Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scared To Drive During Winter

I was planning to get my shopping done before weekend comes, but seems like it's not going to happen because i am too scared to drive in the thick icy slippery road. I already had a lot of experience with this deadly weather that i can't forget. My car have been turned and skid many times while i was driving it. In fact, it was just yesterday when my car skid to the left, since i turned my wheel to right for i was going to turn right, but instead the car went all the way to the left lane.
I kind of already know what to do when things like yesterday happens to me. Hubby told me not to panic and let it go instead and slowly push the brake. Don't slam it or things will surely get worse. I have already in my mind that i will do my shopping one time but since the weather is not so cooperative, i might as well wait for hubby to drive me where i want to go. He knows more how to handle the sleek icy slippery road than i do for he's been driving all his life, unlike me, i just learned how to drive when i got here in America. So, i still am scared to drive during winter time. But i have no trouble driving the three seasons.

Why Suffer If There's Solution

If you are looking desperately for solution to your acne problem, then this acne treatment reviews will surely be helpful to you. It helps a lot of people that has acne problem that they seem can't to get rid of it before. And now they are happy to say that they have an acne face free. I knew some friends that's suffering their break outs for awhile and since i told them about this review, they finally found the solution and ended up their sufferings. It is not just annoying to have an acne, it is also depressing because it makes the face look so unpleasant. I myself could not even dare to imagine having those break outs in my face and for sure i will feel depressed too. So why suffer if you can do something about it, try to read this review i provided, let me know if it works on you (which i know it will) then come back and brag about it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Someone Wants Wii For Christmas

Daddy, i want Wii this Christmas!!! That's what we heard from our dear son while Daddy was driving heading back home. He was so excited to tell us what he wants to get this coming holiday. So we told him that he better be good and do good in school because Santa is watching him and if he is doing great, then Santa will grant his wish. It's a joy to our hearts that we are able to give what our son wants, it's a way of telling him that we are so proud of him for doing so well in his school.

I am sure that he's not gonna be the only one that will enjoy the game that he is wishing. Daddy and Mommy will probably be playing it too. So hubby asked me if are we going to give him the Wii that he's been bugging us. Well, Daddy said that our budget is kind of tight still, but who knows Santa Daddy might come and give the boy's wish!

Unsecured Loans

The worst problem of some families here in America is the budgeting of their income. Some of them can't keep the ends meet for they only earn enough for their basic necessities. That's one thing i noticed to some of them, that's why they are having trouble how to maintain their savings. But since there is some place they can go to where they can have an Unsecured Loans, that's not a big problem anymore for those people that has low income. The advantage of the loans like that is, they don't have to pay more than what they are making every month.

Loans for People with Bad Credit is just the answer for their problem. No matter how the couple work so hard sometimes, still both their income is not enough to support their basic needs especially when they have kids and the kids are growing, they will be the first priority in the family. With all the bills to pay, it's hard sometimes to estimate and do the budgeting. There are a lot of things that the family needs but because of too low income, they have to get some help from a company that offers good financial assistance.

Late Turkey Dinner

Before we left the house due to our long trip, hubby and i both agreed that we will cook the turkey right after we come back here. And thanks goodness that we came back right before the bad storm started. Now hubby is cooking the turkey in the oven and it has been awhile since he put the big bird inside the oven. My son and i can't wait to eat it, we are all starving for we did not eat heavy because we are saving our hungry tummy for our turkey. Our turkey dinner was a little late though, the thanksgiving was celebrated last Thursday but since we had our trip then, we'll just eat our turkey today. We are still celebrating our thanksgiving somehow, by thanking for all the blessings we receive each day and for keeping our trip safe to our destination and back home. So this is the day that we should eat the turkey lurkey and say, Gobble gobble!!! lol!

Interesting Movie I Watched

It's amazing nowadays how a technology can do such things. Just like the Key logger that i saw in the movie i was watching a week ago. What it does is it captures the passwords and screen shots and so many more just by using it. I never knew that there is such thing like it but since i saw it, i was so impressed. Technology nowadays are deadly impressive indeed. They can do a whole lot of helpful things to people. Make things go easier and some of them does the things that are people supposed to be doing it instead.

It was an action movie i was watching with my husband. Although there are some scenes of the movie that i did not quite get it, but the usb that the guy put in his computer caught my attention so much. He was able to recover everything just by hooking the keylogger to the computer and gather all the necessary files that he wanted to get to that computer in no time. After that, he took off and before the bad people that were chasing him came, he already disappeared taking all the files he got from the computer. It was a very interesting movie, and i enjoyed it though there are some times that i have to asked hubby what was going on.

Grand Canyon Arizona Trip 2010

We sure are glad that we came back home just in time. When we got here last night, a little bit after it started snowing and until now it is still snowing. The forecast was right, the snow came and it was a heavy snow storm. But aside of all that, we enjoyed our fun trip, we stopped by into so many places and took some snaps. The last stop over we did was in Arizona Dam that is located in Page Arizona right around the border in between Arizona and Utah.

