Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Gonna Miss Blogging

My computer is drivin' me NUTS!Hubby told me that he'll try to reformat it see if it'll do any good & it'll get better.It's just gettin' so sick!I keep losing my temper with this stupid thing that's why hubby tried to calm me down by telling me to buy new computer.Then i told him too that he's been telling me that long time ago & he never still did!Anyways,maybe this time hubby will buy me soon.So guys,i'm gonna miss the blogging really.I won't be able to get online starting tomorrow.Ug kadtong mga amiga nako sa kahanginan nga mitagay nako,tan ugi sa na ang tagay kay ako ra unya nang imnon bahalag masuka na dili bahal,tutal muinom man pod kog suka ba lami na kay aslom hehehehe.Hope i can come back the sooner the better(sigh)i just couldn't stand without computer everyday.This been part of my daily routine though.Karon naka chamba kog abli kay wa saputa pero karon taud-taud for sure mukaging na pod ni.Haaay!bye sa mga kapwa bloggers ha.Mubalik rako kung ok na akong puter or makapalit na si bana ug new.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Celebration

I slept early early last night but my son woke up in the middle of the night & he was crying.So i lied down beside him to comfort him i guess he was having a bad dream that scared him.After he went back to sleep,it's me having trouble going back to sleep again,i've been having this INSOMNIA for a long time now and i don't want to take sleeping pills either.That's why i got up so late today because finally i fell asleep when the sun started to rise.Anyway,we really had happy day yesterday with my family coz we celebrated our engagement anniversary.We had dinner just the three of us.My Son had a little accident while we were eating,good thing we seated in far from crowd and they didn't saw what had happened.I think he doesn't like the soup that i gave him coz it's too rich,it has cheese on it.My husband said that's what probably made his tummy upset.But i managed it well & i was still able to get some pictures for our remembrance that we did celebrate our 3rd year engagement anniversary.

And oh i just want to put this tag too from texas-sweetie ANNE.Thanks ANNE!I'm tagging no one coz i think most of my friends has been tagged already.But if you feel like doing this tag feel free!

Your Inner Color is Red

Your Personality: Self-confident and stunning, you live in the now! You love life and experience all it has to offer.

You in Love: You're a bit private and have trouble opening up. You need a secure partner who can deal with your independence.

Your Career: Your ideal job gives you a ton of control and concrete results. Consider being a chef, surgeon, or architect.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Engagement Anniversary

This is the day that i cannot forget for the rest of my life.My husband which is my fiance' during that time came to see me last August 22,2004.It's been three years now & i just couldn't believe it!Seems like it was only yesterday when that proposal happened.He spent 2 weeks with me.At first we're so shy to approach each other & wondering what would be a good topic to talk about.But good thing that my Aunt's husband (Uncle Ken an American guy also) which happened to be there to help us.We owe him so much for helping us to work things out for us.Anyway,it's still fresh in my mind what had happened during the marriage proposal of my husband.I never thought that he already brought engagement ring & also the wedding ring with him when he visited me for the first time.We're having candle light dinner exclusively in the roof top of the hotel where we stayed.But before we started to eat,he grabbed something inside in his pocket & i have no idea what it was.I thought that he's getting hankies to wipe his face but Alas!It was the ring inside the jewelry box!He slowly opened it & he took the ring from the box & he put it in my finger & saying this words in front of me "Matamis,i didn't regret at all to come this far just to see you coz you are worth than this ring that i'm going to put in your finger right now".Tell me,if you were in my shoe during that time wouldn't you cry?I did!I just couldn't believe it that somebody would love me like my husband.He said he doesn't wanna see me crying coz it breaks his heart.OMG!I felt so special from then on,i thought i am just an ordinary girl hoping to meet a good partner someday that would love me eternally.But look at me now,i couldn't ask for anything more,my husband is perfect for me as my partner,we're totally opposite & that what makes our love keep Alive!

To my loving husband,Happy 3rd Year Anniversary of our Engagement!I love you with all my heart & i am so lucky having you as my husband!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baby Looks Like Daddy

I received a message from a friend in my friendster account telling that she wants me to see who she looks like.As i viewed her profile i saw her husband's photo is on the right side,hers is on the left side & their baby is on top.So i clicked the link & tried it for myself.I keep changing the photos coz it always come out the result that my baby is more to his daddy's looks.Well,this was the last photos i tried & still daddy wins!I guess i have to accept the fact lol!

You guys try this!See for yourself who's your baby look-a-like most,daddy or mommy?

