and got updated what we're up to lately. Anyway, i still can't remember when the newly married couple was about to take off with their for married only truck, there was a man there that shouted and said like, don't forget about the force factor!!! Then the crowd was laughing really hard. I had no idea then what was that guy meant not until i secretly asked my husband and told what was that guy meant. Well, that's part of being married, it to make the partners happy emotionally and physically.

Confidence And Self-esteem

Finally, i met my cousin the other day when i arrived here in my country. I gave her the best acne treatment that she requested to me. I brought it those kind because she told me that it works her perfectly. The last time i saw her, her face was full of bumps and i must say that it sure doesn't really look good, i felt bad because she is one beautiful young lady but her skin problem made her think she is ugly. Good thing her face is getting better, the acne is slowly disappearing. She is very thankful about it because it also gave her more self esteem and confidence to herself. She used to hide her face to the people as possible as she can because she is worried people might make fun of her. Now that her better is way better than it was before, she is now proud and starting to come out from her shell to show off.

Dream Will Come True

I like to spend sometimes alone just being by myself, thinking things and about the future of my family. I have been asking myself how's it going to be like to have a grown up kids and how to deal them as teens. Anyway, i was also thinking earlier about our house. Yes, it's a fine house for four of us but yet, it won't be a practical one soon as my kids are grown. They are going to demand a bigger room each one of us and they will demand some more about what they want in the house. So, i was looking at some new houses that will fit perfectly for my family and found few of them that are really organized and well designed. It would be more perfect if i am going to put some contemporary furniture to my new dream house. For now, this is just a dream, but who knows, it will come true soon...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Don't Feel Like It

Today is my husband's niece wedding. I really don't feel like going because i have house to clean plus i got kids to take care of. It will be 2 more days and we are going to fly to Philippines and the house looks chaotic still. And the weather isn't so friendly as well because it's been raining since early this morning. I might just send her a message to ask an apology for not going to her special day. I am sure she wouldn't even notice that we're not there in her reception because i know there are lots of special people that are invited.

All i just wish for her and her husband is happiness, togetherness and the love for each other like what they are going to promise to each other in front of GOD. I was so anxious to see her walking down the aisle but now that the days has come, i feel like not going, i have too much things going on rather than going. I hope she will understand and will accept my apology.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Boys, My Joys

I just want to share this video of my two boys as they were playing and having fun. They sure are my joys and source of my strength. Actually this is the first time i used my DSLR HD video camera. It was late night when i took this video but look how much energy my kiddos still have. Kids really doesn't seem get tired, do they? They have so much energy that makes them hyper sometimes. This is just a simple moment but it's worth to treasure, later on i will thank myself for taking this video as remembrance while they are still young.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Drug Addiction Is Scary

I just learned that our neighbor's son went to jail because of drug addiction. I really am sorry for his parents because they have been trying to be a good parents to this young man but seems like bad friends drag him along with those bad doings. I was able to talk to the mother and she felt so sorry for his son for having that kind of addiction. She was blaming herself for not being so watchful to her kids that good. She said that she's been working so hard that's why she missed some of her son's time as he is growing, that's probably the reason why her son was led to wrong pathway. She said that she will have her son a rapid detox to clean his system. I also felt bad for her though, she really is blaming herself for what happened to her son. That's why i am so scared of my kids too and pray they won't be misled and will do bad things like drug addiction.

Fancy Ferrari

We sure had so much fun with my good friends yesterday shopping. It was my first time to those stores we walked in so i was pretty amazed by their very expensive goodies out there. But we found the store in there that i really love to go to and bought some under wears. It was my friend who was driving and when she was about to park her car, our eyes all caught with the very fancy car next to us, the looking so shiny and beautiful Ferrari. That was my first time as well to see such a beautiful very expensive car, too bad i wasn't able to take a snap of it since we were running as we passed by it. It was really a beautiful car, i bet the one who owned it is a very rich person for having such a very fancy car like that. It made me think and wonder how much are those Ferrari parts if ever they need a replacement of it.. I sure am that it's not penny of couple few dollars, lol!

Additional Presents

I guess it isn't so late for me to shop yet, is it? Well, i just learned that there is a Cyber Monday and i can save money by buying the stuff that i wanted to get. There are a lot of great stuff that i really like to buy in there. Hubby told me that if it's in case it won't be delivered before i leave with our kiddos, he will just mail it to me there in my home town. I really am happy that i found this net offering such great deals because i know that i can save a whole lot. Anyway, i am sure that it will get here in our house before i fly, and i can't wait to have those things that i already purchased. It will be great to bring them with me so i can give those things to my siblings as their additional presents from me and from my husband.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wearing Contact Lens Again

It sure feels so funny to me that i am actually wearing my new pair of contact lens right now. I wore contacts before but i stopped wearing it when i got pregnant with my third child. Now that i am wearing a new pair again, it sure feels so weird to me although i know that i will get use to it later on, i just have to give my eyes a little time to get comfortable with it. I actually ordered the colored ones and wanted to try it on to me to see if it will look good on me. Not those bright blue ones kind! I don't think it would look good since i am brown skinned woman. I chose the hazel colored one which it would fit to my complexion because it's not as bright as blue. The doctor said it's perfect if i have the opaque colors which is good i must say. I will be expecting a call from the eye doctor's office anytime for me to know when i am going to see the doctor again to get my colored contact lens with prescriptions. I just hope that they can issue me my contact lens before i fly to Philippines, but if not, i guess we have no choice but hubby has to mail it to me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Business Success

I must say that most of my uncles and aunts are very business minded. They have different businesses and that's how they raise their kids. Now, their kids are learning more about the family business which is really great so that they can inherit it and will be able to take care of it in perfect time. A cousin of mine asked if i could purchase the tm-t88iv here for him because it's a lot affordable here compared back home. He is telling me that the machines here are more dependable and durable that's why he decided to ask me a favor if i could do it for him. Well, it's a pleasure to help him since we've been good friends aside from being a cousin to me. I can't believe how he became so mature and more responsible assisting his mother to take care of their family business, which is good for him. I am happy for their business success and i am looking forward for more franchise to be open soon.