Our Grand Canyon trip was awesome, although we were not able to go to see the amazing skywalk in Grand Canyon that built by native Americans. It was a long way from Grand Canyon and it was too late before we knew all that. So instead of wasting time going there, we just decided to stay in Grand Canyon entrance and enjoyed the amazing beauty of nature. Here are some snaps i took below.

Video Converter

When it comes to converting videos, i really am no expert to that. Good thing that my youngest brother knows almost everything when it comes to technology. So, whenever i have trouble or problems that i want to do, like for example looking for a Video Converter so i can upload my video to the website, he is always to the rescue. That's one of the most thing i love about my brother, he is very resourceful and he is able to help me with those kinds of things without having trouble searching for it or maybe asking someone. Since he is there, i depend on my brother whatever i want to know about converting videos.

Now that he's got his own shop, he is accepting some services such as converting videos from ipad for he's got an iPad Video Converter. A lot of college students are now liking him for they have trouble with their assignments before but not anymore now for he can do something like that. Before, they don't know where to go, but since my brother started his little shop nearby the college University, he became so helpful to the students. Some are looking for Video Converter for Mac and he is there to help. I am so glad and happy to know that one of my brothers has a natural skills of technologies. He is very talented on those kind of things, and i sure am proud of him.

Kitchen Spice Racks

The trip went well, it was so much fun especially for the kids. Although we did not go to the destination that we were supposed to, but the Grand Canyon was just as great like what we expected. Actually, our trip was the third time we went back there in Grand Canyon and that's why we went back there because we were supposed to witness the beauty of the skywalk that the native american built by the Grand Canyon. But unfortunately, we did not see it for we went to Grand Canyon entrance, we did not know that it was 200 something miles away from the Grand Canyon.
Anyway, as we heading back home, we stopped by in so many scenic views and some good stores with great deals such as native stores and antiques. We also stopped by at the store that we cannot find it here in our town. We bought some nice kitchen spice racks that is just perfect for my new countertop that hubby bought for me. I love the spice racks because i can just fit all the spices that i usually use when i cook. That was the first thing i did this morning soon as i got up, i put all my spices in my kitchen in the spice rack that we bought the other day. My kitchen looks more organized now, i used to put all my spices in my cupboards that is beyond my reach, i have to use the ladder to get all the things i need, but not anymore now since all the spices that i need is within my reach. Either i can get some spice in my wall spice rack or just in the rack that i put in my counter. Easy to get it and it's all in one rack!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flagstaff Arizona Scenic View

We are now here in Flagstaff, Arizona. We were supposed to go straight in Skywalk Grand Canyon today but we made some few stops so we got here late. That's the disadvantage of going to a trip with kids, we've got to do some stops or they will break our ear screaming because they don't want to get stuck in the car seat. So we're glad that we are here finally safe and sound. While we made some stops, i was able to take some snaps of the bridge of the Navajo, the native people here in America. Here are some shots that i got while we were there.
DSC_3177DSC_3168DSC_3133DSC_3165DSC_3209DSC_3226DSC_3228Under the Navajo bridgeUnder the Navajo bridge
And tomorrow, i am hoping to get some good shots while we will be in Skywalk Grand Canyon. Will be posting the photos later...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Planting Hobby Of Hers

I get fascinated whenever i see a house that has a hanging plants by their window. It just adds up the beauty of the house especially when the outdoor planters is planted with bloomed beautiful flowers. I am such a flower lover and i can't help my eyes not to noticed those beautiful flowers hanging by the window of outddor planter at someone's house. Actually there was a house here across the street that i always look whenever i am in our living room. Their window and ours are just apart that i could just sit on our couch and watch their house full of bloomed flowers.
I have been into their house many times for she treats me like her daughter. She must have a green hand because her plants grows even if she brings them inside. She's got some indoor planters too that are planted of different kinds of bushes. And her garden in the back? You will be amazed like me when you see it, it has a lot of different kinds of plants. Some of her indoor planter are in there, she put it there because her house is filled with green plants already. I wish i have time to take care of plants like her. That must be her hobby to take care of plants because all her kids are grown already. So she is looking for a hobby that makes her busy.

Sick Little One

baby fever
It was around 4:30 o'clock in the morning when i heard my little one crying in his crib. So i got up and got him held in my arms. But i noticed that he's a little warm, yes he's having a slight fever. He probably is having a fever due to he is teething. There's few of teeth coming out and that's what is hurting him. Now, i can't do a whole lot because my little one is so whiny, he wants me to hold him all the time and doesn't like to be put down in his crib...

I already gave him medicine and now he felt a little better. I just hope that he will be all well because we have to travel later on. Seems like he is back to being active again though, and i am happy seeing him playing. I just worry when my kids gets sick, even though it isn't that bad, but i still worry.

