Monday, December 6, 2010

Sad Facts About Drug Addiction

Mostly those kids that got involved into a drug or alcohol addiction is because they have some problems that they cannot open up to their family. Maybe the parents are too busy working so hard just to feed their family and to be able to meet their daily needs. Some aren't just not paying too much attention to what their kids special needs such as comfort, love and appreciations. Kids are too vulnerable, they are very sensitive in so many things. I have observed some kids that i knew, that when you praise and appreciate what they do or what they have accomplished, they will feel so special and blessed. And because of that observation that i did, i don't miss praising my kids achievements, accomplishments and some other things that we as their parents are proud of what they did even if they are just so simple things. That way, they will grow building their confidence and trust to themselves and will always think that they are good and they can do such amazing things.
I don't hate kids that are involved into addiction. In fact, i feel so sorry for them for i know that, that's why they ended up into that kind of situation because they are looking for some love, comfort and care. Although there are some addiction treatment centers that can help them to bring back to what they really are before addiction, but still it would be so nice if they won't fall into some kind of bad vices that they do in order for them to be noticed by their family. Mostly those kids that fall into such sad situations like that is because they have no one to talk to and feeling self pity to themselves and seeking for answers to the questions in their minds. Good thing that there are some drug rehab centers where the parents can take their kids to have them treated. It's so sad to know that someone is having problem because of family's lack of bond. The lesser quality time being with the family, the bigger possibilities that the kids will look for something else outside the house that will make them feel good somehow even for just a short period of time.
There are some drug rehabilitation programs that are great for the kids to do enable for them to get better fast and totally get rid of the addiction to their system. By joining those programs is such a big help for those who are under treatment. Some parents aren't that so aware of what their kids up to, and later on finds out that their kids are having an addiction problem. And it's because i have two kids of my own, i keep on searching about the information of the causes of kids's addiction. With that, i will gain more knowledge about how to deal kids as they grow and how to treat them according to their age, so they won't fall into a horrendous addiction, which i am hoping and praying that my kids will stay away from it. Reminding and talking to them as possible as we can, is one big help for them to understand and make them realize that addiction won't bring them any good.

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