Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello, How's My English?

I often get the compliment that my English is very good, even when i just barely got here. Most of them told me are Americans. They were quite surprised that i speak English very good for they probably expecting me to have hard time to speak the most known international language. It was so funny to remember that my husband told me once that he was being asked to some of his co workers before i got here if i speak good English, and he just answered them that we just do the sign language so we can understand each other, lol! Silly guy!

I don't consider myself that i speak English very fluent, because i only knew some basic conversation kind of grammar. I even admire some of my fellowmen for speaking really excellent grammar, which i can't do but have been trying to learn though. I won't feel embarrassed to tell the whole world that i only graduated high school. I was not able to continue my studies to college for my mother was the only one who did her best to raised all of us even when my father was still alive. So since my mother doesn't have a stable source of income, she told me that she cannot send me to college which i understand then and went to look for a job myself instead of being idle.

Well anyway, i noticed that my grammar is gradually getting a lot better since i got here in this English speaking country. It's so funny to think that every time i talk to someone, especially the Caucasians, they never fail to comment about my English, they always tell me that i speak good English as if i am American like them. But still, even if i already am getting those good comments from people about my English, i would want to learn more still, enable for me to interact to those not just ordinary people, meaning, they are somebody kind of people.

Reading news and some other things here in the internet really helped me a whole lot, but i am thinking that going to school learning more about speaking English will be a good idea. I am happy that i am learning everyday just by having conversation with my husband and talking to my five year old son which i often get an accent correction from him lol! So anyway, how's my English grammar so far???

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