Annoying Mild Acne

Even a mild acne is annoying enough for me. That's why i don't put up with it and has got to have something to prevent it. I don't want to have blitz problem because i can't control my hand from squeezing it and it gets worse instead. So whenever i get some bumps on my face, i treat them right away to make it disappear. My brother has acne problem and i suggested him to use what i have been using and he is glad that i shared it to him because he doesn't get blitz on his face anymore since i told him the secret. He was desperately looking for treatment before and now he is happy that his face looks glowing and acne free.

Don't Want To Look Old

I hope that i won't be needing the wrinkle removers later on because of lack of sleep lately. Yes, i have been having not enough sleep because my insomnia is attacking me again. Plus the fact that it's only during the night that i get to move around and do my chores. I can't do all my chores during the day knowing the kids are up and likes to play around inside the house. So if ever my sleep routine will be like this, i certainly need the anti wrinkle cream for me. I of course don't want to be looking so horrible and awful, so even though i don't have much of a rest, at least i have something for me to prevent me for being look old.

Fast Acne Treatment

Who would not want to look pleasant in everyone's eyes? Even to those who are taken already. Some people think that once you are taken, there is no need to take care of your looks anymore, that's a mistake! It doesn't mean that you are taken, you don't care about your looks anymore. Some of them don't even care if they get acne and don't take an effort to treat it. This therapores is perfect to those who don't have much patience putting a lot of regimen on your face just for you to make those annoying blitz disappear. Using it is the quickest way to get rid of it, you don't have to take a lot of time just to cure your acne problem. Now, how's that for busy mothers like me that don't have much time for myself? This is just great news for every busy mothers in the world that wanted to get rid acne problem as fast as possible.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All Packed Up!!!

All things are packed and we're ready to go for our trip tomorrow! I just packed one luggage since it's not gonna be a long trip. All the family's clothes are inside in one luggage. We won't be needing a lot of clothes since we will be gone for only two days and we'll be back right after. Well, i guess we are really going tomorrow despite of what the weather forecast is telling us that we are going to have a freezing temperature tomorrow. What's good thing about it is the storm will be all gone by then when we leave the house. Hubby was a little worried when the storm started this afternoon because he thought it will lasts for couple of days. Good thing that the storm will stop tomorrow morning.

I remember two years ago when we had our trip to four corners that we encountered a white out by the mountains somewhere in Colorado and that really freaked me out for we cannot see anything but white. That was scary though because it did snow so heavy and we can barely see the street ahead of us. Glad that we all came back the house safe and sound. Anyway, hubby will be working tomorrow morning then soon as he comes home, we will be going and will be hitting the road to Grand Canyon. But before i forget, let me greet you all a happy thanksgiving!!! May you have a joyful celebration being with your family and friends!!!

Retargeting Advertising

Mostly websites nowadays does have a retargeting advertising. It is a website that helps your owned website being advertised to other popular websites that mostly web surfers searched or browsed. This is a great idea though, helping each website to be advertised from one website to the other. That way, if you wanted to your owned website to be easily searched, then this is the website you absolutely need. This retargeting is introduced by a friend of mine. I did not hear about this before not until now. Everyone that has owned websites can absolutely use this, very helpful.

There are some retargeting companies that i saw already using this website. It's cool though because you don't have to find the sites that you usually browse, it's like a package that you can just click in one site, no need to search it through engine browser. So, if you have a site that you wanted to be advertised by popular websites, you won't get wrong if you just put it in here and let your site be spread out from one popular site to the other. This is the best way you can get more visitors and if you are running a business, you will be getting more possible customers, isn't that just so cool!

Restaurant Website Design

I am so happy to know that someone who is dear to me finally started her business online. She has her business for not too long ago yet but then it is already known in her place, and now that it is growing, she created her own website for the people to know more about her business. A busy woman who is trying to build her and her family a good future. Now that she finally got her business started, it will be hard for me to find time to bond with her for i know that her time will be often in her restaurant and her family.

She had her business started by creating her own Restaurant Website Design so for the people to notice it and easily search it. Since she graduated in Culinary arts, i know she will run her business good and looking forward to see some progress in the future. In perfect time her business will be easily searched through SEO for Restaurants, and she will be getting more possible customers. Although she just barely started her business online, i must say that she did a really good job by putting all the Information in her website what the people should know and what the people should expect in her business. She is one smart woman, so i should expect more for her when the whole year passes by.

Squeezed Family In Bed

We always find our master's bedroom so tight, even though it's spacious enough for husband and for me. I am not so sure if every family in the world experienced to let their kids sleep with them, but we do. There are times that our kids wants to sleep in our bed and that makes the bed crowded for four of us. Knowing the kids are wiggly when they sleep, poor husband and i has to sleep sidewards for us to fit in on the bed.