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Fun County Fair

At last i feel so fresh now!I know it's already late but i just took a shower because i wasn't able to do it earlier coz i'm a bit sick.I keep sneezing & my head is killing me & now that i felt a little better so i decided to take a shower.I had a very long nap this afternoon that's why i am here in front of my computer again.
Anyway,as i said in my previous entry that i am going to show you guys the County Fair photos.My Son had so much fun riding different kinds of kiddy rides.He enjoyed more this year compared last year coz last year had a bad weather unlike today was very nice,& the other reason is he wasn't that ready for some rides.But this county fair was really fun for him,he was the one leading the way to rides he wants, dad & mom just followed him wherever he wants to go.I'll just let you see the photos that i took.

As you see,my son is lovin' the rides lol!And there's gonna be more rides up coming for him.Peach Day will be coming soon on first week of September & what's good thing about it is just around downtown which is just a block away from our house. This will be our third Peach Day celebration here since i got here.

And by the way might as well that i am updating my blog i would like to put this tag here too.Shabem tagged me this,i really love this tag coz it's tellin' the truth lol!Thanks Bem,i'm glad we're friends.I'm tagging Ivy,In-in,Lotis,Melody & Anne.

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Supportive

You are almost like a life coach for your best friends.
You give them help when they need it... but you also know when to give them a push.

People tend to rely on you for moral support and advice.
You've probably always been mature for your age, so this is a role that's you're comfortable with.

A friend like you is one of the rarest kinds.
You are both a good mentor and companion.

Your friends need you most when: They are confused or worried

You really can't be friends with: Someone who only wants to complain

Your friendship quote: "The only way to have a friend is to be one."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Biggest Nights For Me

Sis Joyce got me tagged on this.Here's my answer sis,thank you so much!
I'm tagging,Haze,Anne,Rain,Lotis,Ivy,In-In & Melody.

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag friends.

1.When my hubby proposed marriage to me.That was the sweetest words that i ever heard.This is what he had said to me "MATAMIS,I didn't feel regret at all to come this far coz you're worth than the ring that i'm holding right now that i'm about to put in your finger"

2.When i found out that i am pregnant.And it's a boy!

3.When i received the appointment notice from the embassy, it's just telling me that the petition is on progress.

4.When i delivered my baby despite of my sufferings & pain it's worth it! My son was out from my tummy healthy & big, weighing 9lbs.

5.When i got here in america & after 3 days we finally tied the knot.I'm taken!I guess i don't have much choice now,lol!just kidding!

And oh by the way,later this afternoon we are going to a county fair,for sure there's gonna be lots of pictures again.I will post it on Monday.Happy Saturday to everyone & happy Sunday for tomorrow!

Friday, August 24, 2007

How I Am As A Gambler

My good friend a sweet loving mommy also like me JENNY got me tagged on this.Thanks Jen i sure appreciate it!And i'm tagging no one,if you feel like grabbing this tag just feel free i won't stop you guys,lol!Happy weekend everyone!

You Are the Ace of Diamonds

You are a lucky person, and you always seem to find yourself surrounds by pretty, shiny things.
You have a knack for success and money - though your skills can't really be learned or taught.

You shine in a room, and you a have a truly sparkling personality.
A true extrovert, you always are able to share a witty joke or the latest scandalous gossip.

While you do have an eye for bling, you are also quite generous.
A lot of wealth and luck comes your way. And you're not afraid to pass it on.

A gamble you should take: Sports betting

Your friends would describe you as: Captivating

Your enemies would describe you as: Greedy

If you lived in Vegas, you would be: A trophy wife or husband

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's My Dream Car???

Got this tag from Grace one of bisdak planet member.Thank you Grace for tagging me,really appreciate it!I'll be tagging




Where is your cell phone? Don't have one
Relationship? Married
Your hair? Very long black hair
Work? Stay home mommy & wifey
Your sister? Got 3 sistahs
Your favorite thing? My computer
Your dream last night? Silly dreams about TV series
Your favorite drink? Pink Lemonade
Your dream car? Mustang GT 2008
The room you’re in? Computer room
Your shoes? Got lots of them
Your fears? Losing someone i love
What do you want to be in 10 years? To stay being a wife & a mommy to my baby or will be babies perhaps
Who did you hang out with this weekend? My family
What are you not good at? Pixelling
Muffin? I love muffin
One of your wish list items? Digicam like Jenny got
Where you grew up? Surigao Del Sur
Last thing you did? I Ate biko(sticky rice)
What are you wearing? Long nighties gown
What aren’t you wearing? Bra lol!
Your pet? I don't have a pet,my son is a handful already for me lol!
Your computer? Desktop
Your life? Not perfect yet Awesome
Your mood? Good
Missing? My family back home
What are you thinking about right now? Going back home & relax
Your car? Ford
Your kitchen? Not that big & clean of course
Your summer? Hot
Your favorite color? Pink & Yellow
Last time you laughed? Earlier my hubby tickled me to death
Last time you cried? Yesterday i was watching my favorite TV series
School? Many been transferred for several times
Love? GOD,Family & friends

