Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Have Lead Free House

Worrying about my family especially my kids's health is my first priority. I have to make sure that everything they touch is not harmful to their health and it's clean. I am not a clean freak mother but i always make sure that they won't get sick because of something that they might get from somewhere. So hubby and i made sure that our paint here in our house is lead free. Lead is the most harmful chemicals that are very risky for the kids. I did not know that some paints are containing some lead, i have no idea about it then not until hubby told me and bought some lead test kit to make sure that the lead is not present in our house.
Hubby is very resourceful, i always learn something new from him which i am so happy because i learn new things and those things that i learn from him is very important to know. Just like the lead, some people might not be aware about it just like me before, but they have to know about it for their family's health sake. This most effective lead test kit can detect whether the things around the house has lead just by rubbing it to the things you want to see if there's lead presence in it. Within just thirty seconds you will get the result if there's lead in it when the instant lead testing swab turns pink.

I am so thankful that there's a product that's something like this can detect harmful chemicals that might be the cause of the kids's health risk. I thank hubby for being such a resourceful guy, if not because of him, i would not learn about all these that things are possibly has some harmful chemicals just like the lead which is very dangerous chemicals that is big no no for the kids to get close to.

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