I was thinking about my childhood days. I belonged to a big family and my parents owned a not so big house. So, my siblings and i has to share one bedroom and one bed. I can still remember those days like it was only yesterday. There were times that we ended up hitting each other because we were all squeezed in one bed and the bed wasn't that big. We often wake up not in our right position and not in our spot because some of my siblings sleeps like a helicopter propeller lol!
Now, we have two boys that sometimes sleeps with us and the bed is already too tight for us when the kids are around, i was wondering, how much more if we have more than two kids? Where would we sleep? lol! The kids has their own bed but they just love to cuddle with their parents once in awhile. Good thing that i can't make babies anymore, i guess we have to live with a tight bed for now, since it won't last very long and when time passes by, kids will grow and don't want to sleep with dear parents anymore for they want their own space and privacy.

A Woman Married To American

Funny to think that some fellow Filipina thought that i (who got married to American man) could just easily find men for them. I have been asked so many times that if i could introduce them to someone here i know. Although i keep on repeating myself over and over to them that i only know men here who are those taken as well (married to filipina like me). I might be sound so sarcastic to some of them already but i just can't hide from them that they are just getting so annoying keep on asking me to find them the right man they were looking for.

Well, here's my short story, i met my husband through my aunt and i did not asked her to find me one, she just introduced my husband to me almost seven years ago now and he went to my country to meet me for the first time and from then on we got engaged and got married. But i never begged nor bother anyone to find me an American man just for me to get here in America.

Some women are smarter than those women i know. They instead look for their mister right through online. Although they don't instantly find their perfect match right away, but they are patiently waiting for the right time to come for them. They used their brains and hoping they would find someone that might be their destined partner forever through looking at adult chat rooms. I knew some that they found their husbands through online. And i see no problem with that, while they are having fun searching and getting to know more some of them, they'll be able to compare each one of them which is the best possible guy that they would fall into. In fact, adult chat is one best way to find a right man that they might be looking for, for a long time!

Gold Investment

When my father died, he left nothing to us. He suffered with his illness for over six years. My mother suffered too somehow by taking care of him for he cannot do anything on his own already. My mother used to have a lot of business that made our financial status great. She even bought some gold bullion for she know that in time when we need the money most, she will be able to sell it and she will make more money out of it.

To buy gold bullion is what my mother suggested to us if we are thinking of our kids's future. Because she said that we can keep the bullion as long as we want to for all we know that gold's price is not going down, instead it's getting more expensive in the market. That's the advantage of having gold, you can keep it like you are keeping your money in the bank with so much interests. Gold is the kind of metal that's so fascinating to people especially to women. So it is expected that, to buy bullion will never be outage...

Eye Bags For Sale!!!

If only eye bags can be sold, then i would sell mine. I definitely don't need my excessed eye bags which is the result of having lack of sleep for couple of nights now. I have been up so late this past few nights, that's the only time i can move around though for i cannot keep the house tidy when the kids are still up and running around. Now, i looked like i haven't got any sleep for a year or two! I looked horrible! Goodness!
When i looked at myself in the mirror, i saw a tired face, not refreshed. Supposed to be looking so refreshed soon as getting up from the bed, but no, since i only get very little rest, i hit the bed late then i wake up so early. So how am i supposed to be looking so refreshed knowing i did not get enough sleep? And today, i have to get myself up today so early so i can get things ready for our trip. Not just things that we are going to bring but i have to make sure also that the house is clean when we leave so when we get back home, i have no chores to worry about for i am sure that we will be all tired after the fun trip. Gosh, i really do need a decent good long sleep! Is anyone here that has a good heart to help me by attending my kids while i sleep? lol! I wish someone can though, so i can regain more energy....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gas Logs For Our Backyard

Winter is the season that i hate the most. I could not do anything outside for fun. My kids love to play snow but not me, i get cold easy, will get hives and my hands will feel numb if i stay too long outside. The temperature dropped down so rapidly lately, in fact the show that my son were watching earlier was being interrupted by a weather news report to warn the certain areas here to be aware of the dangerous blizzards. And that does it for me to just hibernate myself inside the house rather than playing snow outside. Brrrr, i don't think i cant't stand the freezing cold temperature being outside that long. If it's not only i have to take my son to school everyday, i would never go out with this sickening kind of low temperature.
Since my boys like to be in outside so often and play in the backyard, hubby is thinking to get a Gas Logs so we can put it in our backyard. Soon as we get one, hubby said that there is no more excuse for me not to join them outside. I can just sit there close to the R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs that he is going to get for us to keep me warm. Outdoor Gas Logs is indeed a good idea. Soon as the gas logs will be in our backyard, i cannot say NO anymore to my boys, for sure they will drag me along playing snow outside. When that happens, i might start to love going out in the backyard more often since there will be gas logs that will help keep me warm, even though i am outside.

