Saturday, December 25, 2010

Enjoy The Holidays, Worry Things Later

It's expected to everyone's houses to have the big mess after the Christmas day opening of presents. Hubby already pretty much got rid of the Christmas presents wrappers and now we have to put things away that our kids scattered. It can be frustrating or upsetting sometimes when you see your house all messed up even when you tried your best to clean up everything. But since we got kids running around the house, it cannot be denied that our house is always a mess. Our neighbor told me that her house was a lot more disaster looking before her kids were little, and now that all her kids are grown and settled, yes her house is all tidy and spotless but she missed those days that kids were running around and making a big mess at the same time. So she told me to enjoy it for now because it will never last, later on i will miss all these things that i am experiencing right now.

Anyway, a friend of mine from Texas just phoned me earlier and greeted each other a Merry Christmas to our families. We talked so long over the phone and she also mentioned her mess in her house. In fact she will be going to call the house carpet cleaner austin after all these holidays to clean their carpet. There were lots of guests she had last night and today and her new bought carpet are getting dirty and raggy because of so many shoes coming in and out in her house. Some of her friends brought their dogs along with them and she was unhappy when the other dog peed on the carpet. She's glad that the dog urine odor removal austin company that she usually calls can do it for her.

Well, the holiday sure is a lot fun but it can be also exhausting afterwards. I will have to call the company here in our town too just like my friend. She said she really needs to call the shampoo carpet cleaning austin because cleaning won't be enough for her carpet, it's terribly dirty and it looks so awful. I just told her that she just have to enjoy the holidays for now and worry about things later just like what i do, we'll all just have fun for today and clean everything up after the holiday is over.

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