Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Two Opposite Boys

You probably heard me already before ranting about my two boys that they are totally opposite in so many ways especially their attitudes. My eldest is more quiet and reserved, a keen observant boy and has so many questions that is always ready to be thrown to us his parents. It's sometimes getting so tiring answering his questions because it's endless, there's always question from one to another. He is a smart little man that always asking what's going on around him.

The little one is more handful and adventurous. He likes getting into everything and screams so loud whenever he gets his time out, his crib time. He doesn't like being stuck in one place, he likes roaming around in the house and makes a mess. He's the most tiring boy to take care of for i have to watch him all the time but he is also a joyful one for he entertains us his family every single day.

My boys are sure different but even though they are opposite in so many ways, i love both of them for how they are. Every kids comes out with their own personality and i don't want to change them the way they are now for that's how they came out to be. I can just guide them by disciplining them, but not to change their personalities. The little one might change later as he grow though, that's what my mother told me. He will be a fine young man just like his big brother.

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