Orchids, The Beautiful Flower

Don't i just love flowers!!! That's why i always look forward every spring time because that's the season that i get to see the fresh bloomed flowers. Too bad that the flowers can't stay that long like what i wanted them to, they fade their beauty in a certain time and dies. When spring time comes, mostly flowers that blooms here around in our place is the beautiful tulips. There are also some other kinds of beautiful flowers but tulips is the most fascinating flower for me that i love to take a picture of.

Back in my country, the most beautiful flower that i can never get tired of looking at it is the orchids. Different beautiful vibrant colors. When i went back there to spend my few months vacation with my family, i never missed the chance to take some snaps of those beautiful flowers that i cannot see here in America. They grow more in the country where there is tropical weather. My grandmother's front yard is just filled with so many different kinds of flowers and orchids is one of them. Orchids made her yard looking so stunning, the beauty of the flowers is just too irresistible not to be noticed by people that passes by in her house.

Cleaned The Kitchen

Darn! Headache is still killing me until now! I guess this must be the result of going to bed so late for three nights straight! I was gonna go to bed last night early but i had to get my little one his milk in the kitchen. And then i saw my chores in there waiting for me. After i took my kids to their bed and had them put to sleep, i started to clean the kitchen. Everything, from stove, washed the dishes, cleaned the dining table, scrubbed the counter and swept the floor. I was dead tired after all the chores i did, i hit the bed right after i got finished. Although i did not look at my wrist watch but i can tell that it was already early dawn because a little bit later, my husband got up and got himself ready to work.

I woke up early today too because the kids got up before i did. So i had no choice but to get myself up as well so i can take care of them and prepare some breakfast for them. My oldest one has to go to school and i have to prepare everything for him. I hate taking pills for my annoying headache though but i might because i have been having this since the other day. I might take a nap also with my little one while his big brother is not around. I really need some good sleep, i just hope i can get it later when we both take a nap with my little man.

Addiction Is Horrendous

The new generation is totally different from the old generation. I can't say that i belonged to the old generation because i myself is not that conservative. The new generation i am talking about is the today kids, the teenagers, they are more outspoken and demands their freedom from their parents. Although i am not that scared that my kids might demand me of some materials someday when they're grown, what i worry the most is about the influences they might get from outside the house, like friends and in school maybe.

Some kids nowadays are not that obedient anymore, they don't listen to their parent's advices and reminders. That's why some of them are ended up going to a teen rehab because they abuse their freedom. This is the country that everyone has freedom and kids sometimes are taking advantage of their rights. They think it is cool to be involved with so many vices such as drinking and smoking that are not actually good for them. Drinking little by little until they'll get addicted to it and will need the help of teen alcohol rehab for them to get away with it. I hate to see the kids ruining their life for nothing. Especially those teens that are so famous but yet, they have to spend their time at the teen drug rehab so they will be treated from their addiction.

That's one thing i will try my best to make sure my kids will be in good hands. I have been praying that they will grow to be a good person and a good example to their fellow teens. As long as hubby and i are guiding them in everything they do, they will grow to be a fine man someday with respect and knows what is right from wrong. Some parents are so unfortunate for having their kids ended up into a situation like they have to undergo treatment because of their addiction. They have to find some teen rehab info, for them to get their kids being active and will be diverted their time from addiction. I worry for my kids, i am always praying that they won't get involve such things that will not help them to build their good future.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stunning Logo For His Cafe Shop

The internet cafe shop of my youngest brother is working just as what he expected it to be. His business is running great, he is now getting more and more customers that keeps on going back to his internet cafe shop. I am so happy for him because he doesn't have to leave our dear mother alone in the first place, secondly, he doesn't have to work so far away just to earn his own income. I must say that my brother has blessed hands when it comes to computer business.

Now that his business is starting to grow, he is thinking that getting a logo from Logo Design Pros will make his business more known by other customers. He is now making good money everyday with his business so he will be more into advertising it since he saved some budget for it already. The Logo Company that he wanted to make his logo is giving him such a good price and he's happy to know that he got a good deal with it. He told me he that talked to the Logo Design Guru already and he gave him the design of his logo that he wants. He is excited to see it and put it in his internet cafe shop with his new owned Logo. He showed me the other day what his logo will be look like, he made it so simple for the people to easily recognized it.

Bring It On, Snow!!!

The snow finally came here in our place and it's a little heavy that it started to stick on the ground. The boys were able to enjoy the snowfall, i bundled them up to make sure they will be kept warm even though they are outside. When the snow stopped pouring, they decided to get inside the house and ate the porridge i prepared for them. They did not want to come inside the house but then the ground became slushy so they were forced to get inside. Right now the snow is going like crazy. The kids likes to play more and probably thinking " Bring it on, snow, we want to play some more!!!"

I know snow will pour for two days at least like usual, then it will stop in a few days after it'll come back again. The boys wanted me to go out with them but i just told them that i will just watch them from the window for i cannot stand the low temperature outside, it makes me feel so numb and start to have hives. So while there were playing outside, i sneaked through the screen door and took some snaps of them.