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Grown Up Niece

I mentioned this on my previous entry that in our small island place celebrated the Alumni Reunion in school where i graduated.They gathered from the very first batch until the recent graduates.I have known that there were 40 batches so far.And early this evening i saw my youngest brother name in my friendster's homepage that he uploaded some new photos he took from that alumni reunion.To my surprise,i just didn't see alumni photos,i also see some pictures of our niece (our eldest brother's daughter) she is a grown up pretty young lady now.So i grabbed her photos from my little bros's friendster & made scraps out of them so you'll see how pretty she is.When i left Philippines she's only 13 years old but now she's a 16 year old beautiful young lady.Agh!3 years had gone by so fast i just didn't realize that. Here's the photos of hers that i scrapped.

Isn't she pretty?She's really a lady like.She is like me,very fascinated in fashion.She told me several times before that she wants to be like me when she grow up.And now as i staring at her photos made me realized that she really wanted to be just like me lol!I'm proud to say that she's a lot prettier than her aunt (ME) .And she's not just another pretty face,she's also a topnotcher in a private school.I hope she won't get involve a relationship between opposite sex yet coz for me she still young for that matter.Anyway she's a shy type of girl i hope that'll help keep the boys away from her.She is the most closest niece to me coz she stayed with my mom's house (her grandmother) for a while during her elementary years.I have more nieces but they're not that close to me coz i wasn't able to spend more time with them,but i love them too like i do to this pretty young lady.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My New Layout

Whew!I finally got done editing my new layout.I've been trying to mix some color combination & i finally got what i want now.Too much work,been sitting here in front of my computer for couple of hours just to get this thing done,i don't want to leave without finishing my work i already started.But i think it's worth it.I made my blog look nicer again.Hope you guys like my new color combination here.Thank you for always taking time to visit me here & leaving some thoughts & care,i really appreciate it so much!Thank you guys,your concerns means so much to me. I guess i gotta go to bed now since i'm done editing my site.Goodnight friends see yah this morning!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, August 20, 2007

Filipinos Versus Foreigners

I made a new online friend again.I am so glad that everyday i get to find a good friend here in blogging world.Melody is my newest online friend here.Good thing she approached me first.I saw her sometimes my other friends's tagboard leaving some messages but everytime i hover her name,only her yahoo id will come out so i didn't bother check her if she got blogsite & i saw her sometimes too in my site it's just that she's not leaving any messages.Good that we're friends now MEL.Thanks for this tag too,i really appreciate it!

Are Filipino guys more traditional?If so,does that mean their values are more intact than that of foreigners?
-Every Race has different kinds of tradition.Filipinos sometimes don't see how traditional the foreigners are.Foreigners are not that emotional unlike filipinos.It depends by the individual how to value their VALUES.

Is the stereotype true that Westerners have a less of a sense of spirituality?
-That's not true,it maybe some are but not all of them

What about a foreigner's view of commitment in a relationship?
-Foreigners usually they get divorce coz most of them are very impulsive when it comes to commitment,they fall inlove so easy & they break their heart so easy.Unlike Filipinos eventhough some wives are battered but they still value the sanctity of marriage,that's why they still stick to their partners whatever the circumstances is.

How are they as mates- are they jealous, possessive?
-It really depends between the partners if they trust each other then there will be no jealousy,as my experience my hubby is not that jealous coz he knows & trust me with all his heart & i do the same way to him.

Is it true that normally a stronger woman is better of with a foreigner?
-I guess so.Coz i think shy woman are more "scared" to take risk to have relationship with foreigners coz they think that they will get far from home soon that's for sure.

I'm tagging Jenny,Rissa,Shabem,Rachel,Midas,Ivy
Haze & Anne.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Finally Got It!!!

Darn!I finally got the purse that i was thinking twice last Saturday if u buy it or not.I have it now & i'm so happy coz i got it for lesser price & it's brand new!I just couldn't imagine myself buying this kind of purse in the store with the original price on it.Wow!i finally got this Louis Vuitton purse that only rich people can have,very expensive purse that somebody like me would definitely not dare to buy it in the store.There is still more in her house but i didn't get it because it is too much in my pocket already.Wish i can buy the other one too.The owner of the purse is a rich woman, they have big house & she got lots of branded purses,shoes,dresses & etc.She 's just being nice that she sells her stuffs real cheap coz she said that her closet is a mess of all those stuffs that she bought & she never uses them.Lucky me i got one of her purse & she never used it.I hope next time she will do the yard sale again so i can take a look at her stuffs again,almost all of her stuffs are brand new and she just wants to get rid of them like this purse that i got from her & it only cost me 15 bucks, yeah you heard it right a Louis Vuitton purse for only $15.00.I'm not kidding,i just got lucky today!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Got Another Tag!

