Tuesday, December 21, 2010

California Moving Companies

It is not so hard to move from one state to another these days anymore for there are a lot of moving companies already that are ready for the movers to help unlike way back then, it's so hassle and worst part is sometimes movers encounters some trouble or problem along the road. My husband's cousin just moved to California from Washington. Her husband is now being assigned in California and will be permanently living there for good. So they had no choice but to move and sell their house in Washington. Good thing that someone got interested right away and bought their house. And she was so thankful that they did not encounter any problems as they were Moving To California.

They called California International Movers to help them and she was just grateful that it was a success move from one state to the other. California Movers are great help to them, she told me. Without them, she would not even know what to do with her furnitures and some other important things that she cannot just leave in her previous house in Washington. She also thanked me because i was the one who suggested her to call some California Moving Companies to help them with their moving plan. It was a good day when they arrived there and had all her things set in her new house. She wanted us to visit her new place, but we don't know when are we going back to California yet, so we'll see, maybe next year or so. I am excited to see her new house too since i already saw the pictures she shared that she has a big spacious nice new place.

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