Better Bathrooms

Although our house is been built for so many years, hubby was able to renovate it and made it look newer than the original look when he bought it. The only part of the house that i would like to change a little bit is the bathroom. Also, our basement doesn't have bathroom, so hubby said that we might do it early next year replacing our bathroom upstairs and at the same time will put bathroom downstairs too so we can have better bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs.

Kids are growing up and our oldest son might want to move downstairs if he is big enough to own a bigger room and wanting his own privacy. As you know kids here are very independent and wants more of their privacy. So we have to fix the extra room we have downstairs while they are not that old enough yet to think that they needed a bigger space of their own. The house is not that big though, but we can do something for the boys when the time comes that they will demand individual bedroom. While they are still young, we will just let them share one bedroom with one bathroom. Hubby is been thinking about them, for sure when they will be in middle school, they will occupy the rooms downstairs.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hello There Bombshell!!!

Despite of the lousy weather we have here in Utah right now, i was still able to go out with my dear friend. I helped her shop her luggage for she is now preparing everything for her trip going back to our beloved country for the very first time. After five years of not going home, she is now finally going back to see her family that is excited to see her after long years of not seeing and able to hug her. She also bought some things for her family as her presents for them. I asked her if she is excited going home but she answered me that she isn't that too excited since it is an unplanned trip and knowing that she goes home because her father is very ill.

Anyway, we got everything she needs for her trip and we swung by at the mall. It was also an unplanned shopping for us but i just can't help myself not to buy another underwear from Victoria Secret again. They have another style of bombshell brassiere that waved at me soon as i entered the main entrance of the store, making sure i will get her, lol! So i did get one and of course i got my favorite color, the black one. Also, i got some cute underwear that are on sale. I am glad that i have some coupons with me so to at least lessen the cost of my purchase.

Honestly, i still got some underwear that i haven't worn yet. As a matter of fact, some of them has still tags on it and it's still kept in my underwear drawers. I have no underwear and brassieres anymore that are not Victoria Secret, all what's inside my drawers are all VS. When i saw the new style of the bombshell brassiere, again, i closed my eyes for the price for it is worth to get. I know they are not so affordable but, who cares? I love their style and it fits me really good! I would rather spend few more bucks with my VS than buying those affordable ones and yet i am not comfortable wearing it. It's all about comfort of the brassiere and underwear that i am looking in to. Actually, this is the third bombshell brassiere that i bought, i have two already and they're different style than this new one. Anyway, this is the one that i got today, it's really beautiful and of course it perfectly fits on me! I can now say to myself too, hello there bombshell!!! lol!

Business is How They Live

I will be going to my friend's house today. Hubby went to work as overtime and it just the kids and i are here in the house right now. Hubby won't be home until later today so might as well take the kids out, buy them lunch at the food chain and we'll be going at my friend's house right after. Her husband is not home too, she already told me about it yesterday that he is going to a meeting about as an Online Broker. And since it's all about business i did not really asked her more of it.

Her husband is one business type kind of person. He owns a business and it's doing great as years gone by. That's how they live, through their growing business. And now her husband is planning to get involve with Stock Trading which is known to be a good business in the world. Well, he's got money so he can do this kind of business, no problem. Online Trading will be one of his interest since he pretty much live his life in front of his computer doing his business.

Sure the business type of person are more serious and more focused. The last time i talked to my friend's husband, he was talking about the Mobile Trading and some kind of IRA Accounts that i don't fully understand. He said that he needs to see his fellow businessmen for a meeting so they will know more about the business they are going to join. Well, all i can do for my friend's hubby is wish him good luck to his new coming business, and i am sure he will do just as great like his owned business. That's why he can spoil my friend really good, bought her some good things because he is such a successful businessman.

Expecting Snowfall

Winter is obviously here and no one can stop it. The temperature is just getting so cold that i cannot go out the house not wearing sweater or coat. As for the forecast today it says that we will be expecting a snowfall. What's good thing about this year though is the winter didn't come too early. But also, we will be expecting a late spring time next year. It did not snow that heavy yet this year and today it might be. I was supposed to take the kids out and eat lunch at mcdonalds where they can play later by the toyland after they eat. Now i am not so sure if i want to take them out since the sky is so dark and the wind is blowing really hard. It will be too cold for us to go outside.

I promised my oldest son to take him out today but since he did not remember it, i won't remind him yet. I am still debating if i will or not take them to mcdonalds. It has been for awhile since i haven't take them out already. Snow is not here yet and if it will come later today, well, i might just take the kids to the food chain and let them play. And oh, by the way that picture above was taken last year, it's not a recent photo.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Depression Is Wicked

Do you have a loved one that is undergoing depression? Or maybe a dear friend? I knew someone that is currently undergoing depression, although she is not a close friend of mine but i worry about her. Her family are far away from her and her friends hardly visits her due to their hectic schedules. I tried to visit her once in a while so to check on her if she needs my help and my comfort. I feel for her for she most of the time just being by herself and no one to talk to. And being alone is the most worst thing that should happen to a depressed person. I was gonna advice her to seek for a mental health treatment but she might misinterpret what i want her to think.

