Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Want My Own Mommy!!!

After i took my kindergarten to his school earlier this morning, i went straight ahead to the store with my little one to window shop. We kind of just roamed around the store since i was not planning to buy anything there except to just look for things that hubby and i will buy later this week. So we spent almost two hours just looking around for what to get later, and as i was about to leave the store, i saw a toy sitting on top of the towel rack.

The toy caught my attention, there's something about it that made me interested. What's funny about this toy is, there was no tag or anything to it. I pushed the tiny button and the thing inside started to spin around with the beautiful led lights in it. What a colorful light toy! Then my little one got fascinated with it and grabbed the toy from my hand. When i tried to get it from him, he didn't want to hand it to me anymore. He was really entertained by the toy. So since there was nothing to it, i brought the toy to the customer service so they can give me the price. It wasn't that much though so i decided to just buy it because i know for sure, my little one would throw a fit if i will put that toy back where i got it.
When we got home he was all happy with his new toy. Then his big brother came home from school and saw the toy that his little brother was holding. As i already expected it, he got fascinated with the toy too. He grabbed it from his little brother's hand and kept it. So i told him not to do that, not to harass his little brother and he should ask him nicely to let him borrow the toy. He threw a fit, he said he wants it and he want to own it. So, i told him that i really bought the toy for his little brother and not for him. I will just buy him the same thing when we go back to the store. He refused to give the toy back to his little brother because he wanted to own the toy. It was a long discussion with my oldest one, he seem can't simply do what i want him to do because he wants the toy so badly.

I should have known better. I knew it's going to happen that the big brother will be jealous knowing his little brother got a new toy and it's a pretty interesting toy while he's got none. I learned my lesson as a mother this time. I should not buy something that will make either one of them sad or upset, like what i did earlier. Next time, i should buy two new toys, two new shirts, two new shoes and etc. So none of them will be jealous.... I am loving my motherhood, i am learning things each day! And because of this simple toy i got mainly for the little one, it's just made me realize that buying things fairly will make both of my kids happy....

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