Rewarding And Fulfilling

How was your mother's day celebration yesterday mothers? Well our celebration was very simple yet it was very memorable. My family and i had a picnic yesterday in our backyard and the bonding was just so awesome and unforgettable. It is indeed rewarding and fulfilling to be a mother although it is sometimes exhausting. I was imagining yesterday while my kids were playing, dreaming that someday when they're grown they will be a good kids and respectful ones. Happy, healthy and kind children. Hubby didn't bought me something special because i told him not to bother since letting us fly to Philippines is more than enough for me as a gift. Seeing my family back home with my kids and be able to spend time with them. I sure am a lucky woman, i have wonderful kids and a very loving husband. But anyway, i would like to take this chance to greet all the mother's in the world here in blogosphere a happy mother's day although it's a little late but it's coming from the bottom of my heart, we are hero to our family, we are the light to guide our children in a right path. We must be proud of ourselves for being a mother....
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Wrinkle Cream For Mother

My mother is one very simple woman i would say. She doesn't wear make up like i do, she prefers not to put anything on her face because she said it feels like she is wearing a mask if there's something is being applied on her face. I told her that i bought her a wrinkle cream so to get rid of those winkles that's starting to develop around her eyes and her lower lip. She refused to have it though but it will still give it to her because i wanted her to look a lot younger than her age although she is already. She told me that she will just give it to my sisters whose more going to like the cream, but i told her that she has to try it first to see if she will like it and if it works for her, which i am sure it will for her. I can't wait to see her face without wrinkles and looking a lot younger than what people would think her age is.

Will Regain My Appetite Soon

After i delivered my third child, i am having a problem of my appetite. I lose my appetite and i hardly eat on time. I only eat a little bit here and there but it's not enough for me to get full. A friend of mine suggested that i should take an appetite suppressants because it is not really healthy for me losing my appetite, because i should be eating healthy while i am still recovering. Not mentioning i undergone another operation after i gave birth with my third one. I don't really know why i lost my eating appetite since i used to eat a lot before. Maybe i am just craving the food that i can't have here since the food that i would like to eat can't simply be found here where i am at. I should and i am sure that i will regain my appetite soon as i get back to my country home and i am so looking forward to it.

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

The most common problem of mothers after the delivery is to get rid of belly fat. That is my one big problem right now. Although i am not fat but my tummy is bulging and not firm. I wanted it to be firm and not looking like belly jelly. It sure looks like jelly though that i can just shake it easy and bounce it easy. I used to have a very firm tummy before kids but soon after i gave birth three times, my belly didn't looked like it was before, and of course that is expected though. I am thinking that i am going to do something about this so i can regain the tummy i used to have, firm and flat. Whenever i see some mothers that has a perfect abs, i get so jealous because i have been wanting to get rid of this belly fat. And today is the perfect time since i am fixed and it's time for me to take care of my figure to keep and maintain it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Ready But Not Ready Yet

I am counting the days of our flight. I can't help myself to be anxious and excited for the most awaited day to come. Even though i am not packed yet but i have been dreaming that i am in my mother's side already. It's not that long ago when i told myself not to go home unless it is necessary to go or i have something to do there that is very important. Well, i guess i can't deny it, i love my beloved country and i can't just can't tell myself not to look back to where i came from. Even if my country has a lot of problems and crisis going on, my family is in there and i cannot just forget them and the memories i have in there. Although there's sad memories that i am sure i will remember soon as i am there, but i will try to be strong to get over it.

Two years ago, i went home pregnant with my little girl. I was so excited to death too when i traveled. But when i got there, i have had so many problems that i have to deal with. Including the very extreme hot weather there. Being pregnant is so sensitive, i had to build a small nipa hut for me where i can relax and my son as well during the very hottest hours of the day. That hut has a lot of good and sad memories for me too. But anyway, i am hoping and praying for our safe flight to go back home and praying that we'll all come back here safe and sound. We are going to stay there for few months to enjoy the vacation. And we have to come back here before the school starts. Two more weeks, and we'll be there. But first! I have to pack our things up! Not yet ready but my mind is telling me i am so ready!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sun After The Storm

I am so glad that the storm is finally over now. My son and i had a nice long walk along neighborhood earlier and got home just in time before the sunset. It was still a little chilly outside but it wasn't terribly that cold. We both enjoyed the long walk and my son asked me if we could do it everyday. I answered him yes as long as the weather permits us. It was beautiful sunny day outside but the wind was blowing from north that's why it was chilly. Here's the bad storm as it came the other day, i was able to take some snaps of dark clouds although this photo below isn't the bad yet.
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