Shabem left a message in my chatterbox telling that she finally did the tag that i passed to her.So i went to her site & checked it out & i found something interesting in her site,i was fascinated & amazed!So,i couldn't help it but to try it myself.Thank you so much Bem for giving the site,i did really liked it.Anyway,here's what i found in her site & i tried it with my picture in it.
Well,well,well.I haven't had a meme here in my house for a while which is fun to answer those questions.Good thing Pretty Mommy Jenny got me tagged & here it is!Thanks Jen!Appreciate it so much,keep the tag coming!lol!I'm tagging
Ivy,Janine,Haze,Lotis,Anne & Bulak.

My name: Darlene

Childhood ambition: Nurse

Fondest memory: When i had my first job

Soundtrack: I'll Stand By You

Retreat: Living room watching my favorite tv series

Wildest dream: To be a millionaire so i can go back home anytime i want to & help people out there in our neighborhood.

Proudest moment: When I had my baby

Biggest challenge: Raising my Son

Alarm clock: My Son

Perfect day: Going to Lake with my family during winter so we can walk above the frozen Lake

First job: Checkline Inspector in Electronics Company

Indulgence: Salty & Sour food

Last purchase: Fabrics

Favorite movie: Too many to mention
Inspiration: My family

My life is: To spend time with GOD,family & friends.

My card is:
Mastercard but i'm not gonna tell what bank lol!

Happy Weekend ahead guys!Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bonding With Precious Son

Since i got hooked in this blogging thing,i started to miss some household chores everyday.Also my full attention to my son & to my loving husband.But good thing i asked hubby about it & he just told me that it's ok,it's better that i'm doing this than keep going somewhere & not being with them with our son especially if i go shopping lol!He said he doesn't want me to spend my little savings in my account.It's not that he doesn't want me to go out & have some fun sometimes he said i have to know how to spend my money wisely,which is true.

Anyways,hubby was on the computer while me & our son was right behind him having a conversations & i am teaching him how to say letters,numbers,his name & etc.He's picking it up pretty good!Fast learner boy!I'm so proud that our son has a very good memory,i just can tell.I'm not telling this because i'm his mother,i'm just telling what i have observed from him & to the other kids same as his age.Anyways, since we're talking & i was scrolling my digicam to erase some photos that are not really that important,my son said "Smile" mommy smile please!Lol he's so cute he can't quite say the right word yet which is "PLEASE",he knows what's the camera is for.So i said to myself why not?So i took pictures of ours, might as well i cannot use the computer coz hubby was busy doing some stuff in the computer.

I don't want to miss things like this.Ordinary day yet very memorable for us.I love taking pictures with my son so he can have tons of collections of pictures when he grow up.So he can show these to his family when he'll have his own.Ordinary days can be memorable,it doesn't have to be somewhere to capture those special moments together with family.It can be just inside the house being together & talking about things.

So do you think i am ready for another one?lol!Hopefully God will give us another one,it doesn't matter if it's girl or boy,it will be a precious gift from Him that is hard to refuse.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pinay's Get-Together

Good day friends!How are you all today?Hope everything is well with you.My routine is back now coz it's weekdays,hubby went to work and as usual just me & our son left here in the house.My son is watching tv right now with his favorite educational channel & i'm here doing my new entry.Anyways,i really had fun yesterday i got the chance to escaped from my son and his daddy was the one attended him.They stayed home,played & danced while i was being invited by my pinay friend to go over to her place so we can have dinner together with the other pinays too.We cooked some delicious food like Kare-kare,escabeche,grilled fish,liver adobo,grilled drum sticks,& there's kinilaw.We did enjoyed each other's company yesterday.We chatted things about us,shared some experiences as mother,daughter,as a citizen here & being a friend.And of course my camera is always with me ready to capture special moments like we had.I'll share the pictures that i took yersterday.

And oh,while we had our dinner & while we're taking pictures the rain poured real hard.It took maybe 20 minutes after the rain stopped & left a big beautiful rainbow.I took picture of it too it was really beautiful!
Then later that night we went to hospital to visit one of pinay here that just delivered her second baby,it's a girl.She had Caesarian section coz she had hard time to deliver her baby by normal process.
So this is what i did yesterday.Hope you enjoy viewing the pics guys.Happy Monday!