It's not that she is going insane, i just want her to improve her self-esteem which is rapidly going so low lately. I hope i can do more for her but i also have family to take care of. I already searched some mental health treatment centers just in case if she wants to go then i am ready to give her the places that she can go to. But the problem is, i don't know how to start the topic with her. I am worried and at the same time hesitant to talk to her about her condition. Since we are not that close to each other, that kind of stops me from telling her that she might need to see a doctor for her condition. I just hope that when i visit her next time, i will see some close friends of hers or a relative so i can give the information about the mental health treatment directory i have researched for her. She really needs help and i don't want to see her gets worse.

Home Address Plaques

Wouldn't be so nice to meet a new neighbor, and they are such good neighbors? That's what happened here both next doors. The two houses were sold and somebody bought it and now that they moved there, i was able to meet them for the first time yesterday. They were such a nice couple and trying to build a new family of their own. They were from Southern Utah and decided to move here because the husband was being assigned in his work here.

Anyway, they replaced some things in the house because it gotten too ugly and old. I agree, the lady who sold the house is just too old to take care of some things in her house, she is now staying in assisted living. That's probably why the children decided to just sell the house. The young couple replaced the old home address plaques that it's not almost recognizable due to too much dust in it. They said that they just barely moved there and they want their relatives when they visit to see the wall address plaques, right away so they won't get lost.

Ours is kind of old too already. So i guess we need to replace our whitehall address plaques as well. Hubby is been thinking about it though, he just have no time to shop for a nice one to replace ours. So since the neighbor is doing it, i might as well ask them where are they going to get theirs. Ours isn't that terribly bad though but it would be nice to replace it to make it look so new.
whitehall address

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dental Check Up Appointment

It's my dental appointment later today this afternoon. After six months, i get to receive their postcard reminding me about my dental schedule. I love going to the dentist clinic for the dentist owner himself will check me as final. It's his nurses that cleans my teeth and he check me after all the cleaning is done. I had no cavities the last time i visited the clinic, so i am also hoping that today i won't be hearing bad news that my teeth has some cavities.

That reminds me, i need to set an appointment for my son so the doctor can check his teeth as well. I hope that my boy won't throw a fit soon as he sits on the dentist clinic's recliner. He said he just keep on brushing his teeth so there will be no worm that'll eat his teeth, lol! But i told him, he still needs to go see a dentist to make sure that everything is alright and there is no cavities. I'll just cross my fingers for him to say yes, because i am not so sure that he will go with me and have his teeth checked...

Garden Tools And Patio Furniture Shopping

My Saturday is already scheduled. I am going to be with my dearest friend, we are going to shop some garden tools for their garden. Her husband asked her if she could buy those things they need for the garden and since she wants to swing over at the mall later, she said she'll do it. I think they are going to do something in their garden and their patio, they have quite a big garden and the patio is very relaxing place to stay. As a matter of fact, i always hang out there in their patio every time i go to their place. Anyway, she needs to buy some new garden tools because their olds ones broke off when they last used it.

And in their patio, she needs to replace their furniture as well. She likes me to go with her so i can help her pick the best outdoor furniture that will perfectly fit to their patio. I suggested her that it would be nice if she will put a hammock in her patio so when her husband gets tired from gardening, he can just lay in the hammock and enjoy the view in their garden. We need to get all of them before next week because we have different destination during thanksgiving. She is going to her inlaws while my family and i are going for a fun trip. But for now, she needs my help in getting those things she need, hopefully we'll be able to get all of them today.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cleaning Up Bloggers's Links

It was a hassle for me cleaning up bloggers's links box. I was a little surprised that most of the links i got rid of aren't working or not active anymore. Some are still active but i did not see my websites to their sites, so i got rid of their links in my sites as well. I have been planning to clean up the sites here long time ago but i was not able to do it since i have more priorities than sitting here and sort all those links. But i am glad that i finally did it and all what's left in my bloggers's links box are still active bloggers and they still kept my websites links.

So for those who want to exchange links with me, please let me know. I would be so glad to put your links in all my websites but you have to add mine first, before i will do yours. It will be rest assured that soon as you let me know that you added all my websites to your sites, yours will be added to mine as well. Just don't forget to leave a message here. All of my websites are in my navigation on top, but if you want to see all the sites here, i will provide it for you.

My Life, My World- http://stoutds.com
Mommy's Gibble Gabbles- http://situlas.com
The Rose Among The Thorns- http://sweethatskie.com
Sweet Paradise- http://senelrads.com
Photography Is My Hobby- http://mddms.sweethatskie.com

Thank you to all who kept my websites in all your sites, yours will be kept in all my websites as well.

