Monday, December 20, 2010

We Bond As Much As We Can

Spending quality time with my kids is my most top priority. That's the best way to communicate with them and get to know what they are thinking, what they feel or if they do have questions in their minds that wants to be answered by us their parents. Talking to them at the very early age about alcohol or drug addiction is the best thing to do so they will be aware that these things won't bring them any good, instead it will harm them, their future and most of all, it will ruin their life. So as much as possible, whenever i am free, we always do some fun activities and talk some things at the same time for them to know that we, their parents do care and think of them all the time. That way, they will know that they are precious to us and we love them very much for they are the most priceless blessings we ever have.

In my opinion and observation, kids gets involve with such bad habits and will lead into addiction due to lack of communication with them and the family doesn't have time to answer their confused minds. The result, kids will ended up into the teen drug treatment or teen alcohol rehab for them to get treated with their addictions because they first experimented how it's like and later on it leads into addiction. They probably find it temporarily getting out from the real world of theirs if they do such things like taking drugs or drinking alcohol. But because they are just too young and vulnerable, they get carried away and doesn't have the control to stop from it anymore, then the parents will have to send them to teen drug rehab.

Really, the family should spend time with their kids, do some fun activities and some other exciting things to get to know more about the kids as they grow so to keep the kids get away from experimenting their own ways. Also, the parents should know more about teen addiction info enable for them to deal with the kids even more how they behave as they grow. I have been reading it and learned a lot of things about it, i really need to get more knowledge about it so i will know how to handle my kids well as best as i can so to keep my kids from experimenting things that might lead into addiction.

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