Scrubs Clothing

It really feels great to know that when your loved ones just finished her studies. After all the hard work you did, it's all worth it when your loved one will hand you her diploma and her medals proving she graduated and she paid your hard work. My cousin just graduated in nursing degree and luckily found her very first job. She is so excited for she has been dreaming to be nurse and finally, her dream came true for she is now an official nurse.

She's asking me to help her find a best place where we can buy her a scrubs clothing, for her to wear soon as she starts in her job. One thing she like about in her new job is the color of their uniform, that happens to be her favorite color. I could not believe how time flies. She was only high school girl when i left my country, and now she is already a professional woman. I will be sending her the nurse uniform soon for she has to get it before she starts her first day in her job. I just wish her good luck for her very first job, i know she will be a hard working young woman, knowing it's her dream to be a nurse and now it came true.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stainless Steel Mailbox

I feel very sorry for my friend right now for she has to leave the country as soon as she can. She needs to go back to our country due to her father is very ill and she is thinking that he won't stay very long anymore. All i could do right now is to help her through finding her a best cheap airline ticket that she can get. We were having so much fun the other day because we were rejoicing the winning of our pride and honor in our country, the Filipino famous boxer Manny Pacquiao. But not knowing that her father was in critical condition already.

Anyway, she will be leaving soon and she asked me a favor to do some unfinished job she has in her house. She wanted me to receive her blomus stainless steel mailboxes that she ordered for herself and for her sister in law. She will be giving the other one to her sister in law as an early christmas present. Also she ordered some blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories for her just barely built fireplace in her living room. She already replaced her old fireplace in her own room as well and she also wants to get some stainless steel fireplace accessories for it.

She only have at least two weeks vacation, so i have to get them ready before she comes back here. That way, i could help her somehow. Hubby will help me to put her stainless steel mailbox soon as her order arrives. I already told hubby about it and he said he will be so glad to help her. She is getting ready now for her trip, a sad trip. She was planning before that she would enjoy her very first come back in our country, but since it's an unplanned trip, i know she would not enjoy her vacation knowing her father is in serious condition.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacman, You're The Man!!!

After all the big fight he had last night with Margarito, once again, Pacman won the fight! He really is a good and gentleman for he was so concerned about his opponent's condition. Margarito has been badly beaten by him and made Margarito's face looked awful. He was severely smacked by Pacman. Manny is one boxer i know so far that has a good heart, thinking that boxing is not just all about fighting, it's not all about killing or damaging opponent permanently. He kept on telling the referee to check Margarito's eyes and cuts, for he probably thinks that he won't be happy winning another belt knowing he damaged someone's life permanently.

I really admire him for having a good heart, being a good person and a gentle kind. He only showed the whole wide world that Filipino are very respectful and has big heart for everyone, a thoughtful and loving kind. To Pacman, you are truly a man and an honor to our country, you are the pride of every Filipino all over the world!!! Hats off to you, you are such a brave man that makes the Filipinos proud to be one!

Congratulations on your winning and goodluck to your new career as a congressman. I am just hoping that there will be more people like you to be in our congress, not corrupting people's money but instead giving some of your blessings to help people that are in need. Thank you so much for making us proud to be a Filipino citizen!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Workaholic Person

I felt bad last week about hubby. He raked all the leaves around our lawn and that made his wrist and hand sore. I tried to give him a good massage, putting some ointment on it but still it's hurting him he said. So i told him that he better see their doctor in their company so he can avail the medical cart which he can get a wrist band to make his hand feel better and well. Hubby is no doubt a workaholic person, he cannot stand just sitting doing nothing. He would rather get busy doing something else than sitting all day and makes him feel so weak and sleepy he said.

Rentals Outer Banks

I was having so much fun viewing all the photos of my friends who lives by the south part of the country. I asked her where did she actually go for the places i saw in her picture was so beautiful and very inviting place. She told me that those pictures taken during their vacation. They stayed at the rentals outer banks which she said she loved their stay over there so much because of the beautiful place plus the very comfortable place where they stayed. She even suggested that if ever we plan for a vacation to go to that place they went. She is assuring me that we won't regret staying there for at least couple of days to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.

Peaceful Place To Play

Cemetery is just a block away from where i live. It is actually a block away behind our house. So we often go there especially during summer time to enjoy the day. But since we did not get to enjoy the summer time here in Utah it's because we went for a long vacation back in my country, we are still happy that we were able to enjoy the good days left when we got back. Although now that is starting to get cold, we still go to this place so my kids can play. It's a safe place for kids to play because there's hardly any people out there (Aside from those buried, lol), also it is a wide place for my oldest son to ride his bike.

Just like these photos i attached below, this was taken at the cemetery by the entrance. It was a good day that day so i took the chance to bond with my kids by strolling them over there. Both my kids enjoyed our walk, the little one fell asleep while the big brother kept on shaking those small trees to let the dried leaves fall out so